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HPAN Helps Almost Home with $1268 for 15 Dogs and Cats

Almost Home Animal Rescue asked us to help with these sweet ones for a myriad of needs from basic vet care to extensive would treatment:

Lily May – Is a sweet senior girl that her owner decided to get rid of after twelve years. She has been sad, but she is slowly coming around.

Leche – Owner surrendered.

Charlie 2 – Owner surrender

Blossom – She was rescued out of the shelter. Another rescue committed to taking her until they found out that she was FIV positive.

Amanda’s Puppies – This is the first half of eventually 15 puppies that came in. The two mothers were sisters, and they had one father. The owner gave up the first half unwillingly and eventually, gave up the other half much later. Some of the puppies would have died because they were so small and full of worms.

Henry – This handsome fellow was turned into the pound with his buddy. Their owner had to go into a nursing home and would not be back for them. Henry’s buddy was pulled out of the shelter minutes before he would be killed. Well, the same goes for Henry, but he came to us.

Cooper – A foster approached a homeless person to trade fifty dollars and a pack of cigarettes for Cooper. The deal was made.

Augustus (Gus) – This sweet man ended up in the shelter, where it looked to be that someone tried to cut his head off. He is starting to get better but it has taken a lot to get here.

HPAN Sponsors Emergency Boarding for $112

Vicky was very scared but had zero aggression when she was taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter, and they were full beyond capacity. She wasn’t a transport candidate and wasn’t adoptable. She had obvious potential when we vetted her and, in order to keep her safe, they sent her to a boarding facility. Their staff to animal ratio is much better than the shelter’s, and they were able to bring her out of her shell just enough to get her on transport. She is still being worked with up north, but she will be in a home soon!

HPAN Helps Sascha Recover with $447.53

Sascha was surrendered to Almost Home Animal Rescue and then came down with parvo. She was taken to the emergency clinic and started on supportive care. The early diagnosis and treatment saved her life. So glad we were there for her!

HPAN Helps 8 Abandoned and Surrendered Kitties with $206.65

These cats were either abandoned (some in a box alongside of the road) or surrendered. All of them luckily landed with Almost Home Animal Rescue. Oliver is our favorite success story of this group. He came to rescue with so many problems and has needed a myriad of vet care, but just look at his before and after! Oliver is still in foster care while he fully recovers. THIS is why we do what we do!!!

HPAN Helps Rescue Care for Bella with $144.88

Little Bella was found in bad shape. Almost Home Animal Rescue took her in and straight to the vet where she was treated for ringworm among other issues. We we glad to help sponsor her.

HPAN Helps Rescue with Pinto Bean’s $143.50 Bill

Little Pinto Bean (gray/white) was surrendered to Almost Home Animal Rescue. He was very sick with a respiratory infection. He needed blood work and medicine. We were happy to sponsor his vet expenses.

HPAN Sponsors Vetting for Four Dogs for $1068.65

Almost Home Animal Rescue took in Samson, Sarah, and Sasha from a situation where they weren’t being cared for. Thankfully, the owner agreed to surrender, especially in light of the fact that one of the puppies had a broken leg from a bite from the older family dog. The pup had not been taken to the vet, and the injury was substantial and had become infected. We were able to sponsor vetting for this litter. Then, there was another owner surrender who hadn’t been to the vet in a very long time and many services were needed. Soda Pop is now on her way to good health. We were happy to help these four beauties!

HPAN Sponsors Medical Needs for 3 Kitties for $59.57

Almost Home Animal Rescue asked us to help with medication and testing for these three little ones: Candy, Berlioz, and Oliver. Candy was found in a bush and was terrified. It took rescuers about a half hour to coax her out. She ended up with a botfly larvae in her neck. Berlioz was found as a stray all by himself in the middle of nowhere. Oliver’s owner finally surrendered him, stating that he has seizures, and she couldn’t afford him. He came in lethargic and blood dripping from his nose. He is doing so much better and went in for his check up.

HPAN Sponsors 7 Kitties in Need for $1249.89

Tangerine, Pavoratti, Sabrina, Whiskey, Russell, Judah, and Diamond are finally living better lives thanks to us and Almost Home Animal Rescue. Each of these beauties were either abandoned, surrendered, or found as strays, and all needed special care. The needs included spay/neuter,
vaccines, antibiotics, blood work, dewormer, wound care, flea treatment, snap tests, cornea care, and fluids. After our sponsorships totaling $1249.89, we wish you happy tails, sweet ones!

HPAN Sees Oliver to Good Health with Another $81

Oliver was featured in our blog a few weeks ago when he was taken in by Almost Home Animal Rescue, and we sponsored his initial vet needs. He was near death at that point. After good vet care and our sponsorship, Oliver was finally well enough for vaccines and, most recently, neutering. This photo is such an improvement from the first photo we posted a few posts back. He’s doing so well and is now ready for a new home – one where he will be cared for and loved for the rest of his life. We are so glad to be a part of Oliver’s success!