HPAN Helps Matilda Get Rid of Heartworms with $500

Matilda was taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter as an owner surrender. Sadly, she tested positive for heartworms. We sponsored her heartworm treatments, and she is resting in foster care.

HPAN Sponsors Hayden’s Post-Surgery Boarding for $375

Hayden was seized by law enforcement after being severely neglected by his family. Irresponsible breeding caused him to be born with the worst case of hip dysplasia the vet had ever seen. So, at one year old, Hayden found himself needing surgery. His rescue, Homeward Bound Dog Rescue covered his osteotomy and asked if we could help sponsor his specialty boarding while he recovers. We sent $375 to cover boarding needed after the first hip surgery, and we will cover the next stent when Hayden has his final osteotomy.

HPAN Helps Save Sam with Sponsorship

Sam was surrendered to animal control after being hit by a car. He was in a great deal of pain and was taken to the vet for evaluation by the Friends of Campbell County Animals. After being examined and receiving x-rays, it was determined he has multiple pelvic fractures and was in need of an approximate $6K surgery, including five plates. Sam was taken back to the shelter for euthanasia, but in the meantime, a rescue called and agreed to transfer him to their program. He was transferred to Nashville later in the night. Sam is so very lucky, and we were glad to sponsor his local vet bill of $124.

HPAN Helps Jack with $500

MoCo Mutts helps cats, too! Jack was an owner surrender after he sustained a broken leg. Unfortunately, he had to lose his leg to save his life. We were able to sponsor $500 of his surgery.

HPAN Sponsors Vet Needs for Two Strays for $250.74

Both Koki and Nelson were found as strays in Campbell County and were taken to the shelter there.

Koki was starving and had hair loss, and she was taken to the vet for an exam and skin scrape. The vet suspected pregnancy, so an x-ray was performed. Soon after, Koki had a litter of puppies. She and her babies have been transported to another rescue where they will be raised and eventually adopted into forever homes. We sponsored her initial vet bill for $81.

Nelson was malnourished and sick. He had a wound in his groin area that was full of maggots. The vet cleaned him up and did some testing. He got lots of good medication, and he’s on his way to better health. We sponsored his vet bill for $169.74.

HPAN Helps Almost Home with $1268 for 15 Dogs and Cats

Almost Home Animal Rescue asked us to help with these sweet ones for a myriad of needs from basic vet care to extensive would treatment:

Lily May – Is a sweet senior girl that her owner decided to get rid of after twelve years. She has been sad, but she is slowly coming around.

Leche – Owner surrendered.

Charlie 2 – Owner surrender

Blossom – She was rescued out of the shelter. Another rescue committed to taking her until they found out that she was FIV positive.

Amanda’s Puppies – This is the first half of eventually 15 puppies that came in. The two mothers were sisters, and they had one father. The owner gave up the first half unwillingly and eventually, gave up the other half much later. Some of the puppies would have died because they were so small and full of worms.

Henry – This handsome fellow was turned into the pound with his buddy. Their owner had to go into a nursing home and would not be back for them. Henry’s buddy was pulled out of the shelter minutes before he would be killed. Well, the same goes for Henry, but he came to us.

Cooper – A foster approached a homeless person to trade fifty dollars and a pack of cigarettes for Cooper. The deal was made.

Augustus (Gus) – This sweet man ended up in the shelter, where it looked to be that someone tried to cut his head off. He is starting to get better but it has taken a lot to get here.

HPAN Sponsors Colt with $278

Colt’s owner had him in a truck speeding down the highway, and someone saw him fly out, come crashing down, and rolling to a stop. It is uncertain whether he was thrown out of the truck or jumped out. Either way, he ended up with a broken pelvis, bruised lungs, and many contusions. That’s a lot for a pup weighing less than five pounds. He’s lucky to be alive. Best Friends Sanctuary, a newly sponsored rescue, took him under their wing and asked us for help. We were able to cover the initial vet bill, which included x-rays, exam, hospitalization, deworming, vaccines, and pain medication.

HPAN Helps 3 Abandoned Dogs with $1088

Joey, Mertie, and Carly are victims of a “dump and run” in Blount County. Thankfully for them, the Blount County Animal Welfare Society took them in and straight to the vet. They asked us to help. We were able to sponsor their wellness exams, parasite tests, spay/neuter, and vaccines. These beautiful dogs can now look forward to a much brighter future!

HPAN Sponsors Herb’s Vet Need with $71

Herb’s owner could not adequately care for a 173 pound dog, especially one with a hip issue. The Campbell County Animal Shelter took him in, got him into foster care, and to the vet for an injection to jumpstart healing in his hip. We were glad to sponsor this for him.

HPAN Sponsors Emergency Boarding for $112

Vicky was very scared but had zero aggression when she was taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter, and they were full beyond capacity. She wasn’t a transport candidate and wasn’t adoptable. She had obvious potential when we vetted her and, in order to keep her safe, they sent her to a boarding facility. Their staff to animal ratio is much better than the shelter’s, and they were able to bring her out of her shell just enough to get her on transport. She is still being worked with up north, but she will be in a home soon!