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HPAN Sponsors Ace with $145.23

Ace was taken to the Roane County Animal Shelter and found to have an injured leg. The shelter staff reached out to Roane County Paws (RCP) who came to the rescue. Ace was immediately taken to the vet for evaluation. The vet believes his leg injury is the result of a gunshot. HPAN sponsored Ace’s x-rays, exam, pain medication, and vaccines. Ace will likely end up having surgery on his leg, and then he will be available for adoption through RCP.


HPAN Sponsors Emory with $300

Emory was surrendered to Harriman city animal control, who called on Roane County Paws for assistance. Emory wasn’t walking normally. A vet check revealed pelvic and femur fractures, possibly from being hit by a car. The vet recommended leg amputation due to the extensiveness of the injury. Crate rest will heal the pelvic fracture. We kicked in $300 toward the cost of surgery, which is expected to be $1,200 at Admiral Veterinary Hospital in Knoxville. Donations to the Roane County Paws account there are welcome!

HPAN Helps Roane County Paws Save Cloud with $300

Cloud is one of ten kittens taken from the streets of Rockwood by Roane County Paws.  One of Cloud’s rear legs had been severed at the bend from an injury or attack. After she was nursed to health by a foster, Cloud had the injured leg amputated because there was no better alternative. We sponsored the cost of surgery.

HPAN Helps Give Chance a Chance with $300 Sponsorship

Chance was a stray form Morgan county who was rescued by Roane County Paws. That day he had to have emergency surgery on his ear. It is unknown what caused the injury, but the vet believed it was due to something tied around his ear. He has recovered well from this, but sadly Chance is heartworm positive. We believe Chance deserves to live, so we sponsored his treatments.

HPAN Helps Get Suzy Ready for Adoption with $130

Suzy is the stray taken in by Roane County Paws back in June. We committed to sponsoring her needed vetting. Part of it occurred in June, and the other half happened in July. This second stent was for her second round of vaccines, dewormer, and spay surgery. No more puppies for Suzy! She will soon be all healed and ready for adoption.

HPAN Helps Senior Dog, Peaches

If a dog can’t eat, she dies. Peaches, an owner surrender to Roane County Paws, had such bad teeth that she could barely eat. Their vet had to extract most of her teeth. Peaches will be on a soft food diet for the rest of her life, but at least she’s no longer in pain. We sponsored the required dental work on this little old lady. She has a few good years left in her, and we thought she was worth it.

HPAN Pays $107 for Suzy’s Vetting

Suzy and her three puppies were in need of rescue in Morgan County, where there is no shelter or animal control. Roane County Paws (RCP) graciously took her and the puppies. The pups soon found rescue with the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley where they received needed vetting. RCP asked us to sponsor Suzy’s initial vetting (vaccines, deworming, and parasite screening). She will be spayed soon and up for adoption.

HPAN Pays $170.79 Bill for Abused Dog’s Injuries

This sweet girl is Scarlet. After being found injured and abused, Roane County Paws pulled her into rescue and took her to Admiral Vet for treatment. Her injuries, they believe, are due to being dragged by a vehicle. Scarlet was put back together and is at the vet for a two-week recovery period. At that point, they will determine if her leg can be saved. We spared you the graphic photos.

HPAN Contributes $300 to Make Sophie Well Again

This is Sophie! Roane County Paws took her into rescue in October 2016. Sophie was tested heartworm positive, malnourished, suffered with mange, was anemic, and flea and tick ridden. She was not expected to make it, but with much love and amazing care from her foster and Admiral Vet, she has come a long way since the first picture in October and today. Now that she is better, the rescue reached out to us with help on her heartworm treatment.

HPAN Sponsors Gunner’s Heartworm Treatments for $300

Gunner was found wandering the streets of Morgan County, like so many other dogs, and Roane County Paws took him in as they continued to look for his owner. The owner was found, but sadly did not want him back. Upon his veterinary exam, Gunner was found to be heartworm positive. We paid $300 on the cost of treatment.