HPAN Helps Bridgette with $300

Bridgett has been  living at the Humane Society of East Tennessee for a few years. She is bonded with Pebbles, and they must be adopted together. Since one is black and one is a tabby, they often get passed over. Bridgette was having trouble eating and just wasn’t herself. A vet visit revealed she had stomatitis, inflammation of the gums. We sponsored her diagnostics and vet care.

HPAN Sponsors 4 Kitties with $198

Oreo and S’mores’ mother was owned but not taken care of. She would show up at the neighbor’s, and they would take care of her. One day, she showed up pregnant, and they took care of her and her babies. They got mom fixed! 

Doodle-Bug and Scrapper and their mother were tame stray cats that were not allowed to come into the people’s houses that took care of them. One day, the boys saw their mother killed by a coyote. They were beyond terrified. It has taken them a long time to trust anything again.

All of these babies were taken in by Almost Home Animal Rescue, and we had the honor to pay for their vaccines and spay/neuter.

Oreo and S’mores

Doodle-Bug and Scrapper

HPAN Sponsors Shayla with $162

Lucky for Shayla, she got out of a shelter where her chances were slim to none, due to having heartworms, and landed in the care of the East TN Pit Bull Rescue. Sadly she has been sitting in rescue for a long time awaiting a foster willing to let her bunk out during treatment and recovery. Heartworms multiply and grow over time, so the rescue decided she’d have to remain with them through this required treatment and time of rest. We paid for Shayla’s treatment, and we are hoping a forever home will step up for her soon!

HPAN Helps Raven with $254

Raven was hit by a car and taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter, then rushed to the vet for emergency treatment for a head injury.  Raven is in a medical foster home where she is still recovering.  She has learned manners, is learning what it is like to be spoiled, and is a staff favorite at the shelter.  She gives the best hugs! We were able to sponsor Raven’s initial vet costs, and the Friends of Campbell County Animals sponsored her specialty costs at the UT Vet Hospital. Raven has some balance issues, but her overall health is good. She seems quite happy to be a bit wonky!­­­

HPAN Helps Susie with $80

Susie came to the Campbell County Animal Shelter very pregnant. She was one of 49 dogs seized from a hoarding case.  We sponsored her ultrasound and x-rays to evaluate how far along she was in her pregnancy and to attempt to guess at viability of her puppies.  She was malnourished and is not good with most people.  She went into foster care where she delivered eight puppies.  Seven puppies have survived and are thriving.  Susie will be in foster care for the foreseeable future, as she is still not trusting of humans. 

HPAN Sponsors Buster with $300

Buster was found locked in a parked car at the lakeside.  A kind police officer attempted to locate his owner but was unsuccessful.  She busted the car window and rescued Buster. Upon arriving at the shelter, it was noted that Buster was happy but seemed to be in pain and wouldn’t put weight on one of his legs.  He was taken to the vet by Campbell County Animal Shelter staff for treatment and x-rays. He received treatment consisting of pain meds, x-rays, multiple splints, hydrotherapy, and physical therapy. Buster has a slight limp, but he still has his leg! So glad we had the opportunity to play a part in his recovery!

HPAN Sponsors Dude’s Surgery with $300

Dude was caught in a trap and lost a foot. Thankfully, he found himself turned in to the Campbell County Animal Center. The vet determined that amputation was needed. We sponsored $300 of his surgery costs.

HPAN Helps Pay for Gus’ Eye Surgery with $300

Gus came to the East TN Pit Bull Rescue with eyelids turned inward to the point that his eyelashes were scratching his cornea and causing pain. A simple but expensive surgery can fix it, and Gus is worth it, so we kicked in about half the cost.

HPAN Sponsors Louie with $222.32

Louie was very sick when the Loudon County Friends of Animals took him under their wing. He was rushed to a vet and diagnosed with a urinary tract infection so severe that he needed fluids, medicine, blood work, and an overnight stay. We were asked to sponsor his care, and he’s now recovering in a foster home.

HPAN Helps Get Charlie Fixed up with $230

Charlie was an owner surrender to the Campbell County Animal Shelter.  He was not the friendliest, was very withdrawn, and he had heartworms.  After a couple weeks of TLC at the shelter, Charlie was placed in a medical foster home until his heartworm treatment and recovery were complete, which has taken 15 months.  Charlie has learned manners, knows what it is like to be loved, and is a perfect gentleman.  We sponsored the cost of his heartworm treatments and his neuter.