HPAN Helps Phoebe in Her Golden Years with $195

Phoebe came to Slumdog Rescue Crew from Cleveland Animal Control and was surrendered with five other dogs. She is 9 years old, has heartworms, can’t do stairs (arthritis), and doesn’t look like she’s lived the best life. We are doing our part to ensure she has a better life by sponsoring her heartworm treatments.



HPAN Helps Breakout another Cat from Jail

The Loudon County Friends of Animals has a soft spot for long-term shelter cats, which is what the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter has in their possession. They met Simone while picking up another cat and fell in love with her. Contingent on our sponsorship of the pull fee, Simone had a chance of breaking her 4+ month shelter stay, and now she’s out! All it took was $55, and we were happy to help.

HPAN Helps with Bucky’s Rescue

Bucky was picked up as a stray in a rural county with no tags, collar, or microchip, and covered in ticks and fleas. His owner could not be found, and the stressed state he was in at the time of rescue indicated that he had probably been dumped. Homeward Bound Dog Rescue of NY agreed to take him into their program. We sponsored Bucky’s exam, heartworm test, dewormer, vaccines, and neuter.

HPAN Helps Break Sophie out of Jail

Sophie had been at the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter for nearly nine months. When a shelter volunteer asked Loudon County Friends of Animals if they would cross county lines and help Sophie, they agreed if we could pay the $55 rescue pull fee. We agreed!!

HPAN Helps Milo with $300 for Surgery

Milo was a hunting dog that no one wanted anymore, so he was turned loose and left to fend for himself. With no one to take care of him, Milo was doing his best to find food and shelter when he was hit by a car. Instead of helping Milo, the driver of the car just left him laying in the road and injured. Milo was brought in by an animal control officer who found him disoriented and struggling to walk. Milo’s back leg/hip was broken, but the Campbell County Animal Center stabilized him, addressed his pain, and began a fundraising campaign. The veterinarian needed to surgically repair the ball part of Milo’s hip, so that he can fully heal and live a happy life with a family who loves him. Milo’s sad eyes tell a lot about his life up until now. He is a houndie with a lot of living left to do, so we sponsored his surgery! We can’t wait to see him get him well and in a home of his very own.

HPAN Sponsors Red’s Surgery with $300

Red was given to a family member by a breeder who no longer wanted him. The family member didn’t either, so Red was lucky enough to be taken in by A Chance for Champ, one of our newly sponsored rescue organizations who rescues dogs, rehabilitates them as needed, provides training, and adopts to wonderful families. Red had a luxating patella, otherwise known as a dislocated kneecap. We kicked in $300 to the $600+ surgery to Pellissippi Veterinary Hospital so Red can have the life he deserves.

HPAN Pays for Weezer’s Basic Vetting

Weezer was found along the dangerous curvy road called “The Dragon” without a single soul in sight. She ended up in the possession of a resident in Blount County who could not keep her. Sweetwater Valley Dog Rescue took in Weezer and asked us to cover her basic vetting. We paid for her testing, spay surgery, vaccines, and dewormer. She will soon be up for adoption.

HPAN Sponsors 50 Vaccines for Local Shelter

The Roane County Animal Shelter asked if we could sponsor some vaccines for their intake dogs. We sent in $260, which will buy 50 five-in-one canine vaccines.

HPAN Sponsored Sister Odell with $125

Sister Odell was living in squalor on a short chain and without proper housing. Thankfully, her owner did not want her anymore, and she was taken in by Sweetwater Valley Dog Rescue. We paid for her vaccines, spay surgery, heartworm test, microchip, deworm, and monthly prevention. She will go on to live an amazing life – one that she deserves!

HPAN Helps SRC Save Maya

Maya was a stray on a shelter euthanasia list. She had a bleeding tumor, kennel cough, was covered with fleas/ticks, malnourished, and was a senior to boot. She was flat out of options. A foster and Slumdog Rescue Crew (SRC) stepped up to save Maya. She made it out by the skin of her teeth, was taken to the vet, had that nasty tumor removed, and was put on antibiotics for kennel cough. She’s lavished in comfort and love while she heals. Before long she will receive the rest of her vet services and will be able to retire in peace with an adoptive family. HPAN paid $300 for Maya’s surgery and medicine.