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$232 for FCCA’s Whiskey

Whiskey came to the Campbell County Animal Shelter with a high load of heartworms. Plus, he hadn’t been neutered. The shelter group reached out to us for help, and we were able to sponsor his surgery and treatment. Recovery will be long and difficult, but he is expected to make it.


HPAN Helps Ramona with $235

Ramona came to the Campbell County Animal Shelter very pregnant.  She was immediately placed in foster care and gave birth to a litter of kittens.  During the birthing process, she was rushed to a clinic when her foster determined something was going wrong.  Ramona’s kittens all passed away.  Ramona had an emergency spay and subcutaneous fluids.  She is mostly recovered and is up for adoption locally.

HPAN Sponsors Lady with $177

Lady was surrendered to the Campbell County Animal Shelter by her owner. She had not been spayed or kept on heartworm prevention. Unfortunately, she tested positive for heartworms, but the Friends of Campbell County Animals (FCCA) came to the rescue and started her on a 30-day regimen of antibiotics prior to her heartworm treatment injections. When it came time for the injections, FCCA reached out for us to sponsor the cost of that as well as Lady’s spay surgery. No more heartworms and no more pups for this fine gal!

HPAN Sponsors another Dog with Heartworms for $117

Roxie was taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter as a pregnant stray. Her puppies were weaned and sent North. Unfortunately, Roxie is heartworm positive and was immediately started on doxycycline after weaning her puppies. We are thankful for the opportunity to sponsor her treatments so she’ll be well again. Roxie is in foster and will either be adopted locally or sent to rescue when she tests negative.

HPAN Helps Mike with $167

Mike was brought to the Campbell County Animal Shelter as a stray with his brother, Ike. Unfortunately, Mike has an injured or defective eye and tested positive for heartworms. He was immediately started on doxycycline. His worm load is high, and he will likely have a long recovery, but we agreed to sponsor his heartworm treatments and a check-up on his eye. He will either go to rescue or be adopted when he tests negative for heartworms and his eye issue is appropriately addressed.

HPAN Helps Two Heartworm Positive Shelter Dogs

Both Jerry Lee and Landon arrived at the Campbell County Animal Shelter as stray dogs. They were found to have a high-positive reading of heartworms, so the shelter staff got them started on 30 days of pre-treatment antibiotics. Now, it’s time for their Immiticide injections to try to eradicate the heartworms and larvae. We had the privilege of paying for their treatment. Both dogs will recover in foster care before they are available for adoption.

HPAN Sponsors Tank with an Additional $131

Tank, a kitty from the Campbell County Animal Shelter, finds her way to our blog again. We initially sponsored her and her brother when they had pneumonia. Tank was returned to the shelter as soon as she was well, but then she developed an abscess while on the adoption floor. She was hospitalized for approximately two weeks, where her doctor treated her abscess and did laser surgery to repair the wound. Tank is back in foster care until she completely recovers. We’d say Tank has used two of her nine lives!

HPAN Sponsors Birdie for $86.75

Birdie came to the Campbell County Animal Shelter with terrible digestive issues. Because everything was running through her, she was becoming severely dehydrated and had to see a vet. It was determined she had intestinal parasites. We sponsored her IV fluids and medication.  Now, Birdie is ready for adoption!

HPAN Helps Silas Kick a Cold

Silas is tiny, but he’s full of spunk, according to the director of the Campbell County Animal Shelter. He came in sick with an upper respiratory infection, but our sponsorship has helped make him well. He’s back to being “a brat” again. But he’s a cute little brat!

HPAN Helps Save the Lives of Tom and Tank with $338

Tom and Tank were part of a stray litter taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter. The kittens were in respiratory distress and some of them didn’t make it. Tom and Tank were two of the lucky ones, but they needed extensive medical care. We paid $338 on their emergency diagnostics, medication, etc. They are resting in foster care and will be available for adoption when they are fully recovered.