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HPAN Pays $300 to Help Cyrus

The Animal Wellness Foundation took in a 1-2 year old, 30 pound dog, named Cyrus, who is heartworm positive. His former owners could no longer afford to care for him. Cyrus is a super sweet dog with a great personality. HPAN sponsored the needed heartworm treatments. Once he is well, he will transport to a rescue AWF is affiliated with in Buffalo, NY.


HPAN Pays Down Surgery Cost for Alex

The Animal Wellness Foundation requested funding assistance for Alex, a 5-6 year old black Lab mix, rescued from the Anderson County Shelter where he was taken after an apparent car injury. After a vet visit, x-rays showed a broken leg. The bill is around $900 at Pellissippi Vet. HPAN paid $300 on the bill.


HPAN Helps Rid Dixie of Heartworms

Dixie was one of the most overlooked dogs at Roane County Animal Shelter. She was scared, confused, and heartbroken. She would stay in the back of her kennel, and honestly, no one ever noticed her. The Animal Wellness Foundation immediately pulled her into rescue. They knew Dixie needed a little extra TLC time before heading to Buffalo, NY to rescue. She was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection, possible signs of pneumonia, and she is heartworm positive. She’s now ready for her heartworm treatment at Volunteer Vet Hospital, but the rescue has only $200 left and her treatment is $350. We kicked in the additional $150 needed.


HPAN Sponsors Vetting of 20 Local Shelter Animals so They May Take Northbound Freedom Ride

Hansel, Gretel, and Oscar are the first three of 20 animals we are sponsoring prior to their transport to northern rescues. These three were vaccinated, tested, dewormed, chipped, and altered at a low-cost spay/neuter clinic. Partnering rescues are the Roane County Animal Shelter and the Animal Wellness Foundation. Without this required vetting, the animals would not have this chance. We will post others as they are vetted so you can see their beautiful faces.


HPAN Helps Ozzie Escape Death

The Animal Wellness Foundation got a call from a local shelter saying they had a Blue Heeler mix apparently hit by a car with non-life-threatening injuries, yet he would have been slated for euthanasia because he needed x-rays, etc. – things the shelter was not equipped for. We received a plea from the rescue for help, and upon approval, Ozzie was on his way to the vet for an evaluation, heartworm test, vaccines, and neuter. The good news is that the hit caused a broken leg with no internal injuries; the bad news is that he’s heartworm-positive. While undergoing treatment, Ozzie, now named Ryder, is in foster care before he will ship off to a Heeler rescue. We applied $300 toward the vet bill.


HPAN Pays $300 for Connie’s Care

Connie was taken to the Roane County Animal Shelter frightened and obviously not well. It was clear she needed to be pulled soon, so the Animal Wellness Foundation stepped in to save her. She was immediately taken to the vet where she received testing, medication, vaccines, dewormer, and a heartworm test. She had already been spayed. HPAN paid for her vetting and the transport fee to send her to a northern rescue where she will quickly be adopted.


HPAN Pays for Buddy’s Vet Needs

Buddy was pulled from the Roane County Animal Shelter by the Animal Wellness Foundation. He wasn’t using his back leg and didn’t have much of a chance. The rescue asked us to sponsor Buddy’s exam, x-ray, vaccines, tests, dewormer, and neuter. We were happy to help! Buddy hopped a transport to Pennsylvania where he is with a rescue that will surely find him a forever home.


HPAN Pays $239 for Amy’s Vetting and $150 for Transport Costs

The Animal Wellness Foundation rescued sweet pregnant Amy from Roane County Animal Shelter. After picking her up, they immediately took Amy to Village Vet Hospital in Maryville to have her X-rayed and vetted. She has three large puppies and is due within the next two weeks. HPAN paid Amy’s vetting costs, which included X-rays, heartworm test, skin scraping, rabies shot, wormer, heartworm/flea/tick prevention for one month, and health exam. We also helped cover transport expenses to help get Amy to her receiving rescue in New York.


HPAN Contributes $300 to Vixen

The Animal Wellness Foundation rescued a heartworm positive dog named Vixen. He’s young, full of life, and deserves to live. We sponsored his treatments.


HPAN Sponsors Morgan County Pups with $181 Donation

It isn’t uncommon for rescues to help each other. Big Dog Haven had more dogs than they could handle and called on the Friends of Oak Ridge Animal Shelter (FORAS), who stepped in and relieved them of three puppies that had been dumped in a ditch.  Then, FORAS called on the Animal Wellness Foundation for help on placement. Before being transported to a New York rescue, the pups needed a few vet services, boosters, etc. These poor puppies had been so hungry that they had eaten rocks and ash. They are now in rescue and on their way to better lives.

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