HPAN Sponsors Gloria with $300

Gloria, a beautiful kitty at the Roane County Animal Shelter, had a diseased eye that required removal. The shelter asked if we could sponsor the surgery, so we did!

HPAN Helps Garrick with $300

Garrick was part of a litter born while momma cat was in foster care. He became very sick with a respiratory infection and had to be hospitalized and treated. His rescue, the Humane Society of East Tennessee, asked us to help with his mounting vet bill. Garrick is doing much better and is available for adoption.

HPAN Sponsors Savannah with $300

Savannah’s owner was dying of cancer. He had a friend take Savannah to the vet for euthanasia because he didn’t want to leave her without a home, and he feared she would not be adoptable due to her seizure activity. The vet offered to take custody and get her into rescue. In walks the Humane Society of East Tennessee! They agreed to take Savannah into their program. We sponsored her medical care, and now Savannah is on a healthy diet and the medication she needs. She’s already doing so much better! She’s in foster care and available for adoption.

HPAN Helps Cletus with $300

Cletus was surrendered to the Humane Society of East TN when his owner was diagnosed with a terminal illness and could no longer care for him. Cletus needed a wellness exam and a dental cleaning for the sake of his health. We had the opportunity to sponsor this need.

HPAN Helps Ava Get Well with $240

Little Ava was part of a litter that contracted parvovirus. MoCo Mutts (aka Senior Dog Lodge & Animal Rescue) offered to take the puppies from the owner and get them into treatment. Ava, the only survivor, was able to receive full treatment, and she is recovering. We paid her medical costs of $240.17. If the mother had been vaccinated and the puppies kept off the ground before having a chance to be vaccinated, this could have been prevented.

HPAN Sponsors 21 AHAR Animals with $1684

All of these beauties were taken in by Almost Home Animal Rescue (AHAR) as strays or owner surrenders. They needed basic vet care including vaccines, parasite tests, medication/preventives, and spay/neuter. We sponsored the needs for $1,684. Some are now in their adoptive homes, and others are still available. On to better lives, Olive, Soleil, Priscilla, Elvis, Grace, Bonnie, Clyde, Kingston, Fuzzy Tail, Jolie, Reuben, Stitch, Buddy, Sadie, Mulan, and Soliel’s litter: Mars, Venus, Neptune, Jupiter, Eartha, and Saturn!

HPAN Pays $300 on Popeye’s Vet Care

Popeye was pulled from a hoarding situation by the Senior Dog Lodge & Animal Rescue. Yes, they take cats, too! Popeye had a terrible leg injury, which required surgery. We paid $300 on the bill.

HPAN Sponsors Koda with $300

Koda was advertised on Craigslist as a free dog. The family that took him was not told he was having seizures and needed medical care, so they contacted the Humane Society of Roane County (HSRC) to ask for help. HSRC took Koda to their vet for observation and diagnostics, and put him on a path of wellness. He will soon be ready for adoption. We paid $300 toward the bill.

HPAN Helps Harley with $295

Harley was found as a stray and taken in by a family to treat gashes on her leg and tail and to fatten her up. She appeared to have had puppies. Soon they found her puppies down the street eating garbage in the front yard of a house that was actually their home. The owner agreed to officially give up Harley and four of her six puppies. Harley was taken to the vet for spay surgery, tail amputation, and vaccines. We sponsored the bill for $295.10.

HPAN Sponsors Lucy with $300

The Blount County Animal Welfare Society (BCAWS) pulled Lucy from the Blount County Animal Center. She was heartworm positive and had a low grade mast cell tumor on her rump. They had her heartworms treated, had the mast cell tumor excised, and found her a wonderful foster home. Then they discovered a hole in her palate. Without repair, Lucy could have had problems with aspiration, infection, etc. BCAWS asked us to sponsor her palate surgery for $300. Now Lucy is all fixed up and back in foster care.