17 Rescue Animals Vetted for $1031.29

All of these beautiful animals were found as sick and hungry strays or had been abandoned in crates, before being rescued by Almost Home Animal Rescue. We had the privilege to help the organization with their vet needs, which included vaccines, spay/neuter, parasite testing, wound cleaning, etc. Since being fully vetted, three have been adopted, and the rest are hanging out in foster care before they are scooped up by approved adopters.

Dottie Gets Heartworm Treatment with $425

Double Dog Rescue pulled Dottie from the Anderson County Animal Shelter and asked if we would sponsor her heartworm treatment. If she does well, she will hop a van and be adopted from a northern state.

Scruffy Faces Fixed with $333

We were so happy to pay to have these three cuties fixed, vaccinated, dewormed, heartworm tested, and made whole again for the Humane Society of Roane County. The rescue pulled this little family from the shelter, and soon they will be on a northbound transport for adoption.

HPAN Sponsors Dale and a Feral Kitty for $129

The Humane Society of Roane County took in the feral kitty and pulled Dale the dog from the shelter. Both these furry friends received our sponsorship and are now neutered and vaccinated.

Flower Gets Treated for Heartworms with $176

Rockin’ Community Cats asked us to sponsor Flower when she was pulled from the Campbell County Animal Shelter. Initially, we sponsored her spay surgery and rabies vaccine. She was also heartworm-positive, so we had to wait for healing from her spay surgery before getting those worms eradicated from her heart. The treatment was a few days ago, and this photo was taken with her rescuer the day we paid the vet bill.

HPAN Helps MoCo Mutts with Tanner’s Bill

Tanner came into rescue as a stray unable to use his leg. MoCo Mutts asked us to sponsor his vet bill of $221.50, which covered x-rays, sedation, and medication.

Jimmy and Hayes are Headed North!

These lil low riders were causing their owner stress from their digging habits, so she surrendered them to rescue. The Humane Society of Roane County asked if we would pay for the boys’ neuters, rabies vaccines, flea treatment, and health certificates so they could take a northbound ride to a rescue where a more tolerant owner can found.

HPAN Sponsors Three Lost Animals with $233.62

Almost Home Animal Rescue took Jack Sparrow into their program once he was found wandering down the street with one eye missing and the other not functioning well. They rescued Aspen and Uno from a shelter. All of these lost little ones have now been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped with our funds.

HPAN Pays $1,000 on Colt’s Leg Surgery

Colt was a stray taken in by Best Friends Sanctuary of Jamestown, TN. He sustained a really bad break in his leg that required specialized surgery, which cost over $3,000. We were able to help the rescue by paying roughly one-third of the cost. The good news is Colt got to keep his leg and will soon be eligible to transfer to a northern rescue where he will be adopted to a family who will hopefully keep him safe.

Flower Gets Spayed Now and Will Be Treated for Heartworms in Two Weeks!

This beautiful dog, Flower, came in as a stray to Campbell County Animal Shelter with her two puppies. Rockin’ Community Cats fell in love with her and took her into their program. We had the opportunity to pay $75 for her spay surgery. Unfortunately, she tested positive for heartworms, so we will also cover her treatment on September 29. Then Flower will blossom like never before!