HPAN Sponsors Thor with $300

Thor was taken in as a stray by Senior Dog Lodge and Animal Rescue. He had an old leg injury that was beyond repair, so amputation was recommended. We sponsored the surgery cost with a $300 donation, and Thor is feeling much better now.

HPAN Covers Monroe’s Surgery for $265

Lucky for Monroe, she was spotted along the side of the road by a Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue volunteer. She’d apparently been dumped and left for dead. One of her eyes was damaged from what appeared to be blunt force trauma. The volunteer got her to the vet where it was determined her eye needed to be removed. We covered the enucleation, and Monroe is now recovering in foster care comfort.

HPAN Further Helped Ruby

Normally, we don’t feature a sponsored animal twice, but HPAN helped Ruby in more ways than one. Not only did we have the opportunity to sponsor her initial vetting, but one of our directors took her into foster care for the Senior Dog Lodge & Animal Rescue. Ruby was unsociable and frightened. Within a week, her sweet personality was revealed, and she soon became loving and more confident. We sponsored Ruby’s final vetting last week, and two days later she traveled north to live her best life with a wonderful family who fell in love with her on social media. We love you, Ruby!

HPAN Sponsors MAARC Animals with $2,693.46

The Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center (MAARC) has been busy pulling stray animals or owner surrenders from the Maryville City Animal Shelter. According to MAARC, many have been neglected and needed a lot of medical care, and some have been abused. They help rehabilitate the animals in foster care. MAARC reached out to us to sponsor the vet bills for these babies. We paid nearly $2,700 for wellness exams, vaccines, testing, dentals, spay/neuter, and medication. Life is getting sweeter for all of them already!

HPAN Sponsors Bundy’s Surgery with $241.61

Bundy was the victim of an accident gone bad. His owner’s child slammed his tail in the car door and then decided to pull on it. As a reaction, Bundy snapped at the child, so he was surrendered to a local shelter. Poor Bundy found himself without a working tail or a family. Thankfully, the Humane Society of Roane County stepped up and took him in. We sponsored Bundy’s surgery and neuter, and he will be on his way to a wonderful northern rescue and in foster care before he is approved for adoption.

HPAN Sponsors Willie Malone with $274

Fighting for the Bullys recently pulled Willie Malone from a shelter where his chances of getting out were slim, especially since he has a bad case of heartworms. The rescue asked us to sponsor his treatments, and we were glad to do it. Willie is beginning the long recovery in foster care before he will be adopted into a wonderful home.

HPAN Sponsors 10 Cats and a Dog for $1017.28

Almost Home Animal Rescue has been busy! They recently rescued these beauties, who were either owner surrendered, abandoned, found as strays, or were property of shelters. We sponsored a myriad of vet needs for Batman, SJ, Stella, Bruce, Reese, Ms. Kitty, Lady, Maddow, Gerald, Neptune, and Rascal. All animals are now vaccinated, altered, dewormed, and healthy thanks to our sponsorship!

HPAN Sponsors Mr. Jingles with $300

Mr. Jingles was abandoned as a kitten at a trailer park where nobody claimed him. He was wearing a collar that he outgrew, and it embedded into his neck. When Spay it Forward Tennessee heard about it, they trapped him and took him into their program. He saw three different vets before one was about to help him. Surgically removing his collar was a gruesome procedure that is requiring wound management for several weeks, but thankfully Mr. Jingles is going to make it. We were able to sponsor a portion of his vet bill.

HPAN Sponsors Ruby for $214

Ruby has lived 90% of her entire two years in a crate. Her owner has agreed to surrender Ruby to rescue. She will be in foster care, learning how to be a dog and learning to be loved, and then she will be up for local adoption. Her rescue, Senior Dog Lodge & Animal Rescue, asked us to sponsor Ruby’s veterinary exam, parasite testing, and a dose of monthly prevention. Ruby’s future looks bright!

HPAN Sponsors Sweety with $300

When the Tennessee Valley Golden Retriever Rescue picked up Sweety, she had ticks crawling all over her and a visible lump on her stomach. The vet discovered she had a massive infection in her uterus requiring surgery. We kicked in funds to help the rescue with this cost.