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HPAN Sponsors 21 AHAR Animals with $1684

All of these beauties were taken in by Almost Home Animal Rescue (AHAR) as strays or owner surrenders. They needed basic vet care including vaccines, parasite tests, medication/preventives, and spay/neuter. We sponsored the needs for $1,684. Some are now in their adoptive homes, and others are still available. On to better lives, Olive, Soleil, Priscilla, Elvis, Grace, Bonnie, Clyde, Kingston, Fuzzy Tail, Jolie, Reuben, Stitch, Buddy, Sadie, Mulan, and Soliel’s litter: Mars, Venus, Neptune, Jupiter, Eartha, and Saturn!

HPAN Sponsors 11 Rescue Kitties with $692.82

Grimm, Spooky, Clarence, Simba, Carrot, Stormy, Sheba, Siri, Navara, Piper, and Freddie were taken in as strays by Almost Home Animal Rescue. They have now been examined and tested, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, etc. and are ready for their new homes. We were happy to sponsor the cost of these vet services.

HPAN Helps Ginger on her Journey with $180.60

Ginger was rescued from a bad situation by a good Samaritan; unfortunately, she did not get along with the family dogs, so she was surrendered to Almost Home Animal Rescue. We sponsored her spay and wellness exam so she can be properly adopted into a screened and approved successful situation.

HPAN Sponsors Litter for $278

This litter of five was found as strays and taken to a local shelter. The kittens found their way to Almost Home Animal Rescue. We sponsored their initial vetting for $278.

HPAN Helps Almost Home with $957.43

All of these beautiful animals found their way to Almost Home Animal Rescue after a terrible start in life. We were able to sponsor a myriad of vetting from basic services to more advanced care.

HPAN Sponsors 10 Cats and a Dog for $1017.28

Almost Home Animal Rescue has been busy! They recently rescued these beauties, who were either owner surrendered, abandoned, found as strays, or were property of shelters. We sponsored a myriad of vet needs for Batman, SJ, Stella, Bruce, Reese, Ms. Kitty, Lady, Maddow, Gerald, Neptune, and Rascal. All animals are now vaccinated, altered, dewormed, and healthy thanks to our sponsorship!

HPAN Helps Wiley with $134.63

Unfortunately, little Wiley became a product of divorce and was left with the party who worked long hours and could not give him the time he needed. Thankfully, Almost Home Animal Rescue took him into their program and asked if we would help sponsor his basic vet needs, which were overdue. We were happy to do this!

HPAN Helps Joe with $300

Joe was owned by someone who threatened to shoot him and put him out of his misery due to a large open tumor on his shoulder. Thankfully, Almost Home Animal Rescue took him in instead and had his tumor removed. Joe will be a sanctuary rescue dog due to his needs. We were able to give $300 toward his large vet bill at Broadway Vet Clinic in Knoxville.

HPAN Sponsors Clementine with $300

Almost Home Animal Rescue took in Clementine after she was thrown out like a piece of trash. She was diagnosed with heartworms. We had the opportunity to sponsor her treatments.

HPAN Helps Oda with $300

Little Oda wasn’t being cared for by his owner. Lucky for him, his owner agreed to give him up, and he landed with Almost Home Animal Rescue. Oda went to the vet for all the necessary vaccines, testing, neuter, nail trim, etc. He is now on a path to a happy life!