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HPAN Sponsors Ellie with $300

Ellie was rescued by Smoky Mountain Animal Rescue of Tennessee (SMART) from a notorious location known for puppy mills and backyard breeders in Sweetwater. She had been dumped, and someone found her and dropped her off at the nearest vet’s office. It was obvious that Ellie had been used as a breeding dog before she found sanctuary at SMART. Lately, Ellie has been having problems with one of her back legs. Her doctor saw something concerning in her x-rays, so she was referred to a specialist at the Animal Emergency & Specialty Center of Knoxville. Further diagnostics revealed that Ellie likely has bone cancer. HPAN covered Ellie’s consultation, exam, and x-rays. She will get a second opinion and hopefully be treated.

HPAN Sponsors SMART Kitties with $158

The Smoky Mountain Animal Rescue of Tennessee (SMART) recently took in two orphaned kittens in poor condition. They called us to help with their initial vetting. We paid $158 for their exams, vaccines, fecal testing, and needed medications. As soon as they’re a little older, we plan to help with their spay/neuter costs.

HPAN Sponsors SMART Animals with $650

Smoky Mountain Animal Rescue of Tennessee (SMART) needed medical funds to cover spay for one new rescue, who was abandoned on Chapman Highway and brought to them by a lady who witnessed the drop off, and upcoming annual vet checks/vaccinations for several resident animals. We were glad to call in a payment to their vet to cover half of the total need.


HPAN Sponsors SMART Animals

Smoky Mountain Animal Rescue of Tennessee is in dire need of funds to go toward medical costs.  They have had a lot of unexpected medical expenses over the past six months and are in need of funding to cover upcoming annual exams, vaccines, and medications (insulin).  They recently discovered one of their sanctuary dogs, Winifred, is diabetic, and they are in the process of getting that under control.  We sent funds to their vet to cover needs for six of their sanctuary animals.


HPAN Sponsors 3 Food Pantry Trips for SMART Dogs with a $400 Donation

The Smoky Mountain Animal Rescue of Tennessee (SMART), a sanctuary for senior/other dogs and a couple pigs, has been accepted as a recipient of discounted loads of dog food from the For the Love of Dogs food pantry in Chattanooga, Tennessee. SMART has saved many local animals, and we thought if we could sponsor a few food runs, they would be better positioned to care for the animals’ other needs, such as medicine, prevention, housing, etc. Pictured is a litter born to a rescued pregnant dog from a Morgan County hoarder.

Morgan County pups

HPAN Sends $660 in Sponsorship to SMART’s Veterinarian

Smoky Mountain Animal Rescue of Tennessee (SMART) was in need of funding for the veterinary care of their sanctuary animals. In the past three months, they have been raising a litter of puppies born to a dog, Daisy, they rescued in August.  When the puppies were six weeks old, one of the pups, George, was diagnosed with a genetic disease called Strangles. Fortunately, George is expected to make a full recovery, but the unexpected cost of raising a surprise litter of pups has put a bit of a stress on them financially.  They were requesting a donation of $660 toward upcoming wellness exams and vaccines, which would cover up to six of their senior dogs.


Daisy and George


Sunny, Madison, and Priscilla

HPAN Provides more Spay/Neuter/Vaccine Assistance

Smoky Mountain Animal Rescue of Tennessee (SMART) took in two starving dogs (Sienna and Daisy), one of which was pregnant.  We covered the initial vetting, but the dogs were not well enough for spay surgery. Turns out that one was pregnant and has now delivered six beautiful puppies. SMART reached out to us for sponsorship of puppy shots and altering of all at a low-cost clinic. We felt this investment of $385 was a worthy one.


HPAN Sends Support for SMART Animals

The Smoky Mountain Animal Rescue of Tennessee (SMART) has taken on numerous senior animals, including dogs, cats, and pigs from local shelters. Their food and vetting needs are enormous, costing hundreds of dollars per month. HPAN contributed a meager $300 to help with this month’s costs.


Helping Paws Helping Hooves!

Smoky Mountain Animal Rescue of Tennessee (SMART) has pulled several animals recently from the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter. One in particular is Walter, a pot-bellied pig. This rescue is notorious for taking older dogs that may not make it in local shelters. They have a wonderful farm for the animals, so Walter fit right in and has already made friends with Piggles. Monthly feed bills run SMART around $600 per month for the SMART animals, so we thought we’d sponsor a half-months’ worth of food and grant them $300.




The Smoky Mountain Animal Rescue of Tennessee (SMART) recently pulled a 12-year-old Norwegian Elkhound, Kelly (pictured), who was dumped at the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter (ORAS). Rarely are senior dogs adopted, but senior dogs are loved by SMART. Kelly is a very sweet dog, and she needed care. She suffers from a little lameness and some incontinence, probably due to an infection. SMART immediately took Kelly to the vet and got her started on medicine and preventives. She is living the good life now with roughly 30 other dogs in this wonderful non-profit rescue. SMART’s dog food bill runs around $400 a week, so we thought it might help them with the dogs if we sponsored a week’s worth of food.

kelly the elkhound