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HPAN Helps Heal Meredith’s Heart with $475

Meredith landed at the Anderson County Animal Shelter before she was taken in by Double Dog Rescue. Unfortunately, she had heartworms, caused by a single mosquito bite. The rescue asked us to sponsor her treatments. We were glad to pay the fee and get her on a path to wellness. Meredith is recovering in foster care, and then she will be transported to Connecticut, if not adopted locally.

Dottie Gets Heartworm Treatment with $425

Double Dog Rescue pulled Dottie from the Anderson County Animal Shelter and asked if we would sponsor her heartworm treatment. If she does well, she will hop a van and be adopted from a northern state.

HPAN Sponsors Warner for $295

Warner was taken to the Anderson County Animal Shelter as a stray. He hadn’t been neutered, and he had various masses on his body. We were able to help with his medical care by paying for his mass removal and testing, as well as his neuter. We are hoping he makes a full recovery!

Senior Girl, Gypsy, Gets the Care She Needs

This beautiful dog was taken to the Anderson County Animal Shelter as a stray. With some suspicious growths on her body, the interim shelter director thought she needed to be checked by a vet, so he asked if we would sponsor. We were happy to cover the $194 cost of Gypsy’s exam, blood work, and x-rays. She has been pulled into rescue and will get additional care prior to her adoption.

HPAN Sponsors Joseph with $300

Joseph’s owner was losing his house and could no longer care for this sweet baby. The Anderson County Animal Shelter had the owner contact the Humane Society of Roane County, and they picked him up along with is cat friends. Joseph had a bad case of pancreatitis and needed vet care. We were happy to help in the bill.

HPAN Helps Harper with $300 for Surgery

Harper was surrendered to the Anderson County Animal Shelter. She was covered in flees, had a bad skin infection, needed to be spayed, and had a bum leg from a former surgery gone wrong. Slumdog Rescue Crew pulled this tiny darling into their program and got her straight to the vet, who said her back leg was causing her more trouble than it was worth and that an amputation would be needed. They asked us to help with the cost of surgery, which was nearly $1,600. We were at least able to pitch in $300. Payments can be called into Powell Animal Hospital, 865-938-7008.

HPAN Helps Bosco and Charlie with $556.88

Bosco and Charlie’s time was up at the Anderson County Animal Shelter. They were surrendered together by their family. Both beagles had skin infections, one had bad teeth, neither were up to date on any vaccines or prevention, and both had Ehrlichia and Lyme, which are tickborne diseases. Needless to say, a lot of vet care was needed to get these boys the life they deserved. We were happy to help the rescue group, Almost Home Animal Rescue, who pulled them into safety. These boys will be in a better home soon!

HPAN Sponsors Three Lucky Shelter Dogs for $445

Elly from Young-Williams Animal Center, Panda from Anderson County Animal Shelter, and Frances from Roane County Animal Shelter, all with different medical needs, found their way into safety with Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue. We helped with Elly’s mange treatment, Panda’s initial vetting, and Frances’ leg surgery. All of these babies will be adopted into loving homes when they are fully healed.

Panda (left), Frances (top), and Elly (bottom)

HPAN Pays $167 for Falcon’s Heart Worm Treatment

A Chance for Champ pulled Falcon into their rescue program from the Anderson County Animal Shelter when he was diagnosed with heart worms. He would have been euthanized without their assistance. We were happy to pay the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley’s medical clinic for his treatment, and he is recovering in foster care.

HPAN to the Rescue with $303.50

Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue was called by the great folks of the Anderson County Animal Shelter to come to the rescue of a mom dog, Tulip, who had just delivered six puppies at the shelter, which is no place for newborns to be. They immediately went into foster care and then a bit later to the vet for services including puppy shots, dewormer, testing on Tulip, and health certificates. What an honor to help this little family at Christmastime!