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Wynona Gets Spayed and a Healthy Heart!

Animal control brought Wynona and her four puppies from a cemetery, where they had been abandoned, to the Campbell County Animal Shelter. The puppies were vetted and sent to a northern rescue. Wynona stayed behind for pretreatment medication for her heartworm disease. The Friends of Campbell County Animals asked if we would sponsor her remaining vet needs (rabies vaccine, spay surgery, heartworm treatment and medication, and boarding). We were happy to cover the $272 bill. This gorgeous girl will recover in foster care and hopefully be adopted locally.

Flower Gets Treated for Heartworms with $176

Rockin’ Community Cats asked us to sponsor Flower when she was pulled from the Campbell County Animal Shelter. Initially, we sponsored her spay surgery and rabies vaccine. She was also heartworm-positive, so we had to wait for healing from her spay surgery before getting those worms eradicated from her heart. The treatment was a few days ago, and this photo was taken with her rescuer the day we paid the vet bill.

Flower Gets Spayed Now and Will Be Treated for Heartworms in Two Weeks!

This beautiful dog, Flower, came in as a stray to Campbell County Animal Shelter with her two puppies. Rockin’ Community Cats fell in love with her and took her into their program. We had the opportunity to pay $75 for her spay surgery. Unfortunately, she tested positive for heartworms, so we will also cover her treatment on September 29. Then Flower will blossom like never before!

HPAN Sponsors Slash with $284.51

Slash was taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter with three other siblings by his owner who said they were fighting. After some investigation, it was determined there were four large adult dogs living in a 10×10 outside kennel. They fought for space, food, and attention. Slash had a severe bit wound requiring surgery, which we sponsored.

Rockin’ Community Cats Saves Dogs, Too!

Max and Pharaoh were lucky to be rescued from the Campbell County Animal Shelter by a cat rescue! These boys have a sad past and needed various vet services. We were able to sponsor their neuters, parasite testing, and even a dental for $285. Their lives are already better than before!

HPAN Pays $439 to Help Campbell County Animal Shelter with Three Dogs

Shelly was surrendered to the shelter by her family who could not properly care for her. We paid for her spay surgery. 

Priscilla was taken to the shelter as a stray. She tested positive for heartworms, so we sponsored her treatment as well as her spay.

Gracie was also a stray who had been hanging out at the local middle school for a while begging for handouts. She also tested positive for heartworms, so we sponsored her treatment, too.

All these beautiful girls are recovering in foster care prior to being available for adoption.

Chevy Gets Heartworm Treatment and Neuter

Sweet Chevy came to the Campbell County Animal Shelter as a stray. He tested positive for heartworms. He was transferred to a local rescue, and we were able to help in the transition by covering his neuter and his heartworm treatment for a total of $272. Chevy will be ready for adoption soon through Rockin’ Community Cats!

Aspen is Kicking Heartworms

The Campbell County Animal Shelter hosted Aspen for a while after he was brought in as a stray. The Friends group reached out to us once they learned he tested positive for heartworms, asking if we could sponsor his treatment. After a $237 payment on the required injections, Aspen is resting in foster care.

China Gets $500 Sponsorship from HPAN

Campbell County Animal Shelter dog, China, needed hematoma surgery and lots of treatment for her skin issues. We kicked in money to help with her surgery, diagnosis, and medication.

HPAN Sponsors Camille with $367

Camille was taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter as a stray. She was pregnant and scared. Staff noticed blood in her kennel and took her to the vet where she was diagnosed with a severe uterine infection. We were happy to sponsor Camille’s spay surgery. Unfortunately, the infection began to spread throughout her body. She suffered sepsis and passed away. All of this could have been prevented if Camille’s owners would have done right by her and had her spayed earlier.