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HPAN Gives Arthur a Second Chance with a $500 Sponsorship

Arthur was returned to the Campbell County Animal Shelter when he became sick. Shelter staff, thankfully, believed he was worth fixing. A vet visit and diagnostics confirmed that he had a urinary tract blockage, requiring surgery. They asked us to help sponsor his vet charges at the University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical Center. As soon as Arthur recovers, he will be on his way to rescue!

HPAN Rids Josh of Heartworms with $232

Josh is a super-friendly, uncoordinated goofball who was taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter as a stray. He lacked self confidence and was scared of everything. He was absolutely terrified and didn’t adjust very well to being indoors. Josh tested positive for heartworms and was immediately started doxycycline to prepare him for treatment. The shelter then asked us to sponsor his heartworm treatment.

HPAN Helps Ace on His Journey with $154

Ace was taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter by animal control. He had been hit by a car and was unable to get up. This sweet and gentle boy stole the hearts of shelter staff and his veterinarian. After an exam and x-rays, which we sponsored, the vet described the extent of Ace’s injuries, which could not be afforded by this small rural. Thankfully, another and larger rescue group in Nashville agreed to take Ace into their program and help him get the extended care he needs.

HPAN Helps Blue with $52.25

Blue came to the Campbell County Animal Shelter a very sick kitty. He was taken to the vet for testing and medication. We sponsored his bill, and he’s doing doing much better.

HPAN Sponsors Barb with $199.65

Barb got herself tangled with a barbed wire fence, causing very serious injury to her underside. Thankfully, she was found and taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter. Their vet was able to stitch her up and put her on a path to recovery. We were glad when shelter staff asked us for help!

HPAN Helps Midnight with $187

Midnight came to the Campbell County Animal Shelter with a bummed back leg. She wasn’t putting any weight on it at all, so the shelter staff took her to their vet where she received an exam, x-rays, and pain medication. She is now in a medical foster home recovering until she is available for adoption. We were able to sponsor Midnight’s vet bill.

HPAN Sponsors Bubba with $113.50

Bubba was running at large for a few weeks and was eventually hit by a car and taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter by a good Samaritan. He was examined at the shelter and taken to the vet for x-rays and further evaluation. Thankfully, Bubba’s only injury was a broken toe, and he had some road rash on his chin. Bubba’s broken toe was wrapped at the vet and he was given pain meds. We paid for the exam and x-rays.

HPAN Helps Jaws with $143.04

Campbell County Animal Shelter cat, Jaws, wasn’t a happy boy. Shelter staff discovered he had pretty significant injury/wound on his back foot. They took him to the vet for further evaluation and x-rays. It’s believed he had some type of traumatic injury to his paw, resulting in his toes being out of alignment. One toe is completely over the other one and the claw is pressing into the open wound. We were able to sponsor his needed treatment, and he’s doing better!

HPAN Helps Jake with $290

Jake was reluctantly surrendered to the Campbell County Animal Shelter after numerous attempts to convince his owner that he needed a better life. Lucky for him, too, because he had never been loved, and he had been neglected for years. He had a nasty case of heartworms slowly killing him, and the shelter reached out to us to help with his treatment. Just look at the difference in this boy from the time he was brought into the shelter until now, where he is recovering in loving foster care. As soon as Jake is clear of heartworms, he will be adoptable. THIS is why we do what we do at HPAN.

HPAN Sponsors Titan for $90

Titan was taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter by someone who reported him to be feral. He was anything but feral, and he proved to be a total sweetheart, but he had a bad limp. Shelter staff took him to a local vet for x-rays, which showed an old fracture. We were able to sponsor the appointment and radiographs, and he is healing and headed to a kitten rescue!