HPAN Helps YWAC with Hoarding Situation

Animal Control was called to a home in Knox County where the owners had 40 cats in an attempt to run a rescue, got in over their heads, and could not adequately care for the animals. The cats were confiscated and taken to the shelter. Young Williams Animal Center asked us to contribute to the $3,200 cost of caring for the cats and getting them ready for adoption. We gladly sent them $1,600 to help with this great need.



HPAN Sponsors Jackson’s Surgery with $300

Jackson was found as a stray with a terrible leg injury. For the Love of Paws graciously took him into their rescue. According to the vet, the injury is irreparable; therefore, amputation has been recommended. While it’s always hard to see a three-legged dog, Jackson will be without pain once the leg is gone. We contributed $300 toward the surgery cost.

HPAN Helps Fred & Wilma with $600

Fred and Wilma were slaughter bound horses that were bought by a lady from a kill lot. She paid for them then never picked them up. Their care was more than she knew how to handle. They have not seen good care in a very long time. The East Tennessee Miniature Horse & Donkey Rescue stepped up to help. Both Fred and Wilma were severely foundered and needed medical and farrier care before they could be put into an adoptive or foster home. They are both very sweet. Wilma is probably in her late 20s and will need a special diet the rest of her life. Both Fred and Wilma were both sick with an upper respiratory infection requiring antibiotics. Fred needed to be castrated, get his vaccines, and his teeth floated. Wilma is very old and in desperate need of dental work; she also needed vaccines. We sponsored all this needed care so the rescue wouldn’t be left with a huge bill to pay.

HPAN Purchases Kennels for ARI

At Risk Intervention (ARI), a short-term shelter, also known as the “Waystation,” in Knoxville, is one of two recipients of our 2018 capital improvement funds. They have been instrumental in helping thousands of animals over the last decade by serving as a “stop-over” for animals in rescue. Sometimes they go to ARI for an overnight stay, and sometimes they stay for a few weeks while they await a northbound transport, or when they are in need of confinement following treatment for injury or illness. ARI also sometimes serves as a pulling rescue from local shelters. Because they have been asked to take in several large breeds lately, they found themselves in need of some bigger kennels, so they asked for our help. We had the honor of purchasing two 10x6x5-foot kennels for the Waystation, as well as four additional gates, which enable them to divide the 10×5-foot runs into 5×5-foot runs when they need to house more dogs. The total cost for these items was $1020.

HPAN Sponsors Bill’s Bill

Little Bill was found on the side of the road. You guessed it – hit and run. Almost Home Animal Rescue took him into their rescue hoping he’d make it. The vet did everything to save Bill’s life, but he did not pull through. They asked us to help pay the bill, which will at least give them means to rescue another animal in Bill’s memory. We were happy to help out with a $150 payment.

HPAN Sends $300 for Mila

Mila is a pretty tan and white mixed breed with one blue eye. She came to Young-Williams Animal Center after being hit by a car and suffering a broken leg. They kept her comfortable with pain medication and decided to spay her before addressing the leg. During her spay surgery, the Center’s vet found that Mila was pregnant, but her uterus had a huge tear with lots of hemorrage. That injury should have been life-threatening. Who knows how she lived! If that injury hadn’t been found, she would have probably died trying to have her puppies. Now that Mila is all healed up, the Center needs to address her broken leg. We contributed $300 to the needed surgery costs. Once she is all fixed up, she will be adopted to a new loving home.

HPAN Contributes $300 to Bertie

My name is Bertie. I am now a super happy girl! I haven’t had the best life my entire seven years. I ended up being dropped off in someone’s yard, and they made me live in a shed outside. I have had a few litters of puppies, and I just had a litter twelve weeks ago. That is like a 55-year-old woman having six kids! Yikes! Due to my years of outdoor living, I have some worn teeth, and I am heartworm positive. If I hadn’t been rescued by Almost Home Animal Rescue, I probably would have died from the heartworms. Life has been really hard for me, but I’ve kept my sweetness and gentle spirit. The angels smiled down on me, and I now get to enjoy the great things in life that I didn’t even know existed. I get to play, live inside a wonderful house, and the best thing of all… I get to lay on a couch and bed! I also have started down my road to getting healthy! I still need to get spayed and begin the most intense part of my heartworm treatment. The nice people at HPAN are helping me get ready for the possibilities of a forever home! Let the adventures begin!

HPAN Sends $300 to Paris

Paris was seen in a Campbell County ditch in water up to his neck. He’d been hit by a car and was barely hanging onto life. Animal control picked him up and took him to the shelter. Miraculously, he made it! The shelter director reached out to us for help with his surgery cost. We gladly chipped in $300 to the vet.

HPAN Helps a Precious Dog with $300

Precious will forever be a rescue dog because of her condition. She’s now been with Roane County Paws (RCP) for over a year. Before being fortunate enough to land in their care, she was tossed out of a moving vehicle. Thankfully, an RCP foster saw it happen. Precious wasn’t expected to live, but she’s had a pretty good year despite her long recovery. Because of some breathing issues, the vet ordered an ultrasound and blood work to rule out cancer and make sure her treatment regimen is correct. We sponsored these diagnostics for Precious and RCP.

HPAN Helps Pearson’s Heart with $300

Pearson, a mid-age English Shepherd mix, was pulled from a high-kill shelter by At Risk Intervention (ARI). He would have eventually died of heartworms anyway if ARI hadn’t stepped up to help. When they reached out to us requesting sponsorship, we couldn’t say no. We paid $300 toward his medical costs. Pearson is worth it!