HPAN Helps Great Pyrenees Sisters with up to $600

These girls were dumped in a rural Tennessee county where there is no animal shelter. They were starving, lethargic, riddled with worms, and covered in fleas and ticks. We sponsored their veterinary exams, vaccines, heartworm and tick borne illness tests, and dewormer. As soon as they are healthy enough, they will be spayed, microchipped, and ready for adoption!


HPAN Pays $513.52 for Heartworm Treatment

Hans Solo and Notorious B.I.G. were pulled from high-kill shelters by Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue. They both had heartworms, which is a second death sentence. We paid for these boys to get well by sponsoring their treatment.

Hans Solo

Hans Solo

Notorious B.I.G.

Notorious B.I.G.

HPAN Helps Red Move on to a Better Life with $300

Red was pulled from a local shelter — came in as a stray — and the original story was he was dragged by car. However, the physical findings don’t support that. It has been determined that he has chemical burns on thirty percent of his back. He is at the vet in the Isolation Ward at the moment because of the kennel cough, and he is not well enough for vaccines. We are sponsoring Red’s treatment and boarding.

HPAN Sponsors Spots with $144

Spots was a stray who got lucky and landed into the care of Almost Home Animal Rescue. They asked us to sponsor Spots’ combo testing, vaccines, and spay surgery. No more litters with this little one!

HPAN Sponsors Moonlight and Midnight with $484

These gorgeous kitties were found on someone’s porch in an area highly populated with coyotes. The homeowner contacted the Humane Society of East Tennessee, and the kitties immediately found themselves in a better position, especially since Midnight had a severe compound fracture in one of her legs. The sisters were taken to the vet where they received vaccines, testing, spay surgeries, and leg repair.

HPAN Helps HSET with Storm and Bella

Siblings, Storm and Bella, found themselves with the Humane Society of East Tennessee when their owner had to be placed into a nursing home. Both dogs needed some basic vetting. A heart murmur was detected in Storm, who now needs medication. HPAN sponsored these needs for $535.11.

HPAN Helps Maui with $205.87

Maui was rescued from a high-kill shelter by Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue. She has heartworms and would have been euthanized with no chance of escape if not for them. They asked us to sponsor her treatment, which was $205.87. After her rest and recovery period, Maui will be available for adoption.

HPAN Sponsors Eye Removal for $250

This little kitten weighed just over a pound when she was rescued from a trailer park colony. She was sick, and one eye was so infected that it was completely distended from its socket and riddled with parasites. The Stray Connection took her in and named her Grace. Unfortunately, the eye couldn’t be saved, but she is much more comfortable and will do just fine with one eye. The rescue will ensure she gets a family who will keep her indoors.

HPAN Helps a Ballerina

Ballerina, a kitty at Young Williams Animal Center, had an accidental injury that resulted in a hyper-extended left hock and a broken left distal radius and ulna. We contributed $300 to the cost of her expensive surgery.

HPAN Helps Sophia with $300

Sophia was a craigslist giveaway to a Knoxville woman, who soon realized the pup was ill, and she knew she was in over her head.  She contacted Dames for Danes for help. The rescue took in Sophia with a misdiagnosis of megaesophagus. Instead, it was a gastrointestinal blockage that was literally causing Sophia to starve to death. She had surgery at UT Veterinary Hospital and recovered. Recently, Sophia swallowed a stuffed toy, which required another scope and surgery for over $2,000. The rescue reached out to us for help on this one, so we chipped in $300.