HPAN Sponsors Bear and Lulu for $200

Bear and Lulu were born of Queen, a dog we sponsored a couple months ago for A Chance for Champ. Now that the pups are weaned, it’s their turn to be vetted. We sponsored their vaccines, deworming, spay/neuter, and microchips for $100 each.



HPAN Helps Two Heartworm Positive Shelter Dogs

Both Jerry Lee and Landon arrived at the Campbell County Animal Shelter as stray dogs. They were found to have a high-positive reading of heartworms, so the shelter staff got them started on 30 days of pre-treatment antibiotics. Now, it’s time for their Immiticide injections to try to eradicate the heartworms and larvae. We had the privilege of paying for their treatment. Both dogs will recover in foster care before they are available for adoption.

HPAN Kicks in $341.50 to Help Pet Path with Ten Pups

Athenia, Avery, Quinn, Charlie, Scarlett, Woody, Piper, Grizzly and Chewy were all owner surrenders that had been listed for free on social media.  Dezzi is a 3 month old puppy previously owned by someone who was moving and couldn’t keep her. Lucky for all of them, Pet Path opened their arms of rescue. All ten of these babies needed basic vetting: vaccines, deworming, spay/neuter, and microchips. We helped the rescue pay for these services.

HPAN Awards 10K in Capital Grants!

Helping Paws Animal Network is happy to announce the recipients of the 2019 Capital Improvement Grant Opportunity! We awarded four worthy 501(c)(3) organizations a total of $10,000!

Hooves & Feathers Farm Animal Humane Society provides rescue, shelter, rehabilitation, and adoption services for farm animals to local law enforcement. In 2018, Hooves & Feathers started a campaign to raise $2,000 to repair their arena. Since then, their campaign has stalled, and they still lack $1,000. HPAN provided the remainder of funds for fencing materials. The strong perimeter arena fence will ensure safety for the animals and volunteers. The arena is also used to host fundraisers! Funds provided by HPAN will allow Hooves & Feathers to finish rebuilding the arena fence.

A Chance for Champ (ACFC) is a canine rescue dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of “at risk” canines. Most of the dogs have special needs, or are under veterinary care for their rehabilitation. Because of special needs, these canines must be kept separated when not under supervision due to varying temperaments, sizes, disabilities, diet, etc. ACFC keeps growing and needs more shelter for incoming animals. HPAN funded the addition of four new standard kennels and one isolation kennel for rescue canines with infectious illness. The new kennels will be built by ACFC’s volunteers! We funded $3,025 for this worthy project!

Senior Dog Lodge & Animal Rescue’s mission began as rescuing senior dogs, allowing them live out their lives at the lodge. They are currently the only rescue group in Morgan County where there is no Animal Control. Although Senior Dog Lodge began with intentions of rescuing senior dogs, the demands of the county required them to be more inclusive. They’ve found themselves taking in owner surrendered dogs of all ages as well as some cats. They routinely send animals to northern rescue groups, which requires a strict intake procedure. This partially includes cleaning the animals, especially puppies, before the quarantine time begins. HPAN funded $3,500 for a cage bank and washing station with hot and cold running water to help with the increasing number of puppies and kittens.

The remainder of our Capital Grant funding for the year was awarded to the GoNorth Animal Transport Collaborative. GoNorth works with 19 overcrowded shelters in 15 east Tennessee counties. They cooperate to send shelter animals to wonderful northern shelters that want them and need them to meet a high adoption demand. GoNorth’s primary transport vehicle can hold an average of 25 to 30 animals on trips that range from 8 to 12 hours in length. An average of two trips per week are made to northern shelters! The transport vehicle must be cleaned thoroughly between transports in the interest of disease prevention, and the design of the cargo walls makes this a challenge if not impossible to even the most dedicated and conscientious cleaners. HPAN provided $2,475 toward stainless steel sheeting installed inside the cargo area of the van so it is possible to thoroughly clean.

We are so happy to share this with you and thank you for your continued support of HPAN! Without your help, we wouldn’t be able to offer capital grant opportunities to the rescue organizations. We’re looking forward to seeing and hearing about their progress!

HPAN Helps Toby with $300

Toby is a sweet Chi mix from the Roane County Animal Shelter.  He has a large mass the size of a golf ball on his chest.  This mass appeared to be filled with fluid.  Upon taking him to the vet, his rescuer, Halo’s, ordered x-rays and a biopsy of the mass.  It was determined he does have fluid around his heart, and he will have to remain on two different medications for the rest of his life. The swelling of the mass has gone down with medication; unfortunately, the mass is too close to the heart to operate. Toby is being loved and spoiled.

HPAN Sponsors Kitties for $125.54

Joy, Ralfie, Noel, and Peppermint were rescued from a shelter by Almost Home Animal Rescue. We sponsored their vaccines and combo testing.

HPAN Sponsors Wendy for $127.50

Wendy, a little sweet stray, was taken in by Almost Home Animal Rescue. After she was vetted, they sent her to a northern rescue. We sponsored her exam, vaccines, ear medicine, and dewormer.

HPAN Helps Hooves & Feathers with Hermione

Hermione has ended up under the care of Hooves & Feathers Farm Animal Humane Society twice in less than a year. The first time she arrived at their barn was when her owner was taken to jail. Knox County Animal Control seized her so she would not be abandoned. Her owner was released from jail and with permission from Knox County Animal Control, Hermione was reclaimed. About four months later, Animal Control received a call concerning a pig that had been abandoned on the porch of a house. That’s when Hermione found her way back to rescue for a second time. After the required five-day hold, she became property of the rescue. We sponsored Hermione’s spay surgery so she can be adopted to a loving home for once!

HPAN Sponsors Molly with $216.63

Molly was found caught in a coyote trap by a Campbell County Animal Control officer. She had significant wounds to her front leg that required debridement, sugar wraps, and antibiotics. The Friends of Campbell County Animals covered the treatment costs.  Now that Molly is well enough to be spayed, they asked us to sponsor the surgery and associated costs plus her microchip, so she is ready to be adopted into a forever home!


HPAN Helps Rudy with $300

Rudy was picked up as a stray in Morgan County at a prime “dumping ground.” He luckily found his way to Senior Dog Lodge & Animal Rescue. Unfortunately, Rudy was diagnosed with heartworms. We paid $300 toward his treatment cost. He will be available for transport or adoption as soon as he has a clean bill of health.