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HPAN Sponsors the Purchase of Spay/Neuter Instruments

The Campbell County Animal Shelter gets it. They understand the underlying cause of too many unwanted animals is lack of spay/neuter. They are changing that in their county. A few years ago, they were the recipient of one of our capital grants for the purchase of surgery tables. Their spay/neuter clinic, ensuring no shelter animal is adopted without being altered, has been in operation for about a year. The surgery room is almost in constant operation, which proves a need for surgical instruments that have been sterilized and replaced in sterile packages. Their veterinarian expressed that more surgeries could be performed if they didn’t have to stop so much to sterilize instruments between surgeries. That’s when the Friends of Campbell County Animals approached us. Showing us the necessary statistics of the number of shelter animals helped in this way, we saw their need and quickly jumped on board. Although this is not classified as a capital grant, it is a grant that will keep on giving as each and every animal is spayed or neutered before leaving the shelter for years to come. That is something to celebrate!

HPAN Helps Campbell County Animal Shelter with Two Vet Bills for $463

Little Grayson was surrendered as a sick puppy to the shelter. The Friends of Campbell County Animals tried their best to help him beat parvovirus, demodex mange, and sepsis, but he lost the battle and left the rescue with hundreds in debt. We contributed $300 to the cause. Lucy Lou entered the shelter with heartworms. Thankfully she had a better outcome, and we were able to sponsor her treatments for $163.

HPAN Sponsors Finn with $287.93

Finn was seized by Campbell County Animal Control from an abuse/neglect situation with his buddy, Pumpkin. Finn was treated for malnourishment and an urinary tract infection. The shelter group, Friends of Campbell County Animals, asked us to pay for Finn’s vet check, vaccines, testing, medication, and hospitalization. He’s doing so much better!

HPAN Helps Raven with $254

Raven was hit by a car and taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter, then rushed to the vet for emergency treatment for a head injury.  Raven is in a medical foster home where she is still recovering.  She has learned manners, is learning what it is like to be spoiled, and is a staff favorite at the shelter.  She gives the best hugs! We were able to sponsor Raven’s initial vet costs, and the Friends of Campbell County Animals sponsored her specialty costs at the UT Vet Hospital. Raven has some balance issues, but her overall health is good. She seems quite happy to be a bit wonky!­­­

HPAN Sponsors Lady with $177

Lady was surrendered to the Campbell County Animal Shelter by her owner. She had not been spayed or kept on heartworm prevention. Unfortunately, she tested positive for heartworms, but the Friends of Campbell County Animals (FCCA) came to the rescue and started her on a 30-day regimen of antibiotics prior to her heartworm treatment injections. When it came time for the injections, FCCA reached out for us to sponsor the cost of that as well as Lady’s spay surgery. No more heartworms and no more pups for this fine gal!

HPAN Sponsors Molly with $216.63

Molly was found caught in a coyote trap by a Campbell County Animal Control officer. She had significant wounds to her front leg that required debridement, sugar wraps, and antibiotics. The Friends of Campbell County Animals covered the treatment costs.  Now that Molly is well enough to be spayed, they asked us to sponsor the surgery and associated costs plus her microchip, so she is ready to be adopted into a forever home!


HPAN Pays for FCCA Spay

Raven was rescued by the Friends of Campbell County Animals (FCCA). She had a broken leg and a severe case of mange, which have been treated. FCCA called upon us to help with Raven’s spay surgery. We gladly paid the $75 needed to her vet. Once she is all healed up, she will be available for adoption. Anyone interested in Raven should contact Friends of Campbell County, Tennessee Animals via Facebook.

image001(1) Raven1

HPAN assists Friends of Campbell County Animals

Sunny was a pregnant shelter dog, and shelters are no place for puppies to be born. She was in distress to boot. The Friends of Campbell County Animals (FCCA) pulled her while she was in labor, and she ended up needing surgery. We were happy to cover the bill of $197!


HPAN Helps Friends of Campbell County Animals with Two Emergencies

Recently, Friends of Campbell County Animals (FCCA) called upon us to help with two emergency cases.  Indy had been hit by a car and was diagnosed with a broken pelvis.  He needed x-rays, pain medications, and rest.  Charley was pregnant and in duress as her labor began. She was rushed to the vet for an emergency c-section and spay.  The puppies did not make it, and only surgery spared Charley’s life. She is recovering comfortably at a foster home.  Both dogs will be adopted out once they’re fully healed.  We were glad to cover the fees totaling $423.50 for these precious dogs.





HPAN Assists FCCA with Injured Dog

Margo, a cute little wire-haired terrier, was hit by car and left to die. Her leg had to be amputated, but she still had a lot of life in her. Once Margo has recovered from surgery, she will be spayed.  Altogether, Margo’s care is going to set the Friends of Campbell County Animals back by about $400.  HPAN agreed to donate $200 toward Margo’s care.