HPAN Sponsors Leo’s Heartworm Treatments with $300

Leo had been neglected and discarded at the animal shelter. His story touched the hearts of rescue individuals, and he ended up under the care of Slumdog Rescue Crew (SRC). He had a horrible case of Demodex mange, secondary yeast infection, was heartworm positive; the list goes on and on. When the vet finally gave SRC the okay to treat his heartworms, they reached out to us for help. Leo is on his way to a better life!

HPAN Sponsors Shelter’s Vaccine Needs

The Campbell County Animal Center is trying to get on the right track. Their new shelter director is working very hard to ensure the animals are healthy and adoptable. When she reached out to us asking for a grant for vaccines and combo tests, we were thrilled to help. We sent them a $500 donation for this purpose.

HPAN Sponsors this Little Gem with $100

Opal, an approximately 10-year-old Rat Terrier mix, was pulled from the shelter by Rescues for JoJo. At the shelter, she was aggressive toward the staff and would not allow herself to be examined. She was so frightened, and her only means of protecting herself was to snap at anyone who came near her. Thankfully, the shelter released her to rescue after they signed a waiver. Once out of the shelter environment, she has transformed into a different dog. Opal comes to her foster mom for loves and pets. She loves all her foster fur siblings and even her foster human sibling! Unfortunately, Opal tested positive for heartworms, but we all agree she deserves a chance, so we sponsored her heartworm treatments.

HPAN Sponsors Zoey’s Lump Removal with $300

Oak Ridge Animal Shelter dog, Zoey, came in with a lump on her rump. The Friends of Oak Ridge Animal Shelter took her to the vet to have it checked out. They paid for the initial visit and the pre-surgery blood tests. The vet thought the lump should come out and be sent off for pathology. HPAN paid $300 toward the cost involved. Zoey has since been adopted and is doing well.

HPAN Helps Slumdog Rescue Crew with $300 for Lizzie

Lizzie is a 1.5 year old, terrier mix who was surrendered to Slumdog Rescue Crew (SRC) by her owner. When they arrived to pick up Lizzie, she was running around the property, unvaccinated and blood/infection oozing from open wounds. Her owner told them at the time that Lizzie did not have an eye. Once they were able to get Lizzie bathed, an infectious scab fell off the front of her eyelid exposing her damaged eye. Lizzie had not received treatment for this eye, nor her Demodex mange. She was riddled with fleas and ticks, and she had not been spayed and certainly not vaccinated. Lizzie had sat in this condition waiting on someone to help for a total of eight months. Lizzie has now been with SRC since the end of March. She has tested negative for Demodex mites. Her skin and hair have made a miraculous recovery.

Now, it is time for Lizzie to have her eye removal surgery and spay, which we were asked to sponsor. We were happy to help this wonderful dog, who is reported to love everyone she meets-cats, kids, and dogs included. SRC says that by meeting her, you would never know she has suffered an ounce of abuse. SRC looks forward to finding this special girl a fabulous home.

HPAN Sponsors Remington with $300

Big Maine Coon, Remington, was found as a stray and taken in by the Humane Society of East Tennessee. He was sick with a urinary tract infection, anemia, and mouth ulcers. His prescribed vet care included blood work, a dental cleaning, and complete shave down (since he wasn’t able to groom himself). After much TLC, Remington finally became well enough to be adopted, but the rescue was left with a big vet bill, to which we contributed $300.

HPAN Sponsors Kitty Surgery for $200

The Stray Connection took in two very tiny kittens from the Grainger County Humane Society. Bocelli and BoPeep had been abandoned and obviously abused or injured. They had ruptured eyes that required removal. Without the diseased eyes, the kittens can now grow up pain free as they acclimate to having only one eye.

HPAN Helps Give Chance a Chance with $300 Sponsorship

Chance was a stray form Morgan county who was rescued by Roane County Paws. That day he had to have emergency surgery on his ear. It is unknown what caused the injury, but the vet believed it was due to something tied around his ear. He has recovered well from this, but sadly Chance is heartworm positive. We believe Chance deserves to live, so we sponsored his treatments.

HPAN Helps Get Suzy Ready for Adoption with $130

Suzy is the stray taken in by Roane County Paws back in June. We committed to sponsoring her needed vetting. Part of it occurred in June, and the other half happened in July. This second stent was for her second round of vaccines, dewormer, and spay surgery. No more puppies for Suzy! She will soon be all healed and ready for adoption.

HPAN Sponsors Litter for $185

Slumdog Rescue Crew is one of our newly sponsored rescue organizations. They recently took in a mama dog and her puppies that were left behind when the owner became incarcerated. It’s initial vetting time for the little ones, so we paid for dewormer and exams. More services will be needed as they get older, but we’re thankful they’re now in good hands and on the path to happiness!