HPAN Helps Continue Vetting for Four Kitties

Oliver, Toulouse, Bugsy, and Honeybee have received our sponsorship before, but we continue to help their rescue, Almost Home, in getting them healed and/or fully vetted before they can be adopted. $147.37 was what it took this time. Soon these babies will have their own homes!

HPAN Sponsors Billy with $500

Billy the hound needed a mass removed, but his rescue, Rockin’ Community Cats, who also takes in dogs, needed our help. We kicked in $500 on his surgery bill.

HPAN Kicks in $595 to Help Delilah

Delilah was hit by a car and taken to the Roane County Animal Shelter. The Humane Society of Roane County stepped in, took Delilah into their program, and rushed her to the animal ER where she had to spend the night. HPAN paid $595 on her $1787 bill. She is continuing to receive care for her injuries.

HPAN Helps Copper with $278.75

Copper is a beautiful redbone coonhound who has lived in a pen for two years with no attention. His owner got him as a puppy and was going to hunt him. Never happened. They decided to rehome him with a hunter, but the Blount County Animal Welfare Society convinced them to surrender him. Good decision – he is heartworm-positive. We were able to help the welfare group get the needed medication to help rid Copper of this deadly parasite.

HPAN Sponsors Tony and Muffins with $319

Tony Macaroni and Love Muffins were surrendered to the All Breed Rescue of Spay it Forward East TN by a lady who used them for breeding. They had lived most of their lives in a crate with little human interaction, and they were way behind on their vetting. The rescue got them all fixed up, and we sponsored the cost of the testing and exams, vaccines, parasite prevention, and spay/neuter. Thankfully, the cycle will stop with these two!

HPAN Helps Lilah James Get Well with $411.44

Lilah James came to Spay it Forward East TN with a litter of feral-born kittens trapped in Anderson County. They were all very sick, underweight, and infested with fleas. Lilah struggled with ear and upper respiratory infections. After seeing three vets and being sedated for in-depth exams, one vet found her problem to be a large polyp in her respiratory tract. We sponsored her surgery and associated costs for $411, and now Lilah is on the road to recovery.

HPAN Helps Three Dogs with $1500

Tootie, Hocus, and Hex, three senior dogs abandoned in Morgan County, were lucky enough to be rescued by MoCo Mutts. They had skin and eye issues, and they needed blood work, vaccines, and spay/neuter. We were able to sponsor all their needs so they can spend the rest of their days healthy and loved.

HPAN Helps Remus with $179.69

Remus was pulled from a shelter in Morgan County by the East TN Pit Bull Rescue. He needed a little extra vet care after the basic stuff to help him become adoptable. Namely, he had a bad ear and skin infection. Good medicine and TLC fixed him right up, and we were happy to help!

HPAN Helps Two Dobies with $459

This is the first time the Volunteer State Doberman Rescue has called on us, and we’re so glad they did! We were able to sponsor heartworm treatments for both Gracie and Rocco, as well as pay for Rocco’s neuter. These beautiful dogs are so worth the village effort!

HPAN Helps Soup with $500

This kitten came into a local shelter with two broken legs. Soup was lovingly nursed back to health by a foster with Loudon County Friends of Animals. Now that it is a bit older and stable, he has grown enough that it is obvious that one of the damaged legs is more of a hindrance and continues to be reinjured. The vet said amputation is required, so we sponsored his surgery with $500.