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HPAN Helps Tyson with $270

Tyson was an owner surrender (thank goodness they decided to surrender him) to the shelter in Campbell County. As he was walking through the lobby to go back to a kennel, shelter staff noticed a screw sticking out of one of his back legs. He was also limping on a front leg. He was taken to their vet where he received multiple x-rays, medications, had the front leg set, and the screw removed from his back leg. We gladly paid for his vet bill. He is recovering at the shelter and will be transferring to a rescue soon!

HPAN Sponsors Roxy’s Radiograph for $55

Roxy came to the Campbell County Animal Shelter ready to pop with puppies. She had 11 healthy puppies but the twelfth was proving to be a problem. Roxy was rushed to their vet for evaluation. The puppy’s neck was bent backwards, and it had perished in the birth canal. Fortunately, the pup was able to be taken, and then the last puppy was born without complications. The shelter asked us to sponsor Roxy’s x-ray so they knew what they were dealing with. Without this diagnostic, the deceased puppy would have caused Roxy to have sepsis, which could have killed her and the last puppy.

HPAN Helps Matilda Get Rid of Heartworms with $500

Matilda was taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter as an owner surrender. Sadly, she tested positive for heartworms. We sponsored her heartworm treatments, and she is resting in foster care.

HPAN Sponsors Vet Needs for Two Strays for $250.74

Both Koki and Nelson were found as strays in Campbell County and were taken to the shelter there.

Koki was starving and had hair loss, and she was taken to the vet for an exam and skin scrape. The vet suspected pregnancy, so an x-ray was performed. Soon after, Koki had a litter of puppies. She and her babies have been transported to another rescue where they will be raised and eventually adopted into forever homes. We sponsored her initial vet bill for $81.

Nelson was malnourished and sick. He had a wound in his groin area that was full of maggots. The vet cleaned him up and did some testing. He got lots of good medication, and he’s on his way to better health. We sponsored his vet bill for $169.74.

HPAN Sponsors Herb’s Vet Need with $71

Herb’s owner could not adequately care for a 173 pound dog, especially one with a hip issue. The Campbell County Animal Shelter took him in, got him into foster care, and to the vet for an injection to jumpstart healing in his hip. We were glad to sponsor this for him.

HPAN Helps Shelter with $556.18

The Campbell County Animal Shelter was called on to assist in an animal cruelty case involving multiple dogs and cats. These 10 dogs and three cats were suffering from illness and abandonment. We were able to help cover some basic vetting costs to get them on a path to wellness.

HPAN Pays $397.52 for Needs of Hoarded Cats/Kittens

The Campbell County Animal Shelter was called to a hoarding case where multiple animals were in bad shape. There were 13 cats and kittens that needed medical care quickly. HPAN stepped in to pay for the vet needs, which helped those babies heal from infections, parasites, etc.

HPAN Helps Dug with $170

Dug was taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter as a stray. He was in pretty good shape, but he had an internal killer – heartworms. We were able to sponsor the treatment to eradicate this horrible parasitic disease, and we paid for his neuter as well. Dug is resting in foster care before he will be available for adoption.

HPAN Sponsors Hooch for $314

Hooch was taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter by animal control. He had injuries that required minor surgery. We were able to sponsor the entire vet bill of $314. This big boy is healing and will be on his way to a better life very soon!

HPAN Sponsors Tiny Pups with $104

Someone found a litter of puppies at the cemetery nursing on their deceased mother. All were taken to the animal shelter in Campbell County. The puppies were placed in foster care and bottle-fed around the clock. These two, Casper and Jacoby, needed a little extra care at the vet, and we were able to sponsor them for $104.