HPAN Helps 7 Rescued Pups with $515

Pet Path Rescue is doing tremendous work. We recently sponsored full vet services for Gunner, Annie, Phoebe, Ally, Gizzmo, Cody, and Macie, all of whom were rescued from shelters or were owner surrenders.


HPAN Helps Socks with $158.09

Socks sat in a Tennessee shelter for two months with painful injuries. When Almost Home Animal Rescue got word, they pulled him into their program and rushed him to the vet where he received wound care, was treated with antibiotics, vaccinated, dewormed, and neutered. Socks is happy, healthy, and ready for a great home!

HPAN Helps with Storm of Cats

Almost Home Animal Rescue has taken in more kittens. These four were left alone when their mother was killed. They were sick and infected. HPAN paid for their antibiotics, ear medication, dewormer, etc. for $70.47.


HPAN Helps Almost Home Animal Rescue with $300 Sponsorship

Little Kenneth was pulled from a shelter with a bad case of heartworms. The rescue started his treatment, and he was doing well before he took a turn for the worst. He was in vet care when his little body began to shut down. There was nothing more to do for him. The rescue ran up a large vet bill and did not get an adoption fee for him, so we helped ease their burden by contributing to the bill so they are free to help another animal. Kenneth mattered. Let the message be that heartworms are started by one mosquito infected with the virus. Monthly prevention is easy and inexpensive. No animal should suffer like this little one did.

HPAN Helps Bandit Get Well with $226.46

Bandit’s mom had to surrender him to the shelter due to health reasons. He was sick as well and needed vet care. That’s when Roane County Paws stepped in and asked us to help. We were able to pay for Bandit’s exam, x-rays, and medication.

HPAN Helps Shine this Little Pearl with $160.45

Pearl was found on the side of the road by a good Samaritan. He contacted For the Love of Paws who took her to their vet. Pearl had a leg injury, an eye infection, a skin infection, and terrible teeth. It didn’t take much to set little Pearl on a path to wellness. We’re so glad we could help.

HPAN Helps Halos with $300 for Bongo’s care

Bongo was hit by a car and taken to the Roane County Animal Shelter. He had internal injuries and broken bones, yet he survived and is healing after surgery. We were honored to play a role in Bongo’s survival.

HPAN Sponsors 7 Pet Path Dogs for $532.60

Life got better for Indie, Keeley, Paisley, Pepper, Pippa, Scout, and Trixie when Pet Path stepped in. Keeley was on a shelter euthanasia list with a bad case of heartworms. Indie, Scout, Pepper, and Trixie were surrendered unvetted. Paisley and Pippa were on death row at a Tennessee shelter. HPAN covered all the needed vetting at a low-cost clinic for these babies.

HPAN Helps Great Pyrenees Sisters with up to $600

These girls were dumped in a rural Tennessee county where there is no animal shelter. They were starving, lethargic, riddled with worms, and covered in fleas and ticks. We sponsored their veterinary exams, vaccines, heartworm and tick borne illness tests, and dewormer. As soon as they are healthy enough, they will be spayed, microchipped, and ready for adoption!

HPAN Pays $513.52 for Heartworm Treatment

Hans Solo and Notorious B.I.G. were pulled from high-kill shelters by Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue. They both had heartworms, which is a second death sentence. We paid for these boys to get well by sponsoring their treatment.

Hans Solo

Hans Solo

Notorious B.I.G.

Notorious B.I.G.