HPAN Helps Harper with $300 for Surgery

Harper was surrendered to the Anderson County Animal Shelter. She was covered in flees, had a bad skin infection, needed to be spayed, and had a bum leg from a former surgery gone wrong. Slumdog Rescue Crew pulled this tiny darling into their program and got her straight to the vet, who said her back leg was causing her more trouble than it was worth and that an amputation would be needed. They asked us to help with the cost of surgery, which was nearly $1,600. We were at least able to pitch in $300. Payments can be called into Powell Animal Hospital, 865-938-7008.

HPAN Sponsors Norma Jean with $300

Norma Jean was found as a stray on a rural back road. When her owner couldn’t be located, Spay it Forward East TN took her in. She had a mouthful of rotten teeth and terrible skin. We paid for necessary teeth extraction and vaccines. She already feels so much better and is ready for adoption.

HPAN Reaches $250,000 Mark!

HPAN recently celebrated a $250,000 fundraising milestone. This means we have been able to sponsor over 1000 local rescue animals with medical needs, food, and emergency boarding since we began in 2011. The story was featured on Knoxville news station WATE, channel 8. We are excited to work toward the next milestone, half a million!

HPAN Buys 100 Microchips for Local Shelter

We recently purchased 100 microchips for the Campbell County Animal Shelter. This will help them jumpstart their chip program so adopted animals are more likely to return home if they are lost and brought in for scanning.

HPAN Sponsors 9 Kitties for $976

Walter was left at a vet’s office to be put down for having FIV. Lilly and Lucas were born to a stray mom who gave birth to them in a well house. Forest was dumped at a fast food restaurant and living in a field near a busy road. Bruce and Stella were left in a closet with no food, water, or litter and were very sick when finally found. Splash, Simba, and Cookie were born to a stray taken into safety. All these were rescued by Almost Home Animal Rescue, and we had the honor of sponsoring their vet needs. Happy lives, little ones!

HPAN Sponsors Brooks with $282

Brooks was surrendered by his owner to Spay it Forward East TN. He was in desperate need of having his teeth extracted due to infection. He’s a much happier boy, and we were glad to give him his spunk back by sponsoring his surgery.

HPAN Sponsors 5 Stray/Abandoned Cats with $400.73

Biddy, Max, and Peyton were taken in by Almost Home Animal Rescue as strays. Hercules and Frosty were abandoned by their owners and were saved by the same rescue. We had the opportunity to sponsor their basic vet needs. These little sweeties have a bright future!

HPAN Pays $607.40 for MAARC Animals

The Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center asked us for help with Copper and Romeo. We sponsored Copper’s exam, deworming, blood testing, and vaccines. We sponsored Romeo’s x-rays and blood testing. We also purchased an initial dose of flea/tick/heartworm prevention for the 14 cats they rescued this week.

HPAN Sponsors 7 Shelter Cats for $551

The Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center has pulled several kitties from the Maryville City Animal Shelter into their rescue program. We sponsored testing, vaccines, and spay/neuter for these seven (Charity, Courage, Faith, Hope, Jack, Jill, Prudence). Money well spent! Happy tails, babies!

HPAN Sponsors Basic Vetting for Five Kittens with $345

The Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center (MAARC) pulls animals from the Maryville City Animal Shelter. These five kittens, Clyde, Inky, Blinky, Sue, and Pinky, were lucky enough to get out at the beginning of what is known as “kitten season.” We sponsored their basic vetting, and they will be adopted through MAARC.