HPAN Sponsors Stray Chihuahua with $161+

This little nugget was found running in the middle of a busy road. She was infested with fleas. Her finder looked for her owner for days, contacted the local shelter, and notified local vets. No owner was found, so she landed in rescue with MoCo Mutts. They had her taken to the vet for the works. We sponsored her initial visit, which included exam, vaccines, parasite testing, and one dose of monthly prevention for $161, and we will be sponsoring her spay surgery next week. Then this little one will be all ready for adoption!

HPAN Helps Jet Live with $500

Little Jet was found as a stray, weighing in at 7 lbs and very sick. He was taken to the vet and diagnosed with parvo. He almost didn’t make it, but thanks to good, supportive care and our sponsorship, he pulled through and is continuing to gain his strength in foster care.

HPAN Helps Sascha Recover with $447.53

Sascha was surrendered to Almost Home Animal Rescue and then came down with parvo. She was taken to the emergency clinic and started on supportive care. The early diagnosis and treatment saved her life. So glad we were there for her!

HPAN Sponsors Stump with $500

Little Stump was found as a stray with a severe compound fracture of his front leg. The Elliott Rescue, one of HPAN’s newly sponsored rescue groups, stepped up to help him. Unfortunately, Stump needed an amputation. We were able to pay $500 on his bill. This little man is recovering well as a tripod!

HPAN Helps Ellie and Bradley with $661

Ellie and Bradley were living along in a house full of animal waste. They were being fed and watered, but no other care whatsoever. Thankfully, they were surrendered to Spay it Forward East TN and were promptly taken to the vet. Because they’d not had any vet care in years, many services, including bloodwork, were needed. We were able to sponsor these services. Ellie now has a potential home, but a special home is needed for Bradley, who is blind and deaf.

HPAN Helps 8 Abandoned and Surrendered Kitties with $206.65

These cats were either abandoned (some in a box alongside of the road) or surrendered. All of them luckily landed with Almost Home Animal Rescue. Oliver is our favorite success story of this group. He came to rescue with so many problems and has needed a myriad of vet care, but just look at his before and after! Oliver is still in foster care while he fully recovers. THIS is why we do what we do!!!

HPAN Helps Shelter with $556.18

The Campbell County Animal Shelter was called on to assist in an animal cruelty case involving multiple dogs and cats. These 10 dogs and three cats were suffering from illness and abandonment. We were able to help cover some basic vetting costs to get them on a path to wellness.

HPAN Helps Rescue Care for Bella with $144.88

Little Bella was found in bad shape. Almost Home Animal Rescue took her in and straight to the vet where she was treated for ringworm among other issues. We we glad to help sponsor her.

HPAN Pays $397.52 for Needs of Hoarded Cats/Kittens

The Campbell County Animal Shelter was called to a hoarding case where multiple animals were in bad shape. There were 13 cats and kittens that needed medical care quickly. HPAN stepped in to pay for the vet needs, which helped those babies heal from infections, parasites, etc.

HPAN Helps Rescue with Pinto Bean’s $143.50 Bill

Little Pinto Bean (gray/white) was surrendered to Almost Home Animal Rescue. He was very sick with a respiratory infection. He needed blood work and medicine. We were happy to sponsor his vet expenses.