HPAN Covers $3,121.63 in Insurance Premiums for Local Shelter

MoCo Mutts Rescue Center has been in existence for a long time, first in Seattle, Washington as Senior Dog Lodge. Tennessee was lucky enough to have them move to Morgan County and start a rescue where there is no municipal shelter. They literally take in hundreds of animals per year from the county where there is no animal control. With an operating budget of $10,000-$12,000 per month, we were honored to grant their request for sponsoring insurance premiums this year that will cover the rescue building and its contents, as well as liability.

HPAN Helps Save Yukon with $239

Yukon veered too far away from home and into traffic. When MoCo Mutts Rescue Center got the call, they sprang into action. Unfortunately, Yukon’s owner wasn’t willing to get him the care he needed, so he is now property of rescue. We were able to step in and pay for his medical exam, x-rays, wound care, and medication. This beautiful boy is now at the rescue center on strict crate rest while he recovers. He will likely be transported north when well enough.

HPAN Pays $1,112.43 for a Baker’s Dozen of Rescue Animals

Beans, Indie, Jenny, Millie, Muggsy, Nelson, Possum, Sylvester, Ophelia, Bongo, Felix, Stewart, and Shelly found their way to Almost Home Animal Rescue. These precious souls had been neglected and dejected, but thanks to our financial assistance, they are whole again. Our sponsorship this week covered a myriad of basic veterinary services, including vaccines, spay/neuter, deworming, and diagnostics to more extensive services, such as dentals, wound cleaning, and cystocentesis. So far, four of the thirteen have been adopted, and the rest are in foster care. Happy trails, sweet ones!

River and Sheba Get $274 from HPAN

Both River and Sheba were “code red” at Campbell County Animal Shelter. Sheba appeared to be very pregnant, and River tested positive for heartworms. Both dogs were pulled by a volunteer with Rockin’ Community Cats because they love dogs, too. Turns out, Sheba was just overweight and not pregnant, so we were able to sponsor her spay surgery. We also paid for the first steps of River’s heartworm eradiation plan. More will be paid out later. Once both of these dogs are healed and adoptable, they will travel north for adoption!

Two Dogs Get What They Deserve with $961 from HPAN

Annie was starving when the Blount County Animal Welfare Society (BCAWS) found her. One of the residents of a trailer park alerted the rescue to her condition. The owner was in jail for domestic abuse. His wife had moved to a different trailer and would come over to feed the dogs, except she didn’t feed Annie. With the small amount of money she had, she chose to feed the German shepherd instead. Annie had a couple of rough days at the vet. We helped cover her exam, blood work, x-rays, etc. for $500. Fortunately, she is much improved and will go to foster care to heal.

Callie came from a local drug den. Callie was surrendered to BCAWS when her owner went to jail. We paid for her vet exam, diagnostics, vaccines, and spay for $461.

HPAN Helps River with $500

River was found stuck in the mud of a stream late in the day. He was suffering from hypothermia. MoCo Mutts Rescue Center staff rushed him to the Animal ER and contacted us on the way to request sponsorship. We pledged $500 for his care, which cost over $600 that evening. The next day, River’s owners came forth and reimbursed the rescue for the expenses, and they were very glad to get their little old man back home. We are expecting a refund from the rescue. We will be there for them the next time they need us!

Tanner Barely Survives with HPAN’s $GRAND$ Assistance

Tanner was laying on the highway after being run over by a car. Lucky for him, a volunteer with Best Friends Sanctuary in Jamestown saw him. Thinking he was dead, she stopped to move him further to the side of the road, and he turned his head toward her. She immediately loaded him up and sought vet care. He needed so much work, but he was worth it, so onward with plans to fix him. After an extensive leg repair, wound care, and a myriad of other services, Tanner has a bill of $3,951. We paid $1,000 on the bill and hope others will chip in as they can. Tanner’s bill is at Ragland and Riley Animal Hospital under patient #102796. Payments can be called in to 931-498-3153. We wish Tanner and Best Friends Sanctuary the absolute best in this situation!

Handsome and Batgirl Saved with $1,000

Both of these precious little ones had altercations with vehicles this New Year and ended up losing limbs. Thankfully, the Humane Society of Roane County was able to take both into rescue, so they didn’t have to lose their lives after being taken to the pound. We assisted by paying $500 for surgeries on each dog. Both will heal in foster care before being transferred to a northern rescue.

Nine Dogs Receive a Christmas Miracle!

Our sponsorship of $936 for these dogs and the help of the Humane Society of Roane County (HSRC) proved to be lifesaving for Lita, Christian, Daphne, Sasha, Raven, Doodle Bug, Ozzy, Rascal, and Jazzy. All of these dogs had landed at the shelter in Roane County where the population was at a dangerous high right before Christmas. When the shelter director contacted HSRC, they stepped into action and secured spots with a northern rescue. This meant pre-transport vetting would be needed. That’s where we stepped in. HPAN covered the costs of wellness exams, vaccines, heartworm tests, dewormer, and health certificates for $436. Additionally, we paid the $500 transport fee. These beauties are now in Connecticut where they will be spayed or neutered prior to adoption.

HPAN Helps Four Dejected Animals Find Healing in Rescue with $446.10

Four lucky animals have landed, for the time being, with Almost Home Animal Rescue.

Dogs, Indie and Rambo, came from bad situations. Indie had been shot. Part of the bullet was removed from her cheek, but the remainder is still near her spine where it will have to stay. She sustained ear drum damage from the shot, but she will be fine. We covered her vaccines, blood work, dewormer, and medication. Rambo was surrendered from a family who didn’t take care of him and didn’t want him. We covered his initial exam, vaccines, and dewormer.

Kitties, Jack Sparrow and Bean, have had equally troubling lives. Jack Sparrow had one eye when he came into rescue. His other eye became diseased, which means he lost it as well. The rescue raised funds for his surgery, and we were able to cover the remainder of his services: diagnostic fees. Bean was found as a stray and put into foster care. The foster couldn’t deal with his incontinence and surrendered him to Almost Home Animal Rescue. Their vet was perplexed and referred Bean to a specialist who thinks someone pulled his tail out of its socket, causing paralysis. We covered his specialty exam.