HPAN Helps Louie with $300

Louie had been wandering around a neighborhood in the City of LaFollette for a few days. Then he showed up with a severly broken foot. Animal Control brought him to the shelter and he was immediately transferred to Jacksboro Veterinary Services for evaluation and x-rays. He couldn’t stand on it or walk and his little foot was curled under and wouldn’t straighten. He also had some mouth injuries. After a long stay at the veterinarian, Louie is back at the shelter to finish healing. We were able to pay $300 toward his vet care.

HPAN Sponsors Oliver Tucker Duff for $300

Oliver was found by a kind gentleman who was picking up empty cans on the side of the road. He initially thought Oliver was just a dead dog in the ditch but as he got closer, Oliver’s head popped up, and he started whining. The man scooped Oliver up and brought him to the Campbell County Animal Shelter. He believed Oliver had been hit by a car due to his injuries. Oliver couldn’t stand or walk and had some mouth injuries. Once at the shelter, he was immediately taken to Jacksboro Veterinary Services for evaluation and x-rays. It was determined that he had been shot in the mouth and leg, not hit by a car. After a ten day stay at the veterinarian, Oliver is back at the shelter to finish healing. We were able to contribute $300 to the vet bill.

HPAN Sponsors Ransom with $300

Ransom landed in a shelter with little chance of getting out due to his terrible skin condition and the fact he had heartworms. Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue ensured he got out, and we ensured he got the vet care he needed to thrive. Teamwork at its best!

HPAN Sponsors Litter for $278

This litter of five was found as strays and taken to a local shelter. The kittens found their way to Almost Home Animal Rescue. We sponsored their initial vetting for $278.

HPAN Sponsors Chuck’s Vetting for $277

Lucky for “Chucky,” he was pulled from a shelter, where there was little hope for him, by Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue. Chuck had a cherry eye that needed removal, and he needed to be neutered. We sponsored both procedures for the rescue.

HPAN Helps Almost Home with $957.43

All of these beautiful animals found their way to Almost Home Animal Rescue after a terrible start in life. We were able to sponsor a myriad of vetting from basic services to more advanced care.

HPAN Releases Summer Newsletter

Our latest issue of Paw Tales has been posted to our website:

2020 Summer Paw Tales

You’ll see our 2020 metrics through June, see some sweet animals we’ve sponsored, see a feature on the wonderful rescue group, Pet Path, learn how to keep your pets safe in the heat of summer, and more! Hope you enjoy!

HPAN Helps Campbell County Animal Shelter with Two Vet Bills for $463

Little Grayson was surrendered as a sick puppy to the shelter. The Friends of Campbell County Animals tried their best to help him beat parvovirus, demodex mange, and sepsis, but he lost the battle and left the rescue with hundreds in debt. We contributed $300 to the cause. Lucy Lou entered the shelter with heartworms. Thankfully she had a better outcome, and we were able to sponsor her treatments for $163.

HPAN Sponsors Thor with $300

Thor was taken in as a stray by Senior Dog Lodge and Animal Rescue. He had an old leg injury that was beyond repair, so amputation was recommended. We sponsored the surgery cost with a $300 donation, and Thor is feeling much better now.

HPAN Covers Monroe’s Surgery for $265

Lucky for Monroe, she was spotted along the side of the road by a Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue volunteer. She’d apparently been dumped and left for dead. One of her eyes was damaged from what appeared to be blunt force trauma. The volunteer got her to the vet where it was determined her eye needed to be removed. We covered the enucleation, and Monroe is now recovering in foster care comfort.