HPAN Sponsors Tigger with $50

Almost Home Animal Rescue (AHAR) takes in mostly stray cats and owner surrenders, but this boy, Tigger, was a shelter kitty that spoke to an AHAR volunteer foster. She talked the rescue into taking him into custody, getting him all fixed up, and available for adoption. We covered his basic vetting (vaccines, snap testing, and neuter) for $50. We think Tigger’s grrrreat!!!

HPAN Sponsors Dolly with $500

Dolly was a stray who had obviously been on her own for a while. This sweet girl was taken in by the Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center. Her skin allergies were out of control, causing significant hair loss, and her teeth were in bad shape. They took her to the vet to help her get healthy, and we paid $500 on the $800 bill.

HPAN Helps Precious and Beauty with $397.80

The Blount County Animal Welfare Society was contacted by a Maryville woman asking for help with her father’s dogs. He was no longer living at his residence, and the dogs were outside with barrels for shelter. Their water was frozen and they were being fed sporadically. Precious and Beauty were skinny had little protection from the cold. With temps in the teens and low 20s predicted for the next few nights, the family surrendered the dogs to to rescue. Both girls were transported to the vet for boarding and required vetting. They will be sent to a northern rescue for adoption. We were glad to be a part of the girls’ journey!

HPAN Sponsors 39 Rescued Kitties for $1816.91

Almost Home Animal Rescue took in 39 cats and kittens that needed various vet services. We had the opportunity to sponsor their spays and neuters, snap tests, parasite testing, vaccines and needed medications for $1,816.91.

HPAN Helps BCAWS Animals with $178

Luna came into rescue as an owner surrender to the Blount County Animal Welfare Society, and Duke was taken in as a stray. The rescue had their basic vetting completed and we paid for it. Win win for the animals!


HPAN Sponsors Mozzy with $500

Mozzy’s owner didn’t have time for him, so Spay It Forward East TN took him into their program. He came with horrible abscessed teeth that had spread to his sinuses, and he had bladder stones causing urinary blockage. We sponsored Mozzy’s vet needs with $500.

HPAN Sponsors Zeus with $500

Zeus belonged to an older woman who could not care for him. He came to the attention of Blount County Animal Welfare Society (BCAWS) and volunteers began going to feed him and clean his water bucket. They realized his ears were in terrible shape. The volunteers took Zeus to the vet. They got his basics done – neutered, vaccinated, and heartworm tested, as well as meds for the current ear infection. The ear infection would not clear and their vet recommended a proceedure to help heal his ears. At that time, they had no place for Zeus and were at the end of what they could do without a placement for this boy. Enter East TN Pit Bull Rescue, who took him into their program, and that’s when we were asked to provide sponsorship. Zeus will be adopted once his condition is under control.

HPAN Sponsors Phoebe with $500 in an Effort to Save Her Life

Phoebe is currently under medical care at UT College of Veterinary Medical Center for a septic abdomen and all sorts of other issues, including low kidney function, anemia, and low blood pressure. She was an owner surrender to Slumdog Rescue Crew after having a stillborn puppy. Her chances of surviving are 50/50, but we wanted to help them give her that chance.

HPAN Helps Pumpkin Feel Better with $500 Sponsorship

Pumpkin’s owner wasn’t well enough to care for him, so he was surrendered to Spay It Forward East TN. Upon his vet check, they discovered that Pumpkin needed dental surgery to improve his quality of life. We kicked in $500 toward the nearly $800 fee. Pumpkin is on the road to recover and already feeling much better!

HPAN Helps Ranger with $500

Ranger was taken in by The Stray Connection. He was found to have a luxating patella, which is basically an out-of-place knee cap. He required an expensive surgery to have any hope for a decent quality of life. We kicked in $500 to give him that. Ranger is on his way to happier trails!