HPAN Sponsors Joseph with $300

Joseph’s owner was losing his house and could no longer care for this sweet baby. The Anderson County Animal Shelter had the owner contact the Humane Society of Roane County, and they picked him up along with is cat friends. Joseph had a bad case of pancreatitis and needed vet care. We were happy to help in the bill.

HPAN Helps Local Rescue with $900

There were three small dachshund mixes living in a car with a homeless man. He surrenderd all three dogs to the Anderson County shelter. The Humane Society of Roane County was contacted since the shelter was full and the dogs appeared to be sick. We sponsored their vet care for $900.

HPAN Helps Zoey with $300

Tiny Zoey was found as a stray and landed at the Maryville City Shelter. The Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center (MAARC) took her under their wing and got her the vet care she needed, which included dental work and treatment for her skin issues. We were honored to help with the mounting vet bill so this little lady can find a home that will take better care of her.

HPAN Helps Sven with $300

Sven was brought to Young Williams Animal Center (YWAC) at only two weeks old. He and his littermates had multiple birth defects. When Sven became old enough for treatment/surgery, YWAC requested our help. We applied $300 to the cost of Sven’s procedure.

HPAN Sponsors Two Bullies for $600

Binx and Popeye were pulled from rural shelters by Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue. Chances of their exit were slim, considering they both tested positive for heartworms. When the rescue asked us to sponsor their treatment, how could we say no to those sweet faces? Both dogs are recovering in foster care before they will be available for adoption.


HPAN Sponsors Ouiser with $300

Ouiser was a housecat whose owners left her behind outside when they moved. A nice neighbor was feeding her and noticed her teeth were in bad shape, so they brought her to the Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center (MAARC) to get her some medical help. MAARC gladly took Ouiser in and got her the vet care she needed to eliminate her pain and help her be able to eat. When they asked for our help, we gladly agreed!

HPAN Helps Three Cats and a Dog

Toodles the dog and cats Noodles, Jeffrey, and Biscuit were all owner surrenders from Anderson County. HPAN assisted Spay It Forward with their vetting so they will all be able to be adopted to the loving homes they deserve!

HPAN Helps Trinket with $200

Little Trinket was rescued as a stray and taken in by The Stray Connection. She had a terrible ulcerated eye that had to be removed. We sponsored this surgery, and Trinket feels so much better!

HPAN Sponsors HSET with $1200

The Humane Society of East Tennessee took in four animals with special needs and asked for our help. Henry was an owner surrender and presented with toxoplasmosis needing treatment. Pretty Girl was also an owner surrender and needed help with her diabetes treatments. Dash was found as a stray and needed a dental so he could eat. ChiChi was abandoned with her groomer and needed a dental plus a tumor removed

HPAN Sponsors the Purchase of Spay/Neuter Instruments

The Campbell County Animal Shelter gets it. They understand the underlying cause of too many unwanted animals is lack of spay/neuter. They are changing that in their county. A few years ago, they were the recipient of one of our capital grants for the purchase of surgery tables. Their spay/neuter clinic, ensuring no shelter animal is adopted without being altered, has been in operation for about a year. The surgery room is almost in constant operation, which proves a need for surgical instruments that have been sterilized and replaced in sterile packages. Their veterinarian expressed that more surgeries could be performed if they didn’t have to stop so much to sterilize instruments between surgeries. That’s when the Friends of Campbell County Animals approached us. Showing us the necessary statistics of the number of shelter animals helped in this way, we saw their need and quickly jumped on board. Although this is not classified as a capital grant, it is a grant that will keep on giving as each and every animal is spayed or neutered before leaving the shelter for years to come. That is something to celebrate!