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HPAN Sends $500 for Shelter Needs

The Campbell County Animal Shelter asked if we could help them replenish their vaccines and test kits for things like canine parvovirus, heartworms, and feline disease. We awarded them a $500 grant to purchase enough stock for one month. This shelter is doing a wonderful job of caring for the animals and finding them loving homes. Their euthanasia rate has dropped extensively since new management took over, and we are glad to support them when we can.


HPAN Has a Sugar Addiction, Proven by $300 Payout

Sugar is a Campbell County Animal Shelter cat that was close to giving birth when she came in. A foster took her home on Saturday, and she went into labor on Sunday evening and labored until around 10PM. She struggled and pushed until 5AM and still no kittens. At 5AM she began to cry and her foster took her to the vet as soon as they opened at 8AM. The doctor examined her and immediately performed x-rays. They discovered from the x-ray that she had a previous injury to her hip and was unable to have the kittens. She was rushed in for an emergency cesarean section. They delivered four beautiful kittens, and Sugar is an excellent mother! HPAN sponsored the required C-section because we love us some Sugar!

HPAN Supports Preventive Medicine

Both Oak Ridge and Campbell County animal shelters have a goal of vaccinating cats upon intake to reduce the spread of illness in the shelter environment.  Vaccines cost roughly $3 each, but shelters cannot afford this expense due to the sheer number needed.  Funds must come from volunteers and rescues.  We at HPAN want to support this effort, so we contributed a total of $290 to these shelters for the purchase of 100 vaccines.  Won’t you consider paying for a few vaccines?


HPAN donates $250 for Oliver and Harper

These two precious babies were abandoned at the Campbell County Animal Shelter.  Thankfully, a rescuer was there at the time!  They were extremely frightened, but after being held and loved for a period, both dogs melted in her arms as if at one point in their lives someone loved had them.  She pulled them into her Mad Dog Rescue immediately and had them to the vet within a week.  We were called on to assist with their veterinary care (vaccines, parasite tests, and altering), which we were happy to do!

Harper and Oliver