Katie and Larry are Hoarded No More!

These two seniors came from a local hoarding situation and were confiscated by animal control. The Humane Society of Roane County took them into their program and asked if we could help with necessary vetting. We sponsored their exams, parasite testing, and medicine. When they are well, we will help with spay/neuter and dentals. For now, they are getting all healed up in foster care.

HPAN Helps Harvey with $500

Harvey Dent was found as a stray and severely injured from an apparent dog fight. His face was severely mangled as was his tail. The photo here shows the least of his injuries. He was taken to MoCo Mutts Rescue Center, and they rushed him to the vet. We were able to sponsor his wound treatment as well as basic vetting. It is also costing the rescue over $300. Harvey will heal, and his life will only get better from here.

HPAN Helps Chad Feel Better

Chad was a stray at the Roane County Animal Shelter. It appeared he’d suffered a hip injury from being hit by a car. The Humane Society of Roane County took him to the vet for an exam and pain medication. Chad’s doctor said he would need to see an orthopedic specialist. We sponsored the charges for his initial vet visit.

Sonny and Holly Get a New Lease on Life with our Help of $1,000

The Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center (MAARC) recently took in these two beautiful dogs.

Sonny is just a pup who came to MAARC as a stray with a canvas belt around his neck so tight it had to be cut off. He was not neutered, flea infested, and had terribly long nails. It was obvious he had never had a family who cared for him. We sponsored $500 of his vetting, which included an exam, neuter, parasite testing, and vaccines. He is now up for adoption.

Holly was caught by animal control after running loose for several weeks. MAARC immediately took her to the vet. We sponsored $500 of her vetting, which included an exam, spay, parasite testing, and vaccines. She will eventually be up for adoption.

Little Bean was Worth Helping!

This sweet baby was part of a kitten litter taken in by Almost Home Animal Rescue. The kittens and their mom were kept in a dog kennel outside with very little food, water, and zero protection from the weather. They were very sickly, and some didn’t make it from the get-go. Little Bean was a fighter, and the rescue thought he was going to make it. When he started declining, they felt it was worth giving him the best shot possible, so they took him to the vet for an emergency exam and diagnostics. In the end, he just couldn’t fight anymore. We helped the rescue with the $309.10 bill.

Charlie Gets a New Life

Poor Charlie was abandoned before he got lucky and was picked up by Almost Home Animal Rescue. They asked us to sponsor his basic vet expenses and emergency boarding to the total of $500. Now, Charlie is vaccinated, neutered, and on prevention. He’s ready for a loving home!

HPAN Sponsors Kirby’s Surgery with $500

Kirby was brought to Young-Williams Animal Center (YWAC) in early July as a stray and was adopted by a family soon after. Nearly three weeks after adoption, Young-Williams received a call from the Anderson County Animal Hospital that he had been hit by a car and abandoned at their office. YWAC staff had to make a quick decision on treatment, as Kirby was in a significant amount of pain. He had a broken pelvis and broken hind leg, but the worst part of his injury was a trapped sciatic nerve in one of the fractures, causing pain. We sponsored half the cost of the amputation. If only Kirby’s family had kept him safe…

Adesa is Making a 180!

Sweet Adesa lived with a hoarder. When her house was condemned, she and many other dogs went into rescue. The Humane Society of Roane County asked us to sponsor her spay surgery, vaccines, and flea meds for $98. Adesa will soon travel north and be adopted by someone who will be able to properly care for her.

Rockin’ Community Cats Saves Dogs, Too!

Max and Pharaoh were lucky to be rescued from the Campbell County Animal Shelter by a cat rescue! These boys have a sad past and needed various vet services. We were able to sponsor their neuters, parasite testing, and even a dental for $285. Their lives are already better than before!

Two Kitties Safe and Fixed!

Almost Home Animal Rescue took these handsome boys into their rescue. Leo is a stray that probably had an owner at one point, but he was left behind at a trailer park to fend for himself. Harold was abandoned by his owner. He had terribly infected ears and other issues requiring medication. We were able to sponsor these boys by paying $189 for neuters, testing, medication/treatment, and microchips.