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HPAN Sponsors Four AHAR Dogs for $1020

Several dogs and cats have been rescued by Almost Home Animal Rescue. We sponsored required vetting for the following dogs:

  1. Reuben – a neglect case who needed just about everything, including heart worm treatment
  2. Boris – a little senior tossed out in a ditch with a leash and a water bowl
  3. Pickles – a big-eared little dude who was an owner surrender to a shelter
  4. Bandit – another neglect case with lots of needs.

All four of these dogs have now been all fixed and are on their way to being adopted into wonderful homes.


HPAN Helps 7 Almost Home’s Kitties with $417

Almost Home Animal Rescue asked us to help with seven of their rescued cats, all of which were either orphaned or surrendered. Thanks to our sponsorship for their basic vet services, all these kitties are healthy and ready for good homes.

HPAN Helps Kitties at Almost Home with over $300

Almost Home Animal Rescue took in Greta, Garfield, Gizmo, Figaro, and Blue. We sponsored their vaccines and testing initially. Now that they’re old enough, we sponsored their rabies shots and spay/neuter. This life they’re about to live sure beats where they came from – the streets! They are almost home!

HPAN Sponsors Four Smiley Cats for $237

We had the privilege of helping Almost Home Animal Rescue with these four happy cats, for they weren’t always so happy. Their stories vary. Two were shelter cats, one was a street orphan, and one was abandoned at a vet’s office. One thing they have in common now is they’re happy and loved. We sponsored their spay/neuter and rabies shots. Coconut, Carter, Peanut, and Morris, here’s to your new life!


HPAN Sponsors Vetting for Two Kittens for $74

Marie and Erwen were hanging around a home with their feral mom. Mom and babies were trapped, and Almost Home Animal Rescue asked us to help with the babies. We sponsored their exams and testing, and vaccines and dewormer. They will be altered as soon as they’re old enough.

HPAN Helps in Kitten Rescue

These six kitties were abandoned without a mom. Almost Home Animal Rescue stepped up and took them into their program. We stepped in to cover their needed testing for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus and Feline Leukemia for a total of $67.50.  All will be fully vetted prior to adoption. We’re so glad to play a small role in this great save.

HPAN Helps Socks with $158.09

Socks sat in a Tennessee shelter for two months with painful injuries. When Almost Home Animal Rescue got word, they pulled him into their program and rushed him to the vet where he received wound care, was treated with antibiotics, vaccinated, dewormed, and neutered. Socks is happy, healthy, and ready for a great home!

HPAN Helps with Storm of Cats

Almost Home Animal Rescue has taken in more kittens. These four were left alone when their mother was killed. They were sick and infected. HPAN paid for their antibiotics, ear medication, dewormer, etc. for $70.47.


HPAN Sponsors Spots with $144

Spots was a stray who got lucky and landed into the care of Almost Home Animal Rescue. They asked us to sponsor Spots’ combo testing, vaccines, and spay surgery. No more litters with this little one!

HPAN Sponsors 6 Kittens for AHAR for $273

Almost Home Animal Rescue pulled five of these kittens from a high-kill shelter just before they were put down, and one from a feral colony. We sponsored their exams, combo tests, vaccines, dewormer, etc. They’re too young to be altered, but that will come, and then they will be on their way to living the good life!