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HPAN Sponsors BDH with $580

Big Dog Haven (BDH) is operating in a county where there is no animal shelter. They currently have 18 dogs in their rescue. One in particular is Daisy, an English Mastiff, surrendered by her owner. Daisy is blind, has a hematoma cutting off blood to her ear, and she hasn’t been to the vet in five years. We contributed $300 to help with Daisy’s needs. Additionally, BDH has four other dogs in need of yearly vaccines and exams (pictured). We contributed half the cost needed. We also sent a payment of $100 to a feed store so the rescue could pick up items for their kennels. We’re glad to be an occasional lifeline for this great group.





HPAN Sponsors SMART Animals

Smoky Mountain Animal Rescue of Tennessee is in dire need of funds to go toward medical costs.  They have had a lot of unexpected medical expenses over the past six months and are in need of funding to cover upcoming annual exams, vaccines, and medications (insulin).  They recently discovered one of their sanctuary dogs, Winifred, is diabetic, and they are in the process of getting that under control.  We sent funds to their vet to cover needs for six of their sanctuary animals.


HPAN Sponsors Two Abandoned Morgan County Dogs

Morgan County dogs, Bowser and Daisy, had been living on a front porch in Sunbright since November being fed here and there by folks in the community. The Rural Appalachian Cat Rescue and Sanctuary had put out the request for rescue. The Friends of Oak Ridge Animal Shelter treasurer and board member stepped up to the call and asked us to sponsor their vaccines, heartworm test, spay/neuter, and required health certificate, so these dogs can get into a home where they will be cared for and loved.

Bowser and Daisy

HPAN Donates $920 for Pit Bulls in Need

The East Tennessee Pit Bull Rescue has had some tough cases lately. Daisy came in with a bad case of Demodex mange and one of her puppies. They were in such deplorable conditions that none of the others survived. Both mom and baby needed full vetting. Tink, another shelter rescue, needed vaccines, spay surgery, testing, etc.  Wonky has heartworms, and former shelter dog, Hope, also needed work on her mange.  All these cases are taxing to the rescue, so we stepped in to help them with a donation to their veterinarian.


HPAN Sends $660 in Sponsorship to SMART’s Veterinarian

Smoky Mountain Animal Rescue of Tennessee (SMART) was in need of funding for the veterinary care of their sanctuary animals. In the past three months, they have been raising a litter of puppies born to a dog, Daisy, they rescued in August.  When the puppies were six weeks old, one of the pups, George, was diagnosed with a genetic disease called Strangles. Fortunately, George is expected to make a full recovery, but the unexpected cost of raising a surprise litter of pups has put a bit of a stress on them financially.  They were requesting a donation of $660 toward upcoming wellness exams and vaccines, which would cover up to six of their senior dogs.


Daisy and George


Sunny, Madison, and Priscilla

HPAN Provides more Spay/Neuter/Vaccine Assistance

Smoky Mountain Animal Rescue of Tennessee (SMART) took in two starving dogs (Sienna and Daisy), one of which was pregnant.  We covered the initial vetting, but the dogs were not well enough for spay surgery. Turns out that one was pregnant and has now delivered six beautiful puppies. SMART reached out to us for sponsorship of puppy shots and altering of all at a low-cost clinic. We felt this investment of $385 was a worthy one.



DaisyHPAN donated $250 toward Toby and Daisy’s alterations and vaccinations.

Daisy is a very sweet girl that was left on a lead in the backyard in the heat. She is about a year old, very lovable and great with other dogs.  She will be spayed and vaccinated.  She is looking for a great family to be a part of for 10+ yrs.  Melissa White saved this beautiful girl.


TobyHPAN donated $250 toward Toby and Daisy’s alterations and vaccinations.

Toby is gorgeous 4 month old Bully mix, very playful and smart. He loves other dogs, people of any size and is working on house training.

Toby will be neutered, up to date on vaccinations and micro chipped. He is looking for a family with patience and love.  Melissa White rescued this great boy!