HPAN Helps Chester with $500

Chester was a well-known stray in a neighborhood of Campbell County. Problem is, neighbors did not want him there. One night recently, someone chased him down and stabbed him three times with a knife into his hind quarter. Animal control was called, and he was taken to the shelter. They took him to their vet the next morning and had him treated. They asked us to sponsor as much of the bill as we could. Chester is all stitched up and recovering at the shelter, and he has become a favorite among the staff. He will soon be available for adoption, and he will finally live the life he deserves.

HPAN Helps 21 Rescue Cats with $1150.57

Prince Coco, Fiora, Boots, Dexter, Tigger, and Spooky are all new to rescue due to being strays or owner surrenders. All of them needed vet care. Almost Home Animal Rescue to the rescue! They called on us to help cover not only initial vetting for these six, but we also covered the remainder of vetting on 15 kitties we sponsored a few weeks ago and posted on our blog. Those pictured here are the newbies! We were so glad to help all the cats!

Spooky (left), Boots (top right), & Fiora (bottom right)
Dexter (top left), Tigger (top right), & Prince Coco (bottom right)

HPAN Sponsors Hoarded Kittens with $53.24

Basil, Justinian, and Theodora were living in a hoarding situation when they were relinquished to Almost Home Animal Rescue, who asked us to cover their initial exams and first vaccines. The rest of their needed vetting will happen in due time while they are safe and secure in rescue.

Justinian (left) & Basil (right)

HPAN Gives Arthur a Second Chance with a $500 Sponsorship

Arthur was returned to the Campbell County Animal Shelter when he became sick. Shelter staff, thankfully, believed he was worth fixing. A vet visit and diagnostics confirmed that he had a urinary tract blockage, requiring surgery. They asked us to help sponsor his vet charges at the University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical Center. As soon as Arthur recovers, he will be on his way to rescue!

HPAN Helps AHAR with $500

Berry was a stray kitten in foster care with Almost Home Animal Rescue. They had been treating him for two months for FIP, a serious feline disease. He began to present with unrelated symptoms that required a visit to the emergency clinic. There they found that his lungs were filled with fluid, and his abdomen was filled with air. His blood had nearly no platelets. Doctors agreed that he would not survive further treatment, so the rescue had to let him go. His brother, also pictured, is lost without him. All we could do was help the rescue with the emergency bill. Berry deserved a chance.

HPAN Helps Carhartt with $500

In rural counties where there is no animal control, unfortunately some dogs get shot at. That’s what happened to Carhartt. He had been roaming in a Morgan County neighborhood where he was not wanted, so someone nearly killed him. Thankfully, law enforcement was called and wanted to see him live, so they contacted MoCo Mutts Rescue Center, a subsidiary under Senior Dog Lodge & Animal Rescue. Carhartt was rushed to the Animal ER where shotgun fragments were removed from his tissue. X-rays confirmed none of his organs had been penetrated. We paid $500 of his emergency bill, and now Carhartt is resting and recovering at the rescue center.

HPAN Sponsors MAARC Dogs with $1500

The Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center (MAARC) recently took in three dogs in need of much vet care.

Harley, the Great Dane, was surrendered after his family suffered a house fire. They were forced to move where they could not take him. The rescue took him to the vet and found that he had heartworms. Lots of other vetting was needed, and we paid $500 toward his bill.

Blue, the hound, was found as a stray, nearly starving to death. He was full of parasites and also had heartworms. His vet care was extensive, and we contributed $500 toward his bill.

Rosie was found as a stray and had obviously been used as a breeding dog and likely dumped. She had an ovarian tumor the size of an orange. We contributed $500 toward her surgery bill.

All of these animals are making strides toward a better life thanks to the rescue and our supporters who make our sponsorships possible.

HPAN Approves $2000 for HSET Vet Bills

The Humane Society of East Tennessee has been hit hard with vet bills lately. They asked if we could help sponsor bills, at $500 each, for the following:

  1. Harley: owner surrender that needed a complete vet work-up, including vaccines, testing, medicated bath, antibiotics, and spay surgery
  2. Hank: a “sanctuary dog” in the rescue that developed a rapid-growing tumor in need of removal and, following, dental care to remove an abscessed tooth
  3. Bridgette: a foster cat that became very ill and, after much treatment, had to be euthanized
  4. Jake: owner surrender that needed to be treated for diabetes

HPAN Sponsors Vetting for 23 Cats for $1638.59

A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to cover initial basic vetting and needed medications for over 20 cats and kittens rescued by Almost Home Animal Rescue. Last week, we covered their remaining vetting, such as vaccine boosters and spay/neuter. These cats are pictured in the February 21 blog post. In addition, this time, we sponsored vetting for two new rescued kitties, Guinevere and Gixxer. It’s so nice knowing all these cats are now healthy, happy, unable to reproduce, and are on their way to better lives!

HPAN Sponsors Dexter with $40

Dexter was surrendered to rescue by his owner. He was sick and needed an exam and medication. Almost Home Animal Rescue put him into foster care so he could get well, and next will come a plan to complete the remainder of his necessary vetting. We sponsored Dexter’s vet visit and will look forward to the day when he gets a new home where he will be cared for.