HPAN Sponsors Roy with $300

Roy was surrendered to the Roane County Animal Shelter when his owner lost his home. Roy was thin and sickly. The shelter called on Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue who gladly took in Roy and asked us for help. Roy’s medical exam revealed heartworms, so we sponsored his treatment for $300. He will be resting in foster care until the heartworms are eradicated, and then he will be available for adoption.


HPAN Sponsors Slumdog Rescue Crew with $350

We sponsored Piper’s puppies a few weeks ago, and now it’s her turn to be taken care of so she has no more puppies! We contributed $200 toward the cost of her spay surgery. Slumdog Rescue Crew also took in a new litter of puppies last week, and they asked us to sponsor their initial vaccines and dewormer for $150.

HPAN Purchases $500 Worth of Vaccines for Area Shelter

The Roane County Animal Shelter has recently experienced a change of leadership, and they are working hard to ensure the health and well being of the animals. This means all animals will now be vaccinated upon intake. Because of their slim vaccine budget, they asked us to sponsor an order, which will cover them for about two months. We paid $500 for a shipment of dog/cat vaccines.

HPAN Pays for Gemma’s HW Treatment

Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue pulled Gemma from the Memphis shelter when she was pregnant. She delivered 13 babies! She also came with worms in her heart, which could have so easily been prevented. Now that her babies are weaned, it’s time to take care of Gemma. We sponsored her heartworm treatments, which cost us $300.

HPAN Helps “Pit Crew” with $1,000 Grant

The East TN Pit Bull Rescue has been busy! They’ve been pulling dogs left and right, which comes with a lot of vet bills. Specifically, both Esther and Soloman need tumors removed and screened. They have dogs needing heartworm tests, puppies needing vaccines, and they have a big boarding bill from a special case. Our $1,000 grant will pay their bills and ease their burden just a little so they can focus on taking care of these babies.

Esther (top left), Soloman (top right), & puppies below!

HPAN Helps Slumdog Rescue Crew Save Walker with $300

Slumdog Rescue Crew was notified of an 11-week old puppy that was thought to be dying at Cleveland Animal Control last Friday. A volunteer was able to get him to Keith Street Animal Clinic where he has been ever since. Walker is battling Parvo and, although he is holding his own, it is a lot for a poor puppy’s little body. He is still receiving IV fluids and continuous care, and his bill is quickly escalating. We paid $300 on the bill.

HPAN Pays $300 for Big Ben

Big Ben was abandoned by his owner as a puppy. He survived by going house to house for food in his neighborhood and quickly became feral. When one of the neighbors noticed his collar was deeply embedded in his neck, he called animal control and a trap was set. Big Ben was taken to the shelter and found to be in serious condition. Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue stepped up to pull Big Ben and get him to the vet. He underwent a long and tedious surgery to remove the collar and save as much tissue as possible. We kicked in $300 on his vet bill.

HPAN Sponsors Emory with $300

Emory was surrendered to Harriman city animal control, who called on Roane County Paws for assistance. Emory wasn’t walking normally. A vet check revealed pelvic and femur fractures, possibly from being hit by a car. The vet recommended leg amputation due to the extensiveness of the injury. Crate rest will heal the pelvic fracture. We kicked in $300 toward the cost of surgery, which is expected to be $1,200 at Admiral Veterinary Hospital in Knoxville. Donations to the Roane County Paws account there are welcome!

HPAN Sponsors Eclipse

Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue took in the sad and neglected Eclipse. She soon surprised them with two babies. She was so thin they couldn’t even tell she was pregnant. Once her puppies were weaned, the rescue asked us to sponsor her spay surgery, vaccines, heartworm test, and microchip for $90 at Young Williams Animal Center. Yes, PLEASE!!!

HPAN Helps Hurricane Victim, Royal, with $300

Royal came to Young Williams Animal Center (YWAC) in an emergency transport from South Carolina because her shelter had been evacuated due to Hurricane Irma.  Royal had been brought to her original shelter after being hit by a car, and the evidence of her trauma could be seen in the road rash on her face and legs and by her pronounced limp. Even after enduring a traumatic injury, being taken to a shelter, and then taking a six hour van ride to another shelter, her spirits were high. She had nothing but kisses for the people helping her off the van and patience with the excited dogs rushing up to smell her. In addition to the basic vet care YWAC provides every new shelter pet, Royal needed multiple radiographs, an orthopedic consult, surgery to repair two dislocated joints, pain medicine, antibiotics, and a special brace. We kicked in $300 on her significant vet bill.