HPAN Pitches in $300 for Canelo’s Surgery

Canelo came to the Young Williams Animal Center with a painful knee injury that is preventing him from living his best life. He has a torn cruciate ligament that needs surgery in order to heal. When asked, we were happy to chip in on the $2,000 cost.


HPAN Pays $256 for Tadpole’s Heartworm Treatment

Tadpole was a shelter dog sick with a high-positive case of heartworms. Thankfully, Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue stepped in to save him. They asked us to pay for his heartworm treatment, and he’s now resting in foster care as his body fights this horrible parasite that could have been so easily prevented.

HPAN Helps Save the Lives of Tom and Tank with $338

Tom and Tank were part of a stray litter taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter. The kittens were in respiratory distress and some of them didn’t make it. Tom and Tank were two of the lucky ones, but they needed extensive medical care. We paid $338 on their emergency diagnostics, medication, etc. They are resting in foster care and will be available for adoption when they are fully recovered.

HPAN Sponsors Kryston with $55

Kryston was very pregnant when she was surrendered along with her “baby daddy,” Gizmo. This couple found themselves at the Campbell County Animal Shelter as a result of a domestic dispute. Kryston appeared to be in labor for a couple of days and needed an x-ray to make sure everything was going as it should. We kicked in the funds to cover it.

HPAN Helps Jackson with $105

Jackson was found as a stray and taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter with what was thought to be a broken leg. X-rays revealed he’d actually been shot and had a bullet in his leg. The vet thought he would do best without bullet removal. We paid the bill for the x-ray and then sponsored his neuter.

HPAN Joins Efforts to Save Milo’s Life

Milo was surrendered by his owner to A Chance for Champ. He was sick and in need of emergency care. That’s when we were called on to help. Milo has been diagnosed with parvovirus, and he is fighting for his life. A simple vaccine could have prevented this. We contributed $300 to the mounting charges. If Milo makes it, he will be put up for adoption buy the rescue group.

HPAN Sponsors Six Pet Path Pups for $375

Echo, Finn, Gypsy, Razzle, Gum Drop, and Sunny were recently taken in by Pet Path. Their stories vary from being owner surrenders to being found as strays. They shared a commonality of needing rescue, and that’s just what they got! We sponsored basic vetting and required medications. All will soon be available for adoption.

HPAN Helps Bullseye with $250

Bullseye came into the stellar rescue, The Stray Connection, weighing about one pound and blind.  One eye was diseased, had ruptured, and was painful, so he needed surgery quickly.  We were able to sponsor the surgery.  Now, he has a great spirit and seems much happier having the painful, ruptured eye removed.  Bullseye will soon be available for adoption.

HPAN Sponsors Two Big Fluffy Pups

Aaron and Alexander were two puppies from a “stray family” in Morgan County. A good Samaritan was caring for the stray mom dog when she had five puppies. She was able to find homes for three of the puppies, and Big Fluffy Dog Rescue rescued the other two and asked us to sponsor their vetting. We paid for puppy exams, deworming, and vaccines, and one pup needed antibiotics for a skin infection. We will take care of their neuters, boosters, and microchips at a later date.

HPAN Pays $280 for Puppy Vetting

Cherish, Hallie, Echo, and Jolie were pulled into rescue by Pet Path when their family was no longer capable of caring for them or the other dogs they had. They asked us to help them buy paying for initial puppy shots, deworming, and spay/neuter. The pups will be available for adoption soon!