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HPAN Helps HBDR with $2000

Homeward Bound Dog Rescue (HBDR) takes in a lot of needy dogs from our local area. They are known for taking in pregnant momma dogs and moms with litters. They always adopt out the puppies after they’re certified healthy and all “fixed” up. They never leave the mom dogs behind; they get good homes, too. HBDR requires two rounds of vaccines before adopting out the puppies. Recently they had 10 puppies break with parvo, even after the vaccines were administered. Merck, the vaccine company, said the vaccines must have been ineffective. They will never know for sure, but what they do know is that it is EXPENSIVE to treat parvo. One pup can run into the hundreds of dollars very quickly. HBDR has amassed a huge amount of debt caring for these 10 puppies. One thing we know is that debt stifles rescue, so we contributed $2,000 to HBDR’s enormous vet bill so they can continue to rescue in our area.


HPAN Sponsors Rhea, a Dog with a Slim Chance

Homeward Bound Dog Rescue pulled Rhea from the Roane County Animal Shelter a day before she would have been euthanized. When shelters are overcrowded and there are old and sick animals, those are the first to go. Rhea showed a will to live, so the rescue organization gave her that chance. We sponsored her veterinary exam and the medicine is needed to help her get on a track to wellness.


HPAN Helps Parvo Pups Get Well with $1000

Homeward Bound Dog Rescue has been hit hard with parvo pups lately. The latest case was a momma dog and her four puppies in Roane County that were taken to the shelter. They were going to euthanize them, but a foster/volunteer wanted to give them a chance. They are on now at the vet being treated. Parvo is hard to treat and very expensive, at around $500 per dog. We contributed $1000 to help with this huge need.

HPAN Sponsors Floyd’s Surgery with $300

Floyd was found in the street, hit by a car, and was taken to the Blount County shelter. An x-ray revealed a broken femur, which required surgery. HPAN kicked in $300 to help Homeward Bound Dog Rescue on the bill.

HPAN Helps Save Two Puppies Stricken with Parvo

These two babies were at the Roane County Animal Shelter for ten days and contracted the parvovirus. Immediate vet care was needed, so Homeward Bound Dog Rescue stepped in to help. We kicked in $400 to cover the vet bill.


HPAN Sponsors Maci’s Pull Fee for $55

Maci the Beagle was labeled as being aggressive toward other dogs, so she was being passed over at the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter week after week. Homeward Bound Dog Rescue (HBDR) decided to give her a chance, and lucky for Maci, HBDR has a foster who loves Beagles. HPAN gladly paid the $55 pull fee, and the rescue is paying the transport fee, wellness check, etc.


HPAN Sponsors Eli Buttons with $100

Eli Buttons was just a baby at the Roane County Animal Shelter where he had his first shot. He started having seizures. The shelter called on the Humane Society of Roane County who called on Homeward Bound Dog Rescue (HBDR) of New York who immediately took him to the vet where he was monitored for two days. For his second shot, he also spent the day with the vet just to make sure he was OK. Once the pup was in the clear, he needed to be neutered and have another exam and health certificate so he could be adopted out of NY, HBDR’s headquarters. We were happy to sponsor those needs.

Eli Buttons

HPAN Sends $200 for Sophie

Sophie is a little senior gal found running the streets of Oak Ridge. After failed attempts to find her home, she was pulled into rescue by Homeward Bound Dog Rescue. It turned out to be a huge blessing for Sophie because of her medical needs. She needed to be vaccinated, dewormed, spayed, and microchipped. Plus, she needed several teeth pulled, a dental cleaning, tumor removal, and bladder stone treatment. The rescue and Sophie’s foster paid for a large part of this, and they only asked us for $200. In early January, Sophie will ship to HBDR’s headquarters in New York, where she will go into a fabulous foster home while she awaits the perfect forever family.


HPAN Assists Tobi with $250

Tobi was recently rescued from the Roane County Animal Shelter by Homeward Bound Dog Rescue. He had been hit by a car and suffered minor injuries. We sponsored his x-rays, neuter, and vaccines.


HPAN Helps Homeward Bound Pups with $300 Sponsorship

Homeward Bound Dog Rescue took in a very pregnant dog and let her deliver puppies in their rescue. She had six beautiful puppies. We assisted with half the funds needed to get the pups ready for adoption. Our sponsorship helped cover exams, spay/neuter, and health certificates for these beauties.


Cesira, Cinzia, Lucia, Miguel. Juana, & Mario