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HPAN Helps Save Petunia with $300

Petunia is one of two kittens dropped off at a dog rescue in a rural Tennessee county that has no shelter. She had a prolapsed rectum and required surgery. Thankfully, The Stray Connection (TSC) stepped up to help and took her straight to the vet for surgery. Petunia has since had two failed surgeries, so TSC asked us to help them with one last ditch effort. We think Petunia is worth it!


HPAN Sponsors Annie’s Knee Surgery with $300

Little Orphan Annie was taken in by The Stray Connection. While in foster care, she developed a luxating patella, which is a displaced kneecap. The surgery cost over $1,400. We were able to chip in $300.

HPAN Sponsors The Stray Connection’s Pop Squash for $300

Pop Squash was hit by a car. His left hip and right knee were fractured, so he had to have surgery on both legs. The veterinarian is very optimistic that he will make a full recovery and be able to walk. Pop Squash’s recovery will require six weeks cage rest. Then he will be up for adoption!

HPAN Helps Bullseye with $250

Bullseye came into the stellar rescue, The Stray Connection, weighing about one pound and blind.  One eye was diseased, had ruptured, and was painful, so he needed surgery quickly.  We were able to sponsor the surgery.  Now, he has a great spirit and seems much happier having the painful, ruptured eye removed.  Bullseye will soon be available for adoption.

HPAN Sponsors Eye Removal for $250

This little kitten weighed just over a pound when she was rescued from a trailer park colony. She was sick, and one eye was so infected that it was completely distended from its socket and riddled with parasites. The Stray Connection took her in and named her Grace. Unfortunately, the eye couldn’t be saved, but she is much more comfortable and will do just fine with one eye. The rescue will ensure she gets a family who will keep her indoors.

HPAN Helps Buttercup with $300

Buttercup came to The Stray Connection from a shelter. She also brought six kittens with her. When they were weaned, her job was not done. Seven orphans came into the shelter, and they needed nourishment from a nursing cat, so Buttercup raised all of them, too! Unfortunately along the way, she got an eye infection that turned nasty. Her eye ruptured and could not be saved, requiring removal. We sponsored this needed surgery. Buttercup will be adopted to a loving indoor home as soon as she has fully recovered.

HPAN Sponsors Snow Bell with $300

Snow Bell was either mauled or caught in a trap; her back leg was mangled and severely injured before she was taken to the Roane County Animal Shelter. Shelter staff called on The Stray Connection, who immediately stepped up and had Snow Bell rushed to the vet. Unfortunately, her leg had to be amputated, but she’s already doing so much better. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise because she also had a raging infection in her uterus that is being treated. It may have ultimately killed her. We paid $300 on her bill. Snow Bell will be available for adoption through The Stray Connection as soon as she has fully recovered.

HPAN Helps Miss Sassy Pants with $300

Miss Sassy Pants came to The Stray Connection after Hurricane Irma.  She had a discernible head tilt upon arrival, probably from a ruptured ear drum and/or a long term ear infection. She was one of the lucky cats who was evacuated from a Tampa shelter before the storm hit their area.  Remote Area Medical, based in Rockford, TN, made a special trip to rescue displaced cats. She had a mild ear infection when the rescue first got her that we treated, but her head tilt did not resolve.  Furthermore, over time, she continued to have constant nasal drainage, she has a suspicious bump on the bridge of her nose, and her foster mom felt that she was drinking more water than normal.  All of these factors lead us to the decision to pursue further diagnostics.  HPAN kicked in $300 toward Miss Sassy Pants’ vet bill. She’s worth it!

HPAN Sponsors Harvey with $100

The Stray Connection took in another kitten who needed an eye removed. Harvey hails from the Roane County Animal Shelter. We are so happy he was given the chance to live through rescue!

HPAN Sponsors Kitty Surgery for $200

The Stray Connection took in two very tiny kittens from the Grainger County Humane Society. Bocelli and BoPeep had been abandoned and obviously abused or injured. They had ruptured eyes that required removal. Without the diseased eyes, the kittens can now grow up pain free as they acclimate to having only one eye.