HPAN Helps Five Kittens with $403.50

These kitties were rescued by a vet tech who networked them into rescue. Almost Home Animal Rescue stepped up again! We covered initial vaccines and wellness exams for the kittens.

HPAN Helps Callie and Cassie with $314.50

Callie and Cassie are two more dogs in one of the worst hoarding cases we’ve ever heard of, recently given up to the Blount County Animal Welfare Society. We were able to sponsor their basic vetting and path to wellness, so they can be adopted into a home where they are given the love and attention they so deserve and need.

HPAN Pays $317.25 for Medical Care

Almost Home Animal Rescue asked for our help with these three sick animals. Blaze and Twister were part of a litter advertised “free” on Facebook. Knowing free animals often times land in the wrong hands and are not cared for properly, the rescue had to step up. These two in the litter have needed a little extra medical care.
Little Missy was abandoned in someone’s fenced yard. Luckily, the resident dogs were friendly with her, although she was weak and sickly. She is now getting the care she needs to become well. We were happy to sponsor these three animals!

HPAN Sponsors Kiwi with $124

Kiwi spent three weeks at a shelter before she was rescued by Almost Home Animal Rescue (AHAR). Shelter staff thought she was deaf and blind because she would sit and stare and bob her head. AHAR took her to their vet, who recommended further evaluation at a specialty clinic. It was determined that Kiwi had no neurological issues that would hinder her happy life, so she was released. This little kitty will continue to bob her head and be adopted by someone who doesn’t mind a cat that always agrees. 😁

HPAN Sponsors 17 Cats for $1130.14

All 14 of these beautiful cats were either abandoned or surrendered. Thankfully, Almost Home Animal Rescue took them in or many would have died or gone on to have lots of kittens. The rescue rushed them in for vet care and then began their adoption promotions. We were able to sponsor all basic vetting needed.

HPAN Sponsors Hooch for $314

Hooch was taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter by animal control. He had injuries that required minor surgery. We were able to sponsor the entire vet bill of $314. This big boy is healing and will be on his way to a better life very soon!

HPAN Helps Ringo Walk Again with $500

Ringo was taken to Young-Williams Animal Center with an injury that left him presumably paralyzed. The staff contacted the Tennessee Valley Golden Retriever Rescue who agreed to take Ringo into their program and get him some medical help. The University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical Center evaluated Ringo and started therapy. Ringo is learning to walk again! We chipped in $500 on his vet bill.

HPAN Sponsors Five More Dogs from Hoarding Situation with $768

The Blount County Animal Welfare Society has been convincing an owner to surrender animals to them two, three, and four at a time. With 30 animals still on property, they were able to rescue five dogs last week. We sponsored basic services like blood tests, vaccines, wormer, and spay/neuter for Fluffy, Cricket, Daisy Mae, Jesse, and Rusty. Life is already much better for these five!

Top: Cricket and Daisy Mae​. Bottom: Fluffy, Rusty, and Jesse

HPAN Helps Clover with $462

Oak Ridge Animal Shelter cat, Clover, was fine one day, and then she wasn’t the next day. Staff and volunteers noticed she stopped eating. In fact, she didn’t eat for four days. At that point, Loudon County Friends of Animals agreed to take her into their program and try to help her. They knew that diagnostics and possibly exploratory surgery would be costly, so they asked us for help. We kicked in money for the initial vet visit, medicine, and testing. We are hoping Clover is on the mend!

HPAN Helps Save Oliver with $192

Oliver was so sick that he was dripping blood from his nose. A friend of the owner put out a plea for rescue to save his life because the owner could not afford his desperately needed vet care. Almost Home Animal Rescue stepped in and took him immediately. Oliver was very sick. We sponsored his initial care and needed medication, and we stand ready to sponsor additional services when he is well enough! Just look at him before rescue, and then how much better he looked after just a couple days of medication and supportive care!