HPAN Sponsors Finn with $287.93

Finn was seized by Campbell County Animal Control from an abuse/neglect situation with his buddy, Pumpkin. Finn was treated for malnourishment and an urinary tract infection. The shelter group, Friends of Campbell County Animals, asked us to pay for Finn’s vet check, vaccines, testing, medication, and hospitalization. He’s doing so much better!

HPAN Pays $276 for Cammie’s Heartworm Treatment

Cammie found herself at a very bad shelter pregnant and with heartworms. Fighting for the Bullys Rescue took her into their program, let her have and raise her babies in peace, found them great homes, and now they’re taking care of Cammie. They asked us to sponsor her heartworm treatments. It’s her turn for a wonderful forever home!

HPAN Sponsors Ladybird for $300

Ladybird was among a litter of puppies surrendered to Spay it Forward East TN by a young couple who could not care for them. Ten days after their first vaccines, the puppies came down with Parvovirus. All pups were put in the hospital, but Ladybird was the only survivor after four days of intensive care. The rescue asked us to help with her bill.

HPAN Pays $247.50 to Help Shelter with Sick Kitties

Brandon, Freda, and Cassie were taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter and needed some specialized vet care. For a variety of conditions from infections to needed surgery, these babies needed our help. We were glad to be there for them. All kitties are in foster care while they await adoption.

HPAN Pays for Millie’s Health Assessment

Millie was seized by animal control in February 2020 because of neglect and taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter. She was evaluated by a vet for her skin condition, which was diagnosed as demodex mange. The shelter group asked us to sponsor her exams and testing for $37, and they had the prescribed medicine at the shelter. Millie is already on her way to a better life!

HPAN Helps Ellie Mae with $220.64

Ellie Mae was taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter after her human mom passed away suddenly. Not knowing any of her previous history, they took her to the vet after noticing seizure activity. The seizures have subsided due to a prescribed regimen, and Ellie Mae is doing well. We were asked to sponsor her exam, blood work and medicine.

HPAN Kicks in $120 for Lucy Lou

Lucy Lou was taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter when she was seized by animal control in February 2020 due to neglect. She was housed outside with her source of shelter being the glass picnic table she was chained to. Lucy Lou was a tad skinny, but her main problem was a significant heartworm load. The shelter got her heartworms treated, but she had some complications and had to be taken to the vet for additional medication. We were able to sponsor this needed care. The first photo was taken when she was taken to the shelter. The second photo is of her smiling in her foster home. Lucy Lou finally knows she’s loved.

HPAN Sponsors Waylon with $275

Waylon was pulled from a shelter by Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with heartworms. The rescue reached out to us for assistance, and we were glad to sponsor him!

HPAN Helps Abe Live with $300

Little Abe was taken in by The Stray Connection. Upon being vetted, he was diagnosed with a condition where the intestine folds in on itself. He was in a lot of pain and required immediate emergency surgery. He’s now doing great in foster care while he heals.

HPAN Helps Give Georgia a Chance with $300

Georgia, a Harlequin Great Dane, was used for breeding and passed through many hands before she landed in rescue with Dames for Danes, based in Oak Ridge, TN. She has not been properly cared for and ended up with a high load of heartworms. The rescue felt she was worth taking a chance on, and so did we, so we sponsored her treatments. Heartworms are caused by mosquito bites, and it takes only one bite from an infected mosquito. Prevention is inexpensive and easy. Treatment is going to be hard on this big gal, yet it could have been so easily avoided.