HPAN Sponsors Bullies with $529.14

Johnny Ringo and Leon Russell were pulled from shelters by Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue. Both boys had heartworms. We sponsored Johnny Ringo’s treatment. Leon Russell had treatment previously but had complications, so we sponsored his diagnostic care and medication.



HPAN Sponsors Incubator for LPZ

Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue (LPZ) is now a certified White Tail Deer Rehabilitation Facility and have been bombarded with deer in need from all over East Tennessee. Many of the deer they have rescued are in need of an incubator in order to thrive and in some cases, survive. They asked us to help them purchase a used incubator for their very small, and/or unhealthy fawns who need extra help in order to survive and be released back into their natural habitat after rehabilitation. We sent $300 to help with this $1900 purchase.

HPAN Sponsors Suki with $300

Suki was rescued by Slumdog Rescue Crew. She had a huge mammary tumor that the rescue had removed. Surgical margins were clean, but presurgical blood work revealed that Suki also had heartworms. The rescue asked us to sponsor the treatments, so Suki can live. We were happy to pay $300 on the bill!

HPAN Sponsors Bear with $211

Bear was brought to the Campbell County animal shelter as a stray. As the shelter begin to burst at the seams, his chances of getting out were becoming greatly reduced because of his heartworm diagnosis. Thankfully, a foster stepped up to help, and that’s when we were called to sponsor his treatments and his neuter. Go Bear!

HPAN Sponsors Theodore for $167

Heartworms are rampant in the south, and Theodore is another dog who wasn’t given monthly prevention. The Campbell County shelter folks asked us if we would sponsor his treatments. He is now resting in foster care and enjoying being a couch potato.

HPAN Sponsors Sadie with $177

Sadie had been running the streets of Campbell County before she was captured and brought to the shelter, only to escape again. She was finally captured a second time and brought in, but then she was diagnosed with heartworms. We recently had the opportunity to sponsor her treatments and her spay surgery. She is recovering with a foster family and loving life.

HPAN Helps Wednesday with $300

Wednesday was found in the middle of a busy road in Oak Ridge. The belief is that she was tossed from a car. She sustained a broken hip. Lucky for Wednesday, a vet tech saw her and picked her up. She was rushed to the vet. Enter the Stray Connection, a stellar cat rescue group in Knoxville. They agreed to pull Wednesday into their adoption program. We had the honor of helping them get Wednesday put back together. She is healing nicely.

HPAN Pays $300 Toward Annabelle’s Surgery

Annabelle was surrendered to the Humane Society of Roane County after her family realized her medical condition required more than they could handle. Sad for Annabelle, she had been allowed to have multiple litters, causing her mammary glands to become infected to the point of rupture. She was in really bad shape and is currently at the vet as we write this blog post. She has a long way to go. A $50 low-cost spay would have prevented the hundreds of dollars it’s taking to help Annabelle, not to mention the suffering she’s having to endure. Our hope is that she will recover fully and get the home she deserves.

HPAN Helps Clear Geno of Heartworms with $167

Geno was brought to the Campbell County shelter as a stray.  Geno is a well-mannered, very verbal boy.  He loves to talk and talk and talk.  Not much on listener skills.  Unfortunately, Geno is heartworm positive.  He was immediately started on doxycycline and eventually began tri-heart. His worm load is high, and he will likely have a long recovery. It was our pleasure to help with the costs to rid Geno’s heart of worms. He is currently recovering with a foster where he is loving life, learning how to cuddle, and know it’s okay to sit on the couch. He will either go to rescue or be adopted when he tests negative for heartworms, which will likely be three months or longer.


HPAN Pays $620 for Puppy Vetting

These puppies are part of a litter of 14 – a direct result of irresponsible pet ownership. Pet Path rescued half of them, and we sponsored their basic vetting, which included vaccines and spay/neuter for $620 at a low-cost clinic.