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HPAN Sponsors Shaggy & Lucy with $600

Shaggy and Lucy were surrendered to Roane County Paws by their owner because they could not take care of them. Both dogs were diagnosed with heartworms and needed life-saving treatment, which we sponsored for $600. Both dogs will be adopted into families who can love and care for them.

HPAN Helps Bandit Get Well with $226.46

Bandit’s mom had to surrender him to the shelter due to health reasons. He was sick as well and needed vet care. That’s when Roane County Paws stepped in and asked us to help. We were able to pay for Bandit’s exam, x-rays, and medication.

HPAN Purchases Two Kennels for Roane County Paws

When the operator/trainer/caretaker of Dogwood Dogcamp in Kingston, TN passed away unexpectedly, rescue stepped in to pull dogs that were left behind. Roane County Paws took seven dogs, but they had no place to house them. They reached out to us for help. We purchased two 10 x 10 kennels and tops for them for approximately $800.

HPAN Helps a Precious Dog with $300

Precious will forever be a rescue dog because of her condition. She’s now been with Roane County Paws (RCP) for over a year. Before being fortunate enough to land in their care, she was tossed out of a moving vehicle. Thankfully, an RCP foster saw it happen. Precious wasn’t expected to live, but she’s had a pretty good year despite her long recovery. Because of some breathing issues, the vet ordered an ultrasound and blood work to rule out cancer and make sure her treatment regimen is correct. We sponsored these diagnostics for Precious and RCP.

HPAN Helps Scout with $263

Scout had been living alone and without a family on a rural water tower road in Morgan County for over a year. A volunteer with Roane County Paws hadn’t been able to get within six feet of him, but she had been feeding him twice per day for months. Two weeks ago, on a very cold night, he showed up at her back door, which is two miles away from his feeding location. Scout followed her scent and knew where he might find the beginning of a better life. He allowed her to bring him inside, and he is learning to be a part of a family. We sponsored Scout’s neuter, vaccines, and other basic vet needs this week, and he will be available for adoption soon.


HPAN Sponsors Reese’s neuter

Roane County Paws was called by Harriman City to take in a little dog they thought had been hit by a car. After a vet exam, it was determined that he’d been shot. They got him all taken care of, and when it was time for his neuter, we sponsored the low-cost clinic fee of $30. Reese is available for adoption through Roane County Paws.

HPAN Helps RCP with $180

On a cold winter night, these two dogs were spotted at a boat ramp in rural Roane County. They had obviously been dumped, as they were terrified of anyone who tried to help them, and there were no houses around. After days of trying to capture them, Roane County Paws was finally successful with a couple dog traps and some smelly food. They were named Buddy and Girlie, and they both breathed a sigh of relief once they realized they were safe. The rescue reached out to us for help, so we sponsored their vet exams, heartworm tests, dewormer, vaccines, and spay/neuter. Buddy and Girlie are available for adoption through Roane County Paws.

HPAN Helps RCP Save Three Dogs with $636.85

Roane County Paws rescued Ruby and Annie from the streets of Morgan County and pulled Lily from the Roane County Animal Shelter. We sponsored “the works” for these girls, paying for their vaccines, dewormer, heartworm tests, exams, needed medications, and spay surgeries for a total of $636.85.


HPAN Helps with Roxy’s Surgery

Roxy came to Roane County Paws as a stray nearly a year ago. She was placed in foster care and quickly became slated for two different transports, but her adopters fell through both times, so she is still in rescue. Roxy had a spot come up on her head that antibiotics did not clear up. Further diagnostics revealed cancer, so we paid for removal of the lesion to the tune of $153.80.

HPAN Sponsors Ace with $145.23

Ace was taken to the Roane County Animal Shelter and found to have an injured leg. The shelter staff reached out to Roane County Paws (RCP) who came to the rescue. Ace was immediately taken to the vet for evaluation. The vet believes his leg injury is the result of a gunshot. HPAN sponsored Ace’s x-rays, exam, pain medication, and vaccines. Ace will likely end up having surgery on his leg, and then he will be available for adoption through RCP.