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Aspen is Kicking Heartworms

The Campbell County Animal Shelter hosted Aspen for a while after he was brought in as a stray. The Friends group reached out to us once they learned he tested positive for heartworms, asking if we could sponsor his treatment. After a $237 payment on the required injections, Aspen is resting in foster care.

China Gets $500 Sponsorship from HPAN

Campbell County Animal Shelter dog, China, needed hematoma surgery and lots of treatment for her skin issues. We kicked in money to help with her surgery, diagnosis, and medication.

HPAN Sponsors Camille with $367

Camille was taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter as a stray. She was pregnant and scared. Staff noticed blood in her kennel and took her to the vet where she was diagnosed with a severe uterine infection. We were happy to sponsor Camille’s spay surgery. Unfortunately, the infection began to spread throughout her body. She suffered sepsis and passed away. All of this could have been prevented if Camille’s owners would have done right by her and had her spayed earlier.

Zeke Gets Wound Care

Zeke was taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter as an injured stray. He had a bite wound that had developed significant infection. We covered his treatment and medication for $82. This little guy will have a much better future!

Winnie Gets Heartworm Treatment

Winnie is one of several dogs from the Campbell County Animal Shelter with heartworms. The Friends of Campbell County Animals asked us to help sponsor her treatments, so we applied $500 because her sweet heart is worth it.

Churro Gets Medicine and Gets Better

Churro was part of a litter of six puppies surrendered in questionable health to the Campbell County Animal Shelter. He had a huge abscess behind his ear/on his head/neck, possibly from being bitten by one of his littermates. He was taken to the vet for an exam, aspiration and treatment, which we sponsored for $88.20. Churro was sent back to the shelter to heal before being available for adoption.

Lady Bug Dodged Major Illness

Lady Bug, a Campbell County Animal Shelter dog, was scheduled to go to a northern rescue on January 27, but was sick that morning and pulled from transport. She was parvo tested at the shelter and had a faint positive. She was taken to Jacksboro Veterinary Services for another parvo test and exam. Both tests at the vet were negative. She was isolated and her symptoms were treated at the shelter. She has subsequently tested negative again and will be heading north very soon. We sponsored her diagnostics.

HPAN Assits CJ with Heartworm Treatment and Spay

CJ was brought in as a stray by animal control to the Campbell County Animal Shelter. Unfortunately, she tested positive for heartworms. CJ began a 30 day regimen of doxycycline at the shelter and went for heartworm treatment injections and a spay on January 25. She will complete 30 days crate rest in foster care and will be re-evaluated at that time. HPAN covered CJ’s heartworm treatment and spay.

HPAN Helps Senior Dog

Ivy was brought in by a good samaritan who found her on the side of the creek in Ivy Dell.  She was freezing, had very long nails, and seemed to be in overall poor condition.  Campbell County Animal Shelter staff rushed her to the vet where she was warmed up and received a blood glucose test which revealed high blood sugar. Ivy’s nails were trimmed to a managable length, and she was given a kenalog injection.   HPAN paid for Ivy’s vetting.

Ivy is described as sweet, loving, and having a most humble and grateful soul. She is starting to play and feel good. Because Ivy is estimated to be 10+ years old, she will go to local rescue.

HPAN Helps Cassie Recover

Cassie was surrendered with her littermates by their owner to the Campbell County Animal Shelter. The reason for their surrender was “not enough time to take care of them.” This was painfully obvious since a collar was embedded in Cassie’s neck! Fortunately, the siblings didn’t have collars on! Sadly, the skin had started to grow into her neck, and the situation was very painful for Cassie. The shelter staff removed the collar and started her on oral antibiotics. The veterinarian sedated Cassie and cleaned her wound. She is on continued oral antibiotics and will get sugar wrap changes every other day. HPAN paid for Cassie’s treatment, and she is recovering nicely! We were so happy to help!