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HPAN Sponsors Teddy with $85

Teddy was pulled from a high-kill shelter by Pet Path. We sponsored his final vaccines, dewormer, microchip, and neuter. He now has a great home!


HPAN Sponsors 6 Pet Path Dogs with $397.60

All of these dogs came from Tennessee animal shelters and were lucky enough to find their way into the stellar rescue called Pet Path in Roane County. We sponsored their basic vetting to get them ready for adoption. That included vaccines, spay/neuter, deworming, microchips, etc.

HPAN Sponsors 8 Pet Path Dogs

Pet Path asked us to sponsor vetting for all of these dogs that were either owner surrenders or from animal shelters. We paid $324 for spay/neuter, vaccines, dewormer, and microchips for all. These lucky dogs are finally on a path to happiness!

HPAN Sponsored Basic Vetting for Eight Dogs for $119.50

Pet Path took in two chihuahuas from an owner surrender situation. They had already been neutered, but needed updated vaccines. We sponsored their rabies shots and heartworm tests. They also took in four pups that were offered up for free on Facebook. They vaccinated them, and we sponsored their deworming. Other services will come when they’re a little older. Another advertised pup on Facebook they took in is Beacon. We sponsored his neuter and vaccines. Lastly, Rocky came to Pet Path from Memphis Animal Services. We sponsored his only needed service, a heartworm test. All of these are or will be available for adoption from Pet Path in Roane County.

HPAN Sponsors Baby for $90.50

Baby is an 8-year old Chihuahua mix who was surrendered to Pet Path when her elderly owner could no longer care for her. We sponsored her complete vetting, so now she’s dewormed, free of parasites, spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, and ready for a new mom!

HPAN Helps Five Dogs with Basic Vetting

Rob, Brindi, Bella, Lucy, and Sarah were pulled from a high-kill shelter by Pet Path. We sponsored their vaccines, dewormer, testing, and spay/neuter at a low-cost clinic for $347. These beauties are now up for adoption!

HPAN Sponsors Koda for $86

Pet Path was contacted by a neighboring rescue organization, who didn’t have space, asking if they could take in a little chi/poodle mix whose owner had to move and couldn’t take her. The only other option was taking her to the shelter. Pet Path took Koda to a local low-cost clinic for her basic service and called on us for help. We were glad to sponsor this little nugget for $86, and we’re glad she’s on a better path to wellness and happiness!

HPAN Helps Momma & Pups with $280

Roane County rescue organization, Pet Path, rescued Momma from a busy street after she’d been running as a stray for nearly two months. It took them one month and one day to catch her. When the rescuer saw her one day, she stopped the car and Momma practically jumped in. Once in rescue, Pet Path realized Momma was very pregnant. She delivered five pups; two didn’t make it. Now that Momma is finished nursing and babies are old enough, it’s time for all of them to be spayed/neutered. We sponsored the cost for all four: Momma, Asher, Shorty, and Dasher. We’re also covering the puppies’ rabies vaccines.

HPAN Sponsors Two Dogs for $191

Both Pugsley and Sebastian were rescued from the Roane County Animal Shelter by Pet Path, a relatively new non-profit rescue organization in Roane County. Both dogs had received their initial parvo/distemper vaccines and were heartworm tested at the shelter. Pugsley was in good shape and needed only his rabies vaccine and a microchip. Sebastian, on the other hand, tested positive for heartworms and was riddled with intestinal worms. We sponsored the vetting of both dogs, paying for their exams, all remaining vaccines, microchips, Sebastian’s neuter, and the prophylaxis needed before Sebastian’s heartworm treatments can start in another month. These dogs will definitely be on a better path, thanks to Pet Path.