HPAN Covers $444 for Prissy and Ozzy

These two little seniors found themselves homeless when both of their owners passed away. Spay it Forward East TN took them into their rescue program and got them caught up on basic wellness and required dentals. We were happy to sponsor the cost so these two littles can be adopted into new homes.

HPAN Sponsors Leg Amputation with $500

Taz was seized by animal control due to cruelty from his previous owner and landed in rescue. He had a wound on his leg that got infected deep into the bone, requiring amputation. We sponsored the required surgery. Taz will remain with Volunteer State Doberman Rescue until he is fully healed.

HPAN Sponsored Sarah’s $448 Vet Bill

Sarah was surrendered with her littermates to Almost Home Animal Rescue. She was attacked by an older dog and suffered a puncture wound in her leg that got infected. Her leg was also broken. We sponsored the required medical bill. Sarah is now doing well in her new home.

HPAN Helps Rescue with $231

Buddy was found in a grocery store parking lot. It was evident he had been homeless for sometime. He gladly jumped in his rescuer’s car. When they had him scanned for a microchip and contacted his owners, they had not seen him in a long time and did not want him back. Almost Home Animal Rescue took him into their program and got his health checked and insured he was caught up on all of his vaccines and testing. We sponsored the bill for them. Buddy is now in a home where he is loved as he deserves.

HPAN Helps Two Dogs Get Well with $1000

These two beauties landed at the Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center after years of neglect. Henry was skinny and had terrible teeth. They were so painful that he couldn’t eat properly. We were able to kick in $500 toward his dental and other vet needs. Magnolia was also in poor condition with awful skin issues and missing patches of fur. We also paid $500 on her vet bill. Both of these dogs are now on the path of wellness and happiness.

HPAN Helps Care for Sick Kitty with $500

The Stray Connection took in McMuffin from a Tennessee shelter. He was with his foster when he presented with symptoms of Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). We sponsored his exam and diagnostics, which confirmed FIP. McMuffin is getting the treatment he needs and will be available for adoption when he is stable.

HPAN Helps Best Friends Sanctuary, Inc. with $368

Elsa was found in a ditch in Jamestown after being hit by a car. She was in poor condition, but she was alive, so Best Friends took her to their vet for evaluation. Her blood work was normal, and her vitals were strong, but she had a head injury that could not be fixed. Her emaciated condition didn’t help her ability to heal, so the rescue had to let her go. But they tried helping her, and they might not have done that had they thought we wouldn’t be here to help. Elsa was worth a chance.

HPAN Helps Bo with $242

Bo was a stray rescued by the Volunteer State Doberman Rescue. He tested positive for heartworms, which are caused by mosquitoes. The rescue reached out to us asking help with the treatments, which can be very hard on a dog. Prevention is simple and inexpensive! Bo got his treatment and will be in recovery for a few weeks before he is eligible for adoption.

HPAN Sponsors 17 Rescue Animals

Almost Home Animal Rescue came to the rescue for all these cats and dogs in desperate need. Most were owner surrenders; one was rescued from a shelter and one was a stray. All needed vet care, which we were able to sponsor for $1,226.15.

HPAN Helps Trey with $142.50

Trey is the fourth and final pup pulled from a situation where all of the puppies were tied out with no shelter in freezing temperatures. The owner reluctantly gave him up, but the Blount County Animal Welfare Society convinced the owner it was for Trey’s own good. They asked us to sponsor his basic vetting so he could transport north and be adopted into a loving home.