HPAN Helps KVPP with $464

Knox Vintage Pet Project is one of our newly sponsored rescue groups, and we are so happy they asked us to help with these six beauties! Marley is the mother of Root, Scout, Jasmine, Trillium, and Crystal. They were rescued at one day old because Marley (a Great Pyrenees) was emaciated at only 55 lbs. We had the opportunity to cover vaccines, microchips, and parasite prevention. Rascal came from a hoarding case of 65 dogs. We covered his neuter, dental, blood work, and heartworm prevention.


Another Dog with Extensive Needs Gets HPAN’s Help with $500

Cookie Butter was pulled from the Roane County animal shelter by the Humane Society of Roane County. His sponsored vet plan was to cover neuter, vaccines, heartworm test, and a certificate to travel north. Unfortunately, his heartworm test was positive, so he will have to undergo treatment, which we will also sponsor.

Slim Shady Will Get Better with HPAN’s Help

Roane County animal control picked up Slim Shady. He was so weak that he could not walk. Truthfully, he was at the brink of death. The animal shelter reached out to the Humane Society of Roane County, who reached out to us. We kicked in $500 to help cover the myriad of needs for this poor dog.

HPAN Sponsors Sadie’s Spay

Sadie has a very sad story. She was adopted from a local shelter, but then her owner committed suicide, so Sadie found herself homeless again and was taken back to the shelter. The Humane Society of Roane County stepped up to save her! They called us to sponsor the cost of her spay surgery and health certificate so she can head to a northern rescue. We wish you better luck, sweet Sadie!

HPAN Helps 15 Little Ones Prepare for Northbound Transport

Adrian the pup and 14 kittens were saved from euthanasia at a crowded shelter, thanks to the Humane Society of Roane County. They called on us to sponsor wellness exams, rabies vaccines, flea treatment and a health certificate required for transport. We wish these little ones well!

Sugar & Gypsy Travel North after HPAN Sponsorship

Sugar and Gypsy were in a full shelter and in danger of losing their lives. The Humane Society of Roane County pulled them into rescue and sent them to a northern state where animal populations are much lower and adoption rates are higher.

$1105 for MAARC’s Benny, Phoenix, Kush, and Ramsey

Benny, Kush, Phoenix, and Ramsey came to the Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center. Benny seemed to understand Spanish only, but it was easy to see that he needed a neuter. That went without saying! We were able to sponsor that for $80. Phoenix and Kush came in with heartworms, so we sponsored their treatment, and poor Ramsey had a whole host of issues, not the least of which was a really bad urinary tract infection. All of these beautiful animals are on their way to health with the help of our sponsorship.

22 Dogs Saved with HPAN Help

All it took was $875 of our treasury to save the lives of 22 pups from a local shelter. Our sponsorship covered they required exams, health certificates, rabies vaccines,and flea treatment to get these little ones ready for a northbound transport!

T-bone Gets $478 in HPAN Assistance

The Blount County Animal Welfare Society rescued T-bone from a muddy kennel with a doghouse too small for him. Thankfully, his owner let him go because he needed to be neutered, too. We had the opportunity to help by covering his surgery and all the things that go with it. T-bone will be heading to a Basset Hound rescue when he’s healed. He will get to experience the good life once and for all!

HPAN Kicks in $1000 for Scotty’s Leg Repair

The Volunteer State Doberman Rescue pulled Scotty from a shelter when animal control brought him in with a broken front leg. Scotty is around a year old and has a lot of life to live. The rescue got him to the orthopedic specialist at the University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical Center, and surgery was scheduled. Nearly $4,000 later, Scotty is almost as good as new. Look at that smile! So glad we could help a little!