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HPAN Helps 14 Animals with $1,776.22

All of these beautiful animals were either strays or surrendered and landed with Almost Home Animal Rescue. We had the opportunity to help cover veterinary services ranging from wellness exams and preventive medicine to spays/neuters and wound care. We have covered other vet services for some of these animals in the last few weeks, and now their series of pre-adoption vet care is complete!

Six Rescue Animals Sponsored with $793.50

Sissy and Lucias were lucky strays that landed with Almost Home Animal Rescue, and the others were owner surrenders to the rescue. We were able to pay for their needed exams/testing, vaccines, deworming, spay/neuter, and some emergency boarding. Hopefully, better lives are ahead for all of these beautiful animals.

HPAN Pays $1,112.43 for a Baker’s Dozen of Rescue Animals

Beans, Indie, Jenny, Millie, Muggsy, Nelson, Possum, Sylvester, Ophelia, Bongo, Felix, Stewart, and Shelly found their way to Almost Home Animal Rescue. These precious souls had been neglected and dejected, but thanks to our financial assistance, they are whole again. Our sponsorship this week covered a myriad of basic veterinary services, including vaccines, spay/neuter, deworming, and diagnostics to more extensive services, such as dentals, wound cleaning, and cystocentesis. So far, four of the thirteen have been adopted, and the rest are in foster care. Happy trails, sweet ones!

HPAN Helps Four Dejected Animals Find Healing in Rescue with $446.10

Four lucky animals have landed, for the time being, with Almost Home Animal Rescue.

Dogs, Indie and Rambo, came from bad situations. Indie had been shot. Part of the bullet was removed from her cheek, but the remainder is still near her spine where it will have to stay. She sustained ear drum damage from the shot, but she will be fine. We covered her vaccines, blood work, dewormer, and medication. Rambo was surrendered from a family who didn’t take care of him and didn’t want him. We covered his initial exam, vaccines, and dewormer.

Kitties, Jack Sparrow and Bean, have had equally troubling lives. Jack Sparrow had one eye when he came into rescue. His other eye became diseased, which means he lost it as well. The rescue raised funds for his surgery, and we were able to cover the remainder of his services: diagnostic fees. Bean was found as a stray and put into foster care. The foster couldn’t deal with his incontinence and surrendered him to Almost Home Animal Rescue. Their vet was perplexed and referred Bean to a specialist who thinks someone pulled his tail out of its socket, causing paralysis. We covered his specialty exam.

Sparky Gets a Better Life with HPAN’s Help

This little dude was not doing well with his house manners, so his owner put him out in a tiny lot. A neighbor asked permission to get Sparky into rescue. Almost Home Animal Rescue took ownership and took Sparky to the vet, where it was determined he had a bad urinary tract infection and worms. No wonder he was having problems waiting to go outside! We paid $346.23 for Sparky’s exam, parasite testing, medication, and his neuter! Sparky will be adopted by someone else in due time!

Graham Finds Rescue and HPAN Help with $223.99

Graham was the product of a drop and drive. Fortunately for him, he was dropped near a foster for Almost Home Animal Rescue. She scooped up this handsome kitty, took him to the vet for services, and the rescue secured our sponsorship. Graham was subsequently adopted!

Sophie and Precious Saved with $1000

These beautiful dogs were saved by Almost Home Animal Rescue. Sophie was stuck in a shelter and had two days to live when she was saved. Precious was an owner surrender, who came into rescue with no training whatsoever. We had the opportunity to pay a portion of the emergency boarding for these girls, as well as spay surgery for precious, and vaccines and deworming for both.

17 Rescue Animals Vetted for $1031.29

All of these beautiful animals were found as sick and hungry strays or had been abandoned in crates, before being rescued by Almost Home Animal Rescue. We had the privilege to help the organization with their vet needs, which included vaccines, spay/neuter, parasite testing, wound cleaning, etc. Since being fully vetted, three have been adopted, and the rest are hanging out in foster care before they are scooped up by approved adopters.

HPAN Sponsors Three Lost Animals with $233.62

Almost Home Animal Rescue took Jack Sparrow into their program once he was found wandering down the street with one eye missing and the other not functioning well. They rescued Aspen and Uno from a shelter. All of these lost little ones have now been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped with our funds.

Chloe Feels Better with Our $286.44 Sponsorship

Kitty cat, Chloe, was surrendered to Almost Home Animal Rescue (AHAR) by her owner. She had terrible teeth causing her much pain, so oral surgery was the recommendation. AHAR asked us to sponsor her dental cleaning and necessary tooth extractions. We also covered a dose of flea prevention. Chloe will be up for adoption when she recovers.