HPAN Sponsors Dog that Hugs with $300

Betty was surrendered to RescuesForJoJo with her brother Buster. They were living in a small dirt lot that had never been cleaned. Their only shelter was a stack of blocks with a board on top. When they took her in, she would just cling to their legs, like she was hugging them, grateful for human interaction. Unfortunately, Betty tested positive for heartworms when she saw the vet (Buster did not). We sponsored her treatments so she can begin living the GOOD life for a change!

HPAN Sponsors Meds for Shelter Cats and many Spay/Neuters for a Total of $1500

The Loudon County Friends of Animals (LCFOA) is doing miraculous work for needy cats. They asked us for $200 to be used for 10 tubes of Terramycin and $50 for antibiotics for Roane and Rockwood Shelters.  The shelters have a lot of sick kittens with upper respiratory infections.  LCFOA has pulled kittens, pregnant momma cats, momma cats with kittens and adults from four shelters (Loudon, Roane, Rockwood, and Blount) and taken from the community.  They have taken more into foster care than any other year and have 97 currently. Only 27 have been spayed/neutered and are ready for adoption. They asked us for $1,250 to vet some of the remaining cats. Hopefully, adoption fees will fill the remainder of the funds needed. Pictured are some of the babies that are now old enough for surgeries.

HPAN Helps Parvo Pups Get Well with $1000

Homeward Bound Dog Rescue has been hit hard with parvo pups lately. The latest case was a momma dog and her four puppies in Roane County that were taken to the shelter. They were going to euthanize them, but a foster/volunteer wanted to give them a chance. They are on now at the vet being treated. Parvo is hard to treat and very expensive, at around $500 per dog. We contributed $1000 to help with this huge need.

HPAN Helps Senior Dog, Peaches

If a dog can’t eat, she dies. Peaches, an owner surrender to Roane County Paws, had such bad teeth that she could barely eat. Their vet had to extract most of her teeth. Peaches will be on a soft food diet for the rest of her life, but at least she’s no longer in pain. We sponsored the required dental work on this little old lady. She has a few good years left in her, and we thought she was worth it.

HPAN Pays $107 for Suzy’s Vetting

Suzy and her three puppies were in need of rescue in Morgan County, where there is no shelter or animal control. Roane County Paws (RCP) graciously took her and the puppies. The pups soon found rescue with the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley where they received needed vetting. RCP asked us to sponsor Suzy’s initial vetting (vaccines, deworming, and parasite screening). She will be spayed soon and up for adoption.

HPAN Sponsors Heartworm Treatments for Macy and Lion with $500

Neither Macy nor Lion knew what it was to have a good life before being rescued by Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue (FFTBR). Macy had never been vetted and was allowed to have litter upon litter. FFTBR took her and her puppies in. Lion was found wandering the streets emaciated (see before and after photos). The rescue needed to work on his nutrition before anything else could be addressed. Unfortunately, both Macy and Lion tested positive for heartworms. They are both now healthy enough for treatment to the tune of $250-$300 per dog. An ounce of prevention would have been way less expensive, but their lives are worth saving, so we sponsored their treatments and hope they do well and go on to lives the long lives they deserve.

HPAN Pays $170.79 Bill for Abused Dog’s Injuries

This sweet girl is Scarlet. After being found injured and abused, Roane County Paws pulled her into rescue and took her to Admiral Vet for treatment. Her injuries, they believe, are due to being dragged by a vehicle. Scarlet was put back together and is at the vet for a two-week recovery period. At that point, they will determine if her leg can be saved. We spared you the graphic photos.

HPAN Helps a Donkey with a $300 Donation

When Horse Haven of Tennessee (HHT) sends out a solicitation letter, they really need help. Recently, HHT received a call about a donkey who had been running at large for over two years. He was in very poor condition. A plan was created, and with corral panels and a vocal mare, volunteers outwitted the jack and had him contained. A halter was embedded in his head, and the buckle had scared his eye, causing the need for extensive surgeries at UT Vet Hospital. Now known as Mr. Jones, he is well enough to recover at HHT. Our assistance will help them in a small way with the $5,000+ bill for Mr. Jones.

HPAN Sponsors Ivy’s Vet Needs

Ivy was born late in the night to a mare the East Tennessee Mini Horse & Donkey Rescue took in from a hoarding case. She was born with dwarfism, a severe under bite, and deformed front legs. Their vet recommended they immediately take her to UT large animal hospital for x-rays and casting. We paid the $266 bill, and Ivy is onto a better life.

HPAN Sponsors Another Heartworm-Positive Dog

Think heartworms can’t happen to your dog? Think again. Dogs not on prevention will likely contract heartworms from a mosquito bite. It’s a deadly condition if not treated, and treating it is way more expensive than preventing it. Treatment is also very hard on the dog. Noah, here, was rescued from the Roane County Animal Shelter by K9 Lifeline Rescue, and we paid $300 for his treatment.