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HPAN Covers $3,121.63 in Insurance Premiums for Local Shelter

MoCo Mutts Rescue Center has been in existence for a long time, first in Seattle, Washington as Senior Dog Lodge. Tennessee was lucky enough to have them move to Morgan County and start a rescue where there is no municipal shelter. They literally take in hundreds of animals per year from the county where there is no animal control. With an operating budget of $10,000-$12,000 per month, we were honored to grant their request for sponsoring insurance premiums this year that will cover the rescue building and its contents, as well as liability.

HPAN Helps Save Yukon with $239

Yukon veered too far away from home and into traffic. When MoCo Mutts Rescue Center got the call, they sprang into action. Unfortunately, Yukon’s owner wasn’t willing to get him the care he needed, so he is now property of rescue. We were able to step in and pay for his medical exam, x-rays, wound care, and medication. This beautiful boy is now at the rescue center on strict crate rest while he recovers. He will likely be transported north when well enough.

HPAN Helps River with $500

River was found stuck in the mud of a stream late in the day. He was suffering from hypothermia. MoCo Mutts Rescue Center staff rushed him to the Animal ER and contacted us on the way to request sponsorship. We pledged $500 for his care, which cost over $600 that evening. The next day, River’s owners came forth and reimbursed the rescue for the expenses, and they were very glad to get their little old man back home. We are expecting a refund from the rescue. We will be there for them the next time they need us!

HPAN Helps MoCo Mutts with Tanner’s Bill

Tanner came into rescue as a stray unable to use his leg. MoCo Mutts asked us to sponsor his vet bill of $221.50, which covered x-rays, sedation, and medication.

Two Seniors Get Special Care with $608

When Alvin’s owner passed away and Luke’s owner moved and left him, both these boys landed at MoCo Mutts Rescue Center. Alvin was terribly matted and needed a sedated shave down for his wellbeing, and both boys needed blood work, dentals, and neuters. We were happy to help!

HPAN Helps Harvey with $500

Harvey Dent was found as a stray and severely injured from an apparent dog fight. His face was severely mangled as was his tail. The photo here shows the least of his injuries. He was taken to MoCo Mutts Rescue Center, and they rushed him to the vet. We were able to sponsor his wound treatment as well as basic vetting. It is also costing the rescue over $300. Harvey will heal, and his life will only get better from here.

HPAN Fought Alongside Copper

MoCo Mutts Rescue Center called us on a Sunday asking for help as they rushed Copper to the emergency clinic. The clinic had no empty seats in their waiting room, and Copper was failing from an apparent snake bite. He was rushed to the only other emergency clinic in Knoxville, where his wound was confirmed. As soon as the vet began to administer treatment, Copper passed. We all did what we could to help him. We had paid the first $500 of Copper’s bill before he died. Later, the clinic refunded our money, but we felt that Copper’s story should be shared. He was a good boy.

Jerry Gets All Fixed Up with $445

MoCo Mutts Rescue Center took in Jerry, who was a stray. He was never claimed, so they asked us to sponsor his exam, testing, vaccines, dental, and neuter. Isn’t he cute?

HPAN Sponsors Two Senior Dogs with $748.13

Lola was found as a stray. Blossom was surrendered by her owner. Both were lucky enough to land with MoCo Mutts Rescue Center. Both of these seniors needed teeth pulled. Additionally, one needed a bad eye removed and another needed a growth removed. After we paid their vet bills, these little ladies are so much more comfortable and ready to live out the rest of their lives without pain!

HPAN Sponsors Five Kuranda Beds for New Shelter

MoCo Mutts (MCM) Rescue Center in Morgan County is a nonprofit organization, but they are the only rescue/shelter the county has. Generous donors have made it possible for them to provide safe haven for stray and surrendered dogs and cats. MCM’s latest fundraising campaign set out to provide 30 Kuranda beds for the dogs. We sponsored the purchase of five beds for $300. These beds will give the dogs a place to relax and sleep that is much more comfortable for them than a concrete floor with a towel or blanket.