Jimmy and Hayes are Headed North!

These lil low riders were causing their owner stress from their digging habits, so she surrendered them to rescue. The Humane Society of Roane County asked if we would pay for the boys’ neuters, rabies vaccines, flea treatment, and health certificates so they could take a northbound ride to a rescue where a more tolerant owner can found.

HPAN Sponsors Three Lost Animals with $233.62

Almost Home Animal Rescue took Jack Sparrow into their program once he was found wandering down the street with one eye missing and the other not functioning well. They rescued Aspen and Uno from a shelter. All of these lost little ones have now been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped with our funds.

HPAN Pays $1,000 on Colt’s Leg Surgery

Colt was a stray taken in by Best Friends Sanctuary of Jamestown, TN. He sustained a really bad break in his leg that required specialized surgery, which cost over $3,000. We were able to help the rescue by paying roughly one-third of the cost. The good news is Colt got to keep his leg and will soon be eligible to transfer to a northern rescue where he will be adopted to a family who will hopefully keep him safe.

Flower Gets Spayed Now and Will Be Treated for Heartworms in Two Weeks!

This beautiful dog, Flower, came in as a stray to Campbell County Animal Shelter with her two puppies. Rockin’ Community Cats fell in love with her and took her into their program. We had the opportunity to pay $75 for her spay surgery. Unfortunately, she tested positive for heartworms, so we will also cover her treatment on September 29. Then Flower will blossom like never before!

Chloe Feels Better with Our $286.44 Sponsorship

Kitty cat, Chloe, was surrendered to Almost Home Animal Rescue (AHAR) by her owner. She had terrible teeth causing her much pain, so oral surgery was the recommendation. AHAR asked us to sponsor her dental cleaning and necessary tooth extractions. We also covered a dose of flea prevention. Chloe will be up for adoption when she recovers.

HPAN Helps BCAWS Save Three More from Hoarder with $504.80

The Blount County Animal Welfare Society (BCAWS) has taken in over 50 dogs from a local hoarder over the last two years. Jack, Susie, and Mary were holdouts, continuing to live in squalor. The owner’s health has deteriorated, so he agreed to surrender these three. BCAWS asked us to sponsor, so we paid their vet for services to prepare the dog fam for a northbound transport. We covered exams, vaccines, heartworm tests, medication for tickborne disease, and two nights of boarding prior to transport. Happy trails, sweet ones!

HPAN Sponsors Nine Rescue Animals with $1184,78

Abandoned and/or surrendered, these animals needed vet services from basic to advanced. Almost Home Animal Rescue asked us to help so all nine of these babies could have a better life.

HPAN Sponsors Slash with $284.51

Slash was taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter with three other siblings by his owner who said they were fighting. After some investigation, it was determined there were four large adult dogs living in a 10×10 outside kennel. They fought for space, food, and attention. Slash had a severe bit wound requiring surgery, which we sponsored.

Chancey Gets Chance at Second Life

Chancey’s dad passed away, and her mom has dementia, leaving her unable to properly care for Chancey, so she was surrendered to rescue. The Humane Society of Roane County stepped up to help! We helped them by paying $258.40 for Chancey’s needed dental, rabies vaccine, heartworm test, and medication. She will travel to a northern rescue soon and start a new life!

HPAN Funds GoNorth’s September Transport Costs for $1000

The GoNorth Animal Transport Collaborative is a project of Peaceful Kingdom, a local 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to ending healthy animal euthanasia through aggressive spay/neuter campaigns, rescue/adoption, and animal transport. GoNorth transports healthy, adoptable dogs from overpopulated shelters to under-capacity northern shelters where they will find loving, permanent homes. Unfortunately, their biggest corporate sponsor has dropped their philanthropy program, leaving GoNorth without adequate funding for the transports. They asked us to cover one-third of September’s fuel costs, which will carry one- to two-hundred dogs to safety for the month! YES, PLEASE!!!