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HPAN Sponsors 9 Kitties for $976

Walter was left at a vet’s office to be put down for having FIV. Lilly and Lucas were born to a stray mom who gave birth to them in a well house. Forest was dumped at a fast food restaurant and living in a field near a busy road. Bruce and Stella were left in a closet with no food, water, or litter and were very sick when finally found. Splash, Simba, and Cookie were born to a stray taken into safety. All these were rescued by Almost Home Animal Rescue, and we had the honor of sponsoring their vet needs. Happy lives, little ones!

HPAN Sponsors 5 Stray/Abandoned Cats with $400.73

Biddy, Max, and Peyton were taken in by Almost Home Animal Rescue as strays. Hercules and Frosty were abandoned by their owners and were saved by the same rescue. We had the opportunity to sponsor their basic vet needs. These little sweeties have a bright future!

HPAN Pays Quarterly Insurance of $302.80 for AHAR

Almost Home Animal Rescue is required to have insurance in order to show their animals at Petco Farragut, where many of their animals are adopted. We were happy to help pay this quarter’s premium, relieving their administrative burden a little.

HPAN Sponsors Two Kitties with $54.42

Lilly and Lucas were born of a feral mother and captured by Almost Home Animal Rescue. We sponsored their initial vetting. 

HPAN Helps Flash and Roscoe with $381

Roscoe and Flash landed with Almost Home Animal Rescue when their owner got cancer and ended up in a nursing home. Flash needed a large tumor on his leg removed, and both dogs needed annual vaccines, parasite testing, and wellness exams. We had the privilege of sponsoring these needs for the two cuties.



HPAN Sponsors 4 Kitties with $198

Oreo and S’mores’ mother was owned but not taken care of. She would show up at the neighbor’s, and they would take care of her. One day, she showed up pregnant, and they took care of her and her babies. They got mom fixed! 

Doodle-Bug and Scrapper and their mother were tame stray cats that were not allowed to come into the people’s houses that took care of them. One day, the boys saw their mother killed by a coyote. They were beyond terrified. It has taken them a long time to trust anything again.

All of these babies were taken in by Almost Home Animal Rescue, and we had the honor to pay for their vaccines and spay/neuter.

Oreo and S’mores

Doodle-Bug and Scrapper

HPAN Sponsors 4 Kittens for $363.81

Diamond, Pearl, Emmie, and Blanche are now healthy and adoptable, thanks to Almost Home Animal Rescue. All four kittens were strays before rescue. We had the opportunity to pay for basic vetting for these babies.

HPAN Sponsors 10 Animals for $616

Almost Home Animal Rescue took in these babies, either from local shelters, or from surrendering owners. We had the opportunity to sponsor their current vet needs.

HPAN Pays $154.20 for 3 more Almost Home Cats

Sushi, Daffy, and Sylvester are three lucky kitties taken in by Almost Home Animal Rescue. We covered their basic vetting.

HPAN Helps Bosco and Charlie with $556.88

Bosco and Charlie’s time was up at the Anderson County Animal Shelter. They were surrendered together by their family. Both beagles had skin infections, one had bad teeth, neither were up to date on any vaccines or prevention, and both had Ehrlichia and Lyme, which are tickborne diseases. Needless to say, a lot of vet care was needed to get these boys the life they deserved. We were happy to help the rescue group, Almost Home Animal Rescue, who pulled them into safety. These boys will be in a better home soon!