HPAN Assists Smokey with $181

A good Samaritan found Smokey with a terribly injured leg. Everyone thought it was broken. Almost Home Animal Rescue agreed to pull Smoky into their rescue and have him assessed by their vet. It was determined to be a severe injury with infection, but no broken bones. We paid the vet bill of $181, covering his wound treatment, vaccines, testing, and dewormer to help Smokey get on with a better life.


HPAN Helps Emergency Rescue Effort with $441

The Rockwood City Animal Shelter director resigned with no notice, leaving the shelter with no operating staff. The city ordered the shelter shut down and all animals euthanized if not out within hours. The Loudon County Friends of Animals (LCFOA) rallied troops and stepped in to pull nine cats. All the cats were taken straight to the vet for exams, diagnostic testing, and rabies vaccines. LCFOA treated them for fleas, ear mites, worms, and administered other vaccines. Only one cat, Miss Priss, was too sick to make it. All others are in foster care and will be adoptable as soon as they’ve all been spayed/neutered. We helped LCFOA with the needed costs for the initial services, and Greyson, Grizzly, Harry, Olga, Oreo, Raven, Thumbalina, and Twinkle will go on to live wonderful lives thanks to this great rescue.


HPAN Sponsors Reese’s neuter

Roane County Paws was called by Harriman City to take in a little dog they thought had been hit by a car. After a vet exam, it was determined that he’d been shot. They got him all taken care of, and when it was time for his neuter, we sponsored the low-cost clinic fee of $30. Reese is available for adoption through Roane County Paws.

HPAN Helps RCP with $180

On a cold winter night, these two dogs were spotted at a boat ramp in rural Roane County. They had obviously been dumped, as they were terrified of anyone who tried to help them, and there were no houses around. After days of trying to capture them, Roane County Paws was finally successful with a couple dog traps and some smelly food. They were named Buddy and Girlie, and they both breathed a sigh of relief once they realized they were safe. The rescue reached out to us for help, so we sponsored their vet exams, heartworm tests, dewormer, vaccines, and spay/neuter. Buddy and Girlie are available for adoption through Roane County Paws.

HPAN Helps RCP Save Three Dogs with $636.85

Roane County Paws rescued Ruby and Annie from the streets of Morgan County and pulled Lily from the Roane County Animal Shelter. We sponsored “the works” for these girls, paying for their vaccines, dewormer, heartworm tests, exams, needed medications, and spay surgeries for a total of $636.85.


HPAN Helps Two Mama Pitties with $600

Fighting for the Bullys Rescue (FFTBR) took in two female pit bulls recently, one pregnant, and one who’d just had babies.

Flower came from a shelter in Mississippi looking like she was about to pop. Shortly after her puppies were born she came down with a terrible fever and became lethargic. After many diagnostics, it was determined that she had a severe case of mastitis. Who wouldn’t after nursing so many pups?! She spent several days at the vet. We contributed $300 to her bill.

Kamari was rescued from Morgan County where someone found her as a stray. She was emaciated and had just delivered puppies when the rescue was notified. They literally drove one hour at midnight to pick up Kamari and her little ones. When it came time for her to be spayed, the vet diagnosed her with a severe case of pyometra, a uterine infection. The only way to clear it was to spay her, but her condition was still poor. She spent several days at the vet. We also contributed $300 to her bill.

HPAN Helps Lily with $300

Lily was surrendered to a shelter by her owner, a breeder in Tennessee. They knew about her genetic defect of having a restricted esophagus, but did not have the money for her life-saving surgery. The shelter called Tennessee Doberman Rescue Plus, who began raising the nearly $4,000 it would take to make her well. She made it through surgery and is doing well in foster care. We kicked in $300 on the bill.

HPAN Helps with Roxy’s Surgery

Roxy came to Roane County Paws as a stray nearly a year ago. She was placed in foster care and quickly became slated for two different transports, but her adopters fell through both times, so she is still in rescue. Roxy had a spot come up on her head that antibiotics did not clear up. Further diagnostics revealed cancer, so we paid for removal of the lesion to the tune of $153.80.

HPAN Purchases $552 Worth of Vaccines for Mini Equines

One of the biggest expenses for the East Tennessee Mini Horse and Donkey Rescue (ETMHDR) is vaccines. Each mini needs a vaccine and a booster, and when the vet comes, there’s a “farm call” fee added. The ETMDHR vet agreed to let the rescue buy vials of vaccines at cost, which would cover five horses. Each vial costs $276. We purchased two vials for a total of $552.

HPAN Helps Rid Kiri of Heartworms for $223

Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue pulled Kiri from a high-kill shelter. She was very pregnant, and the shelter is no place for puppies. Upon a vet check, Kiri was diagnosed with heartworms. Now that her pups have been born and weaned, it’s time to take care of the heartworm issue. We paid for Kiri’s treatment, which was $223. Once cleared up, she will be available for adoption.