HPAN Sponsors a Cat and Two Dogs for $216

Koda was a stray kitty from Morgan County, and Joshua and Jeffrey were owner surrenders to the Roane County Animal Shelter. The Humane Society of Roane County pulled them into rescue and asked us to sponsor their vaccines and neuters. All three will be transferring to northern rescues soon!

Family of Cats Gets Initial Vet Care

Fern and her kittens were found under a vacation rental and surrendered to Almost Home Animal Rescue. We have committed to their vet care before they are adoptable. That started recently with wellness exams, vaccines, and dewormer. Soon they will receive booster vaccines and be spayed and neutered.

MoCo Mutts Rescue Center Kitty Gets Help

Dogs aren’t their only game! MoCo Mutts took in this injured stray kitty, Betty. We had the opportunity to sponsor her medical exam, wound care, vaccines, and medication for $200. She is recovering at the rescue center.

Kena Gets Spayed!

Spaying one cat means the prevention of many cats! We paid to have Kena spayed for Almost Home Animal Rescue after she was abandoned, committed to rescue, then rejected because she was ill. Thank heavens for Almost Home for stepping up!

Jerry Gets All Fixed Up with $445

MoCo Mutts Rescue Center took in Jerry, who was a stray. He was never claimed, so they asked us to sponsor his exam, testing, vaccines, dental, and neuter. Isn’t he cute?

Heather Sponsored for $491.48

It’s a sad story for Heather. Her owner was in an accident and unable to recover well enough to care for her, so she was left in the care of someone who could not keep her long-term. That’s when Almost Home Animal Rescue stepped up to ensure her safety. A senior gal like Heather would not have done well in a shelter environment. When taken to the vet, Heather had many issues, including a really bad ear infection and skin allergies. We sponsored her treatments, as well as other testing and general wellness procedures.

Seven Kitties Got Medical Care for $405.55

These little ones were either abandoned or found as a strays and taken in by Almost Home Animal Rescue. We had the honor of covering their basic medical needs to get them on the right track to wellness.

Bear’s Life just Took a 180

Bear was rescued by Best Friends Sanctuary, Inc. from an abandoned house. He was tied to a tree and a doghouse with only three sides. His skin was gooey and stinky from mange. His poor eyes (cherry eyes) were so matted with infection that he couldn’t see. The rescue asked us to help cover his exam, basic vetting, and eye surgery. The rescue feels confident Bear is improving each day!

HPAN Sponsors Four MAARC Animals with $2000

Two thousand dollars is A LOT of money, but it’s only a portion of the vet bills the Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center (MAARC) is responsible for on these four beautiful animals:

Maggie was abandoned by her owner, and left with someone who wasn’t allowed to have pets. She needed all of her basic vet services, including a spay surgery, so the $500 we kicked in on her bill was a big help to the rescue.

Murphy was surrendered by his owner and ended up sick with cancer. The rescue did what they could to help him, and we assisted with the bill ($500). In the end, he was humanely euthanized. At least Murphy knew he was loved.

Chanel was found with a collar embedded in her neck and one around her leg. She was in bad shape. The rescue had to have the collar surgically removed. We kicked in $500 on her medical care, and she is doing much better.

Al was picked up as a stray. One of his legs was so severely injured that it had to be removed. We were able to pay $500 on Al’s medical bill. He’s doing well as a tripod!

Baby Kitty Gets a Chance

This little one was hit by a car and taken in by the Humane Society of Roane County. Her injuries were too severe for survival, so she was humanely let go. We paid the $43 needed for that process to be determined.