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HPAN Helps Extend Cesar’s Life

Southern ROOTS Rescue (SRR) reached out to us for assistance on Cesar, whose owners both died within two weeks of each other. He has severe arthritis and had gone a whole month without his medication living in the back yard with the neighbors feeding him. The attorney for the couple finally pulled him off of the property and brought him to the shelter. SRR started him on Deramaxx and have already seen significant improvement. He is on Augmentin for a urinary tract infection that was discovered in his lab work . He also has a paralyzed larynx making it extremely hard for him to catch his breath especially when he’s panting. We sponsored his vetting and although he sounds like a train wreck, the rescue said he actually acts like a puppy and still has some time left and a reasonable quality of life.


HPAN Assists Southern ROOTS Rescue with $600 Vet Care Grant

Southern ROOTS recently took in two shelter dogs, one pregnant with 10-12 puppies and one with a skin infection. On top of their medical needs, they are in veterinary boarding. HPAN made a $600 payment on the rescue’s vet account to help offset some of the costs for these dogs and soon-to-arrive puppies.


HPAN Helps Sport Get Well

Sport had a bad infection from his neuter surgery, performed at a low-cost clinic, that required several visits to the vet, antibiotics, and hydrotherapy for the hole it left after it burst. The bill for his infection treatment was $208. HPAN covered this cost for Southern ROOTS Rescue.


HPAN Helps Rescue with Boarding Costs

Charlie is a 3 year old German Shepherd Catahoula mix that was rescued by Southern Roots Rescue (SRR) in December after he was surrendered by his owner for knocking over their toddler. Charlie has been in two foster homes since then, but has serious resource guarding issues. SRR has tried to find him a foster with no other dogs without success. Poor Charlie has been boarding off and on for several months, but now has been at the kennel for over a month straight.  He is on a waiting list to get into dog town at the Best Friends Sanctuary in Utah. In the meantime, his kennel bill is over $400 and continues to add up every day. HPAN contributed $250 toward his boarding fees.


HPAN Sends $250 to Help Abel

Southern Roots Rescue pulled Abel from a local shelter in October. He was placed on ivermectin, ketoconizole, and two antibiotics. His sores were so bad that they were bleeding. Three and a half months later he is still on ivermectin, and his bill just to overcome his skin condition is $200. He has not been neutered yet due to his skin infection so that will be an additional cost to the rescue once he is well. HPAN sent $250 to his vet to help with this need.


HPAN Cares for Seniors, too

Southern ROOTS Rescue took in Poppi after she was found recently in poor shape. Her owner couldn’t be located, so ROOTS had her treated for flea infestation and took care of her basic needs. She is currently in a foster home, and they are suspicious that she may have thyroid disease, which is easily treated with medication, but first it must be diagnosed. ROOTS called on us to help with the diagnostics. We called Poppi’s vet with the $125 payment needed to run a T4 panel and get this old gal back to her old self again!


HPAN pulls for Flapjack

Southern ROOTS Rescue, Inc.’s dog, Flapjack, is sick and the vet bill is rising.  There is a very good chance he will recover, so we wanted to contribute $150 toward his care.  Like us, Southern ROOTS Rescue is a non-profit organization, and they rely on donations to continue their mission.  Donations can be sent to Southern Roots Rescue, PO Box 24206, Knoxville, TN  37933.