HPAN Sponsors Tests/Vaccines for $500

The Roane County Animal Shelter reached out to us asking for help on purchasing vaccines and combo tests for their animals. They have very little money in their annual vaccine fund and explained that rescue groups are requiring cats be tested for viruses before they are rescued. We gladly helped them with this worthy investment.


HPAN Helps Poppy with $256

Poppy was pulled from a shelter by Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue, and she tested positive for heartworms. We sponsored her treatment.

HPAN Sponsors Sassy and Maybelle for $500

Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue took in two strays and put them on the good life path. Sassy broke with Parvo and needed vet care, for which we sponsored at $200, and Maybelle tested positive for heartworms. We kicked in $300 on her treatment.

HPAN Pays $300 on Billy’s Bill

Billy came to the Campbell County Animal Shelter with two masses on his body, requiring two surgeries. One has been completed, and Billy is recovering in foster care.

HPAN Sponsors Two Stray Males for up to $600

These two boys, Freddie and Freckles, showed up in a rural area of Morgan County. The finder searched for their home to no avail. The dogs hung around his house for two weeks before they were able to make contact with someone who helped get the dogs into rescue. Big Fluffy Dog Rescue is taking them into their program. We sponsored their
exams, blood tests, vaccines, and deworming. Neuters and microchips will come when they’re healthier. Happy life, boys!

HPAN Contributes $300 to Save Ammo

Ammo was pulled from a shelter by A Chance for Champ. He started to show serious viral symptoms and quickly became dehydrated. Emergency care was required to save his life. We contributed $300 to the bill.

HPAN Sponsors 13 Pups for Pet Path for $769.50

Riley, Sparky, Jasper, and Callie are all pups that Chica delivered while at Pet Path.  They acquired Chica from her owner who was selling her on social media because she was pregnant.  Pet Path wanted to save her from becoming a breeding machine as well as making sure her babies would not be able to reproduce.  We sponsored Chica’s heartworm test, spay, vaccines, and microchip, as well as final vaccines, spay/neuter, and microchips for her babies.  Pippa and Paisley are siblings that came from the Cleveland, TN shelter and were at risk of euthanasia.  We sponsored their heartworm tests and health certificates to get them ready for transport. We also sponsored Ally’s health certificate. Storm, Meeko, Odd Ball, Bell, and Marshall are siblings that were all found by a good Samaritan on the side of the road.  He was nice enough to get them to his home and another fellow rescuer administered their first round of vaccines.  Pet Path later took them in.  We sponsored their final round of vaccines, spay/neuter, and microchip.


HPAN Pays $600 to Help Boomer and Bella Get Well

Boomer was found running in traffic on a busy Knoxville street. He was riddled with heartworms, as was Bella who was pulled from a Tennessee shelter. East TN Pit Bull Rescue took both into their program and asked if we could help, so we paid for their heartworm treatments, and they are currently recovering.

HPAN Helps Kitties at Almost Home with over $300

Almost Home Animal Rescue took in Greta, Garfield, Gizmo, Figaro, and Blue. We sponsored their vaccines and testing initially. Now that they’re old enough, we sponsored their rabies shots and spay/neuter. This life they’re about to live sure beats where they came from – the streets! They are almost home!

HPAN Sponsors Gracee and Teeter for $226.25

Gracee and Teeter found themselves at the Roane County Animal Shelter. Old and sick, their chances at adoption were slim, so Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue came to the  rescue. Both dogs were taken to the vet for an exam ASAP. Gracee was found to have a urinary tract infection and an enlarged heart, for which she is now on medication. We sponsored all of this plus her rabies vaccine. Teeter had complications during his neuter due to a heart murmur that was discovered, so we sponsored his medical needs as well. Both of these dogs are in foster care and waiting for someone to adopt them. They deserve a get home before their time is up.

Gracee Teeter