HPAN Helps Blue with $52.25

Blue came to the Campbell County Animal Shelter a very sick kitty. He was taken to the vet for testing and medication. We sponsored his bill, and he’s doing doing much better.

HPAN Helps Mr. Wiggles and Delilah with $435

Spay it Forward East TN got a call from someone saying that Mr. Wiggles and Delilah were left as orphans when their mom passed away. The rescue group took them to the vet for a neuter, dental, vaccines, etc. They are much better now and will be adopted into a new home. We were happy to cover their vet bill.

HPAN Helps MAARC with $300

Annie was found as a stray and had been attacked by a couple dogs. She was picked up by a Good Samaritan and taken to the Maryville Alcoa Animal Rescue Center (MAARC). A volunteer rushed her to the University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical Center where Annie had emergency surgery. Unfortunately, Annie passed away the next day, but the rescue was left with a bill for over $4,000. We contributed $300 to help them, and we hope animal lovers far and wide will consider helping as well.

HPAN Sponsors Barb with $199.65

Barb got herself tangled with a barbed wire fence, causing very serious injury to her underside. Thankfully, she was found and taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter. Their vet was able to stitch her up and put her on a path to recovery. We were glad when shelter staff asked us for help!

HPAN Helps Ming with $252

Ming’s owner could no longer care for her and surrendered her to the Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center. They asked us to help cover her vet bill, which included emergency boarding, exam, diagnostics, medication, and vaccines. She has a way to go, but she’s already feeling better!

HPAN Helps Molly and Trixie with $188.50

Molly and Trixie were living outside in less than ideal conditions, tethered, and with no shelter when they were surrendered to the Blount County Animal Welfare Society. We sponsored their vet checks, vaccines, and needed meds for $188.50 so they can head to foster care and get on a path to a better life!

HPAN Sponsors Gus for $300

Gus is part of a hoarding case of nearly 40 animals. The owner is releasing several animals at a time to the Humane Society of Roane County. Gus is one of the sicker ones. He had to be taken straight to the vet for blood work, antibiotics, and basic vaccines. We paid $300 on his vet bill.

HPAN Sponsored Buddy with $122

Campbell County Animal Control received a call from a concerned citizen regarding a very skinny old dog wandering around in the woods. Along with shelter staff, they were able to capture this old dog and take him to the vet for evaluation. Old Man Buddy was checked for parasites and had a thorough exam, but he has a long way to go before he feels good. Until then, he will rest in rescue until he is ready for adoption. We were happy when the shelter asked us to pay his vet bill.

HPAN Helps Midnight with $187

Midnight came to the Campbell County Animal Shelter with a bummed back leg. She wasn’t putting any weight on it at all, so the shelter staff took her to their vet where she received an exam, x-rays, and pain medication. She is now in a medical foster home recovering until she is available for adoption. We were able to sponsor Midnight’s vet bill.

HPAN Pays $300 on Cocoa’s Vet Bill

When Cocoa was hit by a car, her pelvis was fractured in multiple places. Her owner surrendered Cocoa that way to a local shelter. Then the Maryville Alcoa Animal Rescue Center stepped in to bring her into their program. They took Cocoa straight to the vet, but it cost them over $600. We were happy to help them with a $300 payment.