HPAN Helps Hurricane Victim, Royal, with $300

Royal came to Young Williams Animal Center (YWAC) in an emergency transport from South Carolina because her shelter had been evacuated due to Hurricane Irma.  Royal had been brought to her original shelter after being hit by a car, and the evidence of her trauma could be seen in the road rash on her face and legs and by her pronounced limp. Even after enduring a traumatic injury, being taken to a shelter, and then taking a six hour van ride to another shelter, her spirits were high. She had nothing but kisses for the people helping her off the van and patience with the excited dogs rushing up to smell her. In addition to the basic vet care YWAC provides every new shelter pet, Royal needed multiple radiographs, an orthopedic consult, surgery to repair two dislocated joints, pain medicine, antibiotics, and a special brace. We kicked in $300 on her significant vet bill.


HPAN Sponsors Little Phoenix with $300, As He “Rises from the Ashes”

On Saturday, October 7, 2017, a small badly injured dog found in a field was brought to the Roane County Animal Shelter. Phoenix, an approximately two year old, neutered male Papillion mix, had numerous lacerations. He required immediate vet care and was rushed to Governor John Sevier Vet Clinic (because they were the only one available on Saturday afternoon) where he received basic treatment until surgery could be performed the following week. They cleaned the wounds, bandaged, took X-rays, gave fluids for dehydration, gave a shot of antibiotic, and sent home in foster care with pain meds and Clavamox. The following week he was taken to Volunteer Vet Hospital in Knoxville for surgery. We sponsored $300 of the total bill from both clinics. Phoenix is expected to make a full recovery.

HPAN Sponsors Sassy with $200

Sassy was surrendered to the shelter with her mate Buddy. She has had, at the very least, one litter of puppies in her past (most likely she’s had multiple litters). She now has mammary tumors that will need to be removed as well as dental disease. RescuesForJoJo requested $200 to help with the cost of removing and testing the mammary tumors and her dental cleaning. We were so glad to help this sweet girl!

HPAN Sponsors Piper and Her Pups with $205

Slumdog Rescue Crew asked us to sponsor second-round vaccines and exams for one of their rescue dogs, Piper, and her litter of puppies. Soon all of them will be ready for adoption!

HPAN Sponsors Dolly with $300

Dolly is a 5 year old Bulldog who was rescued from a breeding situation. She was only used to make pups and then given away. She was turned in again and given away to a third home. This home had no knowledge of the care needed for a Bulldog and left her with a horrible skin condition, untreated ear infections, fleas, and unspayed. A nice lady rescued her and called the Humane Society of East Tennessee (HSET). Dolly’s spay surgery, vaccines, heartworm test, ear/skin treatment, and complete dental left the rescue with a $780 bill. We chipped in $300, giving HSET the ability to help another animal. Dolly is now ready for adoption!

HPAN Sponsors Rhea, a Dog with a Slim Chance

Homeward Bound Dog Rescue pulled Rhea from the Roane County Animal Shelter a day before she would have been euthanized. When shelters are overcrowded and there are old and sick animals, those are the first to go. Rhea showed a will to live, so the rescue organization gave her that chance. We sponsored her veterinary exam and the medicine is needed to help her get on a track to wellness.


HPAN Helps Chester to a Better Life!

Chester was seen walking in and out of traffic on a busy highway. Skin and bones and riddled with worms, he had obviously been dumped. HPAN sponsored his neuter, vaccines, dewormer, heartworm test, and small tumor removal from his back. Chester is on his way to a better life!

HPAN Sponsors Raja for $300

Raja is a 2-year-old male hound mix who was picked up by Knoxville animal control on July 17, after he was hit by a car. He was placed in the care of Young Williams Animal Center where they took x-rays and found he had a fractured pelvis.  His owners never came to look for him, so after his ten day stray hold, they sent him to heal in a foster home for a month. He finally got his needed procedure – a femoral head ostectomy in order to prevent long-term pain.  We contributed to the extensive bill. Raja’s life is worth it!

HPAN Sponsors Harvey with $100

The Stray Connection took in another kitten who needed an eye removed. Harvey hails from the Roane County Animal Shelter. We are so happy he was given the chance to live through rescue!

HPAN Sends $500 for Shelter Needs

The Campbell County Animal Shelter asked if we could help them replenish their vaccines and test kits for things like canine parvovirus, heartworms, and feline disease. We awarded them a $500 grant to purchase enough stock for one month. This shelter is doing a wonderful job of caring for the animals and finding them loving homes. Their euthanasia rate has dropped extensively since new management took over, and we are glad to support them when we can.