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Four Abandoned Cats Land in Rescue

Harold, Minnow, Pixel, and Mad Cat had various vet needs when they were taken in by Almost Home Animal Rescue and put into foster care. They asked us to sponsor shots, testing, parasite treatment, spay/neuter, microchips, and one hematoma repair. All this totaled $839.78.

Kona Gets the Chance at a Loving Home

Sweet Kona was unfortunately owned by an unstable person. Even though this person had her for four years, Kona was obviously not taken care of. The owner threatened to have her put down because she just did not want Kona anymore. A family member reached out to Almost Home Animal Rescue, who placed Kona in foster care. We were able to pay for her exam, testing, vaccines, and dewormer for $140.67. If Kona can get along with the family dog, it’s possible she will be officially adopted by her foster family.

Jethro Improving with HPAN Funding

Jethro the cat lost his human mom, so he and his mother were taken into rescue by Almost Home Animal Rescue. While in foster care, Jethro was diagnosed with diabetes and needed medical attention. We kicked in $399.39 for his diagnostics and medication to help him become stable.

Momma Cat and Blue Rescued

After being abandoned, all these babies were lucky enough to land with Almost Home Animal Rescue. They reached out to us to sponsor their initial vet services for $159.28.

Family of Cats Gets Initial Vet Care

Fern and her kittens were found under a vacation rental and surrendered to Almost Home Animal Rescue. We have committed to their vet care before they are adoptable. That started recently with wellness exams, vaccines, and dewormer. Soon they will receive booster vaccines and be spayed and neutered.

Kena Gets Spayed!

Spaying one cat means the prevention of many cats! We paid to have Kena spayed for Almost Home Animal Rescue after she was abandoned, committed to rescue, then rejected because she was ill. Thank heavens for Almost Home for stepping up!

Heather Sponsored for $491.48

It’s a sad story for Heather. Her owner was in an accident and unable to recover well enough to care for her, so she was left in the care of someone who could not keep her long-term. That’s when Almost Home Animal Rescue stepped up to ensure her safety. A senior gal like Heather would not have done well in a shelter environment. When taken to the vet, Heather had many issues, including a really bad ear infection and skin allergies. We sponsored her treatments, as well as other testing and general wellness procedures.

Seven Kitties Got Medical Care for $405.55

These little ones were either abandoned or found as a strays and taken in by Almost Home Animal Rescue. We had the honor of covering their basic medical needs to get them on the right track to wellness.

Groot Gets all Fixed up and Ready for a New Home

Groot was surrendered to rescue when her mom and dad had a baby and her instincts wanted too badly to herd the baby! They hated to give her up, but Almost Home Animal Rescue thought it would be a good idea to help her find a home where she could use her instinct to herd without a baby involved. We sponsored her wellness exam, vaccines, dewormer, spay surgery for $258.

14 Rescue Animals Get Medical Care for $770.88

All of these sweet animals were taken into Almost Home Animal Rescue’s program after being either abandoned or surrendered. We covered vet charges for exams, vaccines, parasite testing, dewormer, wound treatment, medication, and a neuter.