HPAN Sponsors Five Kuranda Beds for New Shelter

MoCo Mutts (MCM) Rescue Center in Morgan County is a nonprofit organization, but they are the only rescue/shelter the county has. Generous donors have made it possible for them to provide safe haven for stray and surrendered dogs and cats. MCM’s latest fundraising campaign set out to provide 30 Kuranda beds for the dogs. We sponsored the purchase of five beds for $300. These beds will give the dogs a place to relax and sleep that is much more comfortable for them than a concrete floor with a towel or blanket.

HPAN Sponsors Basic Vetting with $503

Petunia and Tulip are two more dogs from a 50 dog hoarding case in Blount County. The Blount County Animal Welfare Society (BCAWS) has convinced the owner to surrender a few here and a few there. These girls are the most recent surrenders. They were almost untouchable at first (reference dog house photo), but loving foster care has taught these beauties to trust humans (reference other photos 🙂). BCAWS asked us to sponsor their basic vetting, so the girls are now ready to be adopted into loving homes.

HPAN Sponsors Henry with $500

Henry was part of a stray cat colony at a Clinton trailer park. Being highly adoptable, Spay It Forward East Tennessee scooped him up and took him to the vet for basic stuff, like combo testing, vaccines, and a neuter. Turned out he was underweight because he had a hard time eating due to stomatitis, a gum disease that neglected cats can get. Henry needed ALL of his teeth extracted, which we were able to sponsor. He will live out the rest of his life in an indoor home where soft food is endless!

HPAN is GLAD to Sponsor Gladys with $500

This old stray gal, Gladys, was lucky enough to find her way to the Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center (MAARC). MAARC staff got her to the vet and learned she has a heart murmur and a large cancerous tumor on her leg. Gladys deserves a chance, so the vet ran some diagnostics and fixed her up with vaccines, good nutrition, and medicine, and MAARC will find her a home where she can live out her life. We were GLAD to sponsor Gladys; she’s worth it!

HPAN Helps Chloe with $500

Chloe was surrendered to rescue when her owner couldn’t afford her medical needs (an ectopic ureter). The Tennessee Valley Golden Retriever Rescue felt that Chloe deserved a chance, so they took her in and got her the medical care she needed to thrive. We paid $500 toward her surgery bill at the University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical Center.

HPAN Sponsors Tiny Pups with $104

Someone found a litter of puppies at the cemetery nursing on their deceased mother. All were taken to the animal shelter in Campbell County. The puppies were placed in foster care and bottle-fed around the clock. These two, Casper and Jacoby, needed a little extra care at the vet, and we were able to sponsor them for $104.

HPAN Helps Rescue with 13 Dogs for over $2000

Almost Home Animal Rescue took in Finn, Bonnie, Clyde, Sandy, Ned, Callie, Lily, Bess, Nancy, Cupcake, Bronson, Todd, and Bruno from shelters or as owner surrenders. All of them needed exams, vaccines, dewormer, spay/neuter, parasite testing, etc., and some needed medicine and additional services. All of these dogs are now happy and healthy, and we were able to pay their vet bills totaling $2,164.67.

HPAN Sponsors Dakota with $500

Ten-year-old Dakota found himself at the Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center as a stray. After two weeks and nobody looking, the rescue decided he belonged to them, so they took him to the vet for an exam, blood work, vaccines, medicine for seizures, etc. We paid $500 toward Dakota’s bill. We are happy to report that he has since been adopted!

HPAN Helps Arlo with $500

The Tennessee Doberman Rescue Plus took on a dog with extensive medical needs, although they didn’t know it at the time. Arlo needed eye and liver surgery. The bill ended up being over $6,000, but Arlo is worth it. We contributed $500 toward the bill.

HPAN Sponsors Four Hoarded Dogs for $654

The Blount County Animal Welfare Society was made aware of a hoarding situation. The dogs were chained and sickly. They convinced the owner to surrender Sissy, Gordo, Trixie, and Snowball, and then they asked us to sponsor their vet exams, testing, vaccines, and needed medication. All four of these beauties are now in New York awaiting their forever homes.