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HPAN Helps Samantha with $151.62

Poor little Samantha had a rough life before she landed in a safe place with Almost Home Animal Rescue. She’s already been treated for cancer, but now her white cell count is up, and she’s having some other malicious symptoms. The rescue group asked us to sponsor her diagnostics and medication.


HPAN Assists Smokey with $181

A good Samaritan found Smokey with a terribly injured leg. Everyone thought it was broken. Almost Home Animal Rescue agreed to pull Smoky into their rescue and have him assessed by their vet. It was determined to be a severe injury with infection, but no broken bones. We paid the vet bill of $181, covering his wound treatment, vaccines, testing, and dewormer to help Smokey get on with a better life.

HPAN Helps Molly with $300

Almost Home Animal Rescue took in a beautiful boxer, Molly, with a terrible double eye infection and glaucoma that medicines would not correct. Because of her pain, it was recommended by two vets that both eyes be removed, since Molly had been practically blind anyway. The rescue tells us that Molly has a new attitude, that she is lively and playful and getting around great. She is ready for a new family!

HPAN Helps with another Heartworm-Positive Dog

It’s sad to us that so many dogs are heartworm positive when prevention is a reasonable effort. The dogs that find their way into rescue are the lucky ones. Mozzie is one of them. He is a one and half year old Boxer mix who was pulled from a local shelter in January by Almost Home Animal Rescue (AHAR). Mozzie was very underweight and needed vetting. He is a very active and happy boy, and he deserves to live out his life.  When AHAR asked us to help them with treatments, we decided to contribute $350 to Mozzie’s vet bill that is over $1,000. Donations for Mozzie are being accepted at Broadway Veterinary Clinic, 865-687-2651.


HPAN Helps Local Rescue with Parvo Dog

Almost Home Animal Rescue recently took in two shelter dogs, Annie and Alvin, with parvovirus. Annie didn’t make it, but Alvin did. Alvin’s vet bill ran in the hundreds, so HPAN contributed $300 to his vet to help the rescue be in a better position to assist another animal. Now that Alvin is out of the hospital, back into rescue, and feeling better, they can fatten him up while they search for the perfect home. We hear he loves children. We wish little Alvin well!



Almost Home Animal Rescue (AHAR) took in heartworm-positive Jewel and asked if we could help with her treatment.  HPAN sent their vet $250 to assist with the expenses.  Jewel is expected to recover, and then AHAR can focus on finding her a forever family.



HPAN heard that Buddy, in the care of Almost Home Animal Rescue (Blount County), needed medical care.  We stepped up to contribute toward his vet costs.  Buddy is a three year old, 92lb, Flat-Coated Golden Retriever who is full of love.  He has a large hematoma in his right ear caused by his pawing at a very bad ear infection.  If the hematoma is not removed, he will be disfigured for life and will suffer pain.  The surgery will cost a little over $300.  Buddy is the sweetest guy you will ever meet.  He was horribly neglected.  In addition to the ear, has some skin problems due to flea infestation.  He is heartworm negative and neutered.  Buddy is now up-to-date on vetting and on heartworm and flea preventative.  When Almost Home first received him, he moved around like an old dog; now he plays with toys and is interested in everything around him.  He takes a toy out of a basket and returns it when he gets out another one.  He is a very smart boy!  Some family will be very lucky to adopt Buddy. Anyone interested should message annette@almosthometn.org.

Buddy the golden


Three month old Lincoln was rescued by Almost Home Animal Rescue just in time on January 13th from an area shelter.  He had a cough and received two rounds of antibiotics and cough medicines.  His cough persisted, and on January 29th he suddenly became very ill.  He was hospitalized immediately.  A few days later, the vets still did not know what was wrong with him and were just trying to save his life.

After five days of being gravely ill, Lincoln finally started to get better.  He was released February 7th from the hospital and has since been adopted and is doing well in his new home.

This picture is of Lincoln at the vet on his way to recovery.  HPAN contributed $250 toward the vet bill that Almost Home Animal Rescue incurred to get Lincoln well.

Rescue Puppies

Almost Home Animal Rescue, a Maryville, TN operation, needed help with spaying/neutering costs of some of their rescue puppies. Helping Paws Animal Network paid $300 to their vet in January to assist with this effort.

Check out pictures below of all the adorable rescue puppies!

BentleyChloeLeia_and_LukeLexus MalibuMercedes Nitro Porsche Ranger

Almost Home

Almost Home Animal Rescue saved a little Border Collie mix, who turned out to have a cyst on her tooth, which affected her sinuses.  HPAN contributed $500 to the vet to assist with her treatment and get her shots updated.  The money also went toward the care of rescued Casio who tested positive for heartworms.