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HPAN Helps Care for Sick Kitty with $500

The Stray Connection took in McMuffin from a Tennessee shelter. He was with his foster when he presented with symptoms of Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). We sponsored his exam and diagnostics, which confirmed FIP. McMuffin is getting the treatment he needs and will be available for adoption when he is stable.

HPAN Helps Ranger with $500

Ranger was taken in by The Stray Connection. He was found to have a luxating patella, which is basically an out-of-place knee cap. He required an expensive surgery to have any hope for a decent quality of life. We kicked in $500 to give him that. Ranger is on his way to happier trails!

HPAN Helps Trinket with $200

Little Trinket was rescued as a stray and taken in by The Stray Connection. She had a terrible ulcerated eye that had to be removed. We sponsored this surgery, and Trinket feels so much better!

HPAN Helps Abe Live with $300

Little Abe was taken in by The Stray Connection. Upon being vetted, he was diagnosed with a condition where the intestine folds in on itself. He was in a lot of pain and required immediate emergency surgery. He’s now doing great in foster care while he heals.

HPAN Sponsors Injured Cat with $300

Stud Muffin was found as a stray with a broken hip, injured leg, covered in fleas, and his tail was skinned nearly to the bone. The Stray Connection took him in and had him put back together with $300.

HPAN Helps Save Petunia with $300

Petunia is one of two kittens dropped off at a dog rescue in a rural Tennessee county that has no shelter. She had a prolapsed rectum and required surgery. Thankfully, The Stray Connection (TSC) stepped up to help and took her straight to the vet for surgery. Petunia has since had two failed surgeries, so TSC asked us to help them with one last ditch effort. We think Petunia is worth it!

HPAN Sponsors Annie’s Knee Surgery with $300

Little Orphan Annie was taken in by The Stray Connection. While in foster care, she developed a luxating patella, which is a displaced kneecap. The surgery cost over $1,400. We were able to chip in $300.

HPAN Sponsors The Stray Connection’s Pop Squash for $300

Pop Squash was hit by a car. His left hip and right knee were fractured, so he had to have surgery on both legs. The veterinarian is very optimistic that he will make a full recovery and be able to walk. Pop Squash’s recovery will require six weeks cage rest. Then he will be up for adoption!

HPAN Helps Bullseye with $250

Bullseye came into the stellar rescue, The Stray Connection, weighing about one pound and blind.  One eye was diseased, had ruptured, and was painful, so he needed surgery quickly.  We were able to sponsor the surgery.  Now, he has a great spirit and seems much happier having the painful, ruptured eye removed.  Bullseye will soon be available for adoption.

HPAN Sponsors Eye Removal for $250

This little kitten weighed just over a pound when she was rescued from a trailer park colony. She was sick, and one eye was so infected that it was completely distended from its socket and riddled with parasites. The Stray Connection took her in and named her Grace. Unfortunately, the eye couldn’t be saved, but she is much more comfortable and will do just fine with one eye. The rescue will ensure she gets a family who will keep her indoors.