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HPAN Helps Peppi with $300

The John R. Hamil Animal Wellness Foundation, Inc. asked us to help a one-year-old, 10 pound, female dog named Peppi in their rescue, who is heartworm positive. We contributed $300 to their vet to fully fund the cost of treatment.

HPAN Awards $10,000 for Capital Improvements

For the second year in a row, HPAN has had the ability to offer sponsored rescue organizations the opportunity to bid on grants for capital improvements. This year, we are proud to announce that there were two recipients who were awarded a total of $10K in January. The East Tennessee Miniature Horse and Donkey Rescue (ETMHDR) and K9 Lifeline Rescue, Inc. (K9LR) presented proposals covering their needs for sustainable areas of refuge for their rescue animals. ETMHDR, a fairly new organization rescuing mini equines, had a huge need for separate paddocks, dry lots, and adequate shelter. Our grant enabled them to get busy on this worthy goal. K9LR had already built “The Dog House,” where all of their rescued dogs live with a caretaker, but they had a goal to add on to the house an area for indoor play, meet & greets, dog training/socialization, etc. Our grant enabled them to finish The Dog House.

Both of these fine rescue organizations are doing an excellent job saving animals in dire need. We are happy to be partners in their mission.


HPAN Pays Vet Bills Totaling $1,219 for Five K9LR Dogs with Special Needs

K9 Lifeline Rescue (K9LR), Inc. had a vision to clear the Roane County Animal Shelter for Christmas, so they went in on Christmas Eve and pulled 18 dogs, knowing these would add to the expense of the last group they pulled. Of the last group, five had special needs. We assisted with the expenses associated with Bobo’s laceration repair, Dottie’s lumpectomy, Annie’s benign tumor removal, Sky’s parvo treatment, and Toby’s x-rays and needs from being hit by a car. All of these precious babies are on their way to a happy ever after and are available for adoption through K9LR, Inc. in Kingston, Tennessee.


HPAN Pays $123 for Gunner’s Surgery

Gunner was taken in by For the Love of Paws, Inc. after he’d been hit by a car and was found in a ditch unable to move. They had his leg repaired, knowing the pin in his leg would have to be removed. That’s what they called on us to help with. Little Gunner is recovering nicely and available for adoption.


HPAN Sends $382 in Sponsorship for 3 Hound Dogs

At Risk Intervention (ARI, Inc.) took in three cruelty case hounds for rehab. We sponsored the following services: rabies and Bordetella vaccines, parasite checks, flea/tick/heartworm prevention (one dose), and health certificates. Once they are healthy and whole again, they will be available for adoption through rescue.


HPAN Sponsors Boomer’s Heartworm Treatment with a $300 Grant

The  John R. Hamil Animal Wellness Foundation, Inc., currently has a 70 pound shelter dog named Boomer in their rescue who is heartworm positive. They are seeking funding assistance for treating his heartworms, and we sponsored most of his treatment.


HPAN Adds Another Rescue to Sponsored List

The John R. Hamil Animal Wellness Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization located in  Blount County Tennessee, asked us to help them with Hank who is heartworm positive and needs treatment. We paid $300 to Pellissippi Veterinary Hospital to help with the associated costs, so Hank can be on his way to a better life.