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HPAN Helps Gracie with $667

Gracie arrived at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Jamestown. She was sick and full of worms. She had four puppies and nearly died giving birth. Gracie had an old break in her leg that was so bad the bone was millimeters from puncturing through the skin. The vet felt it best to amputate Gracie’s front leg due to the nature of the break and her tiny size. We contributed $667, which was one-third the cost of the surgery at VCA Ragland & Riley Animal Hospital.

Seven Shelter Pups Get Vetted and a Freedom Ride!

The Humane Society of Roane County came to the rescue for Nanny, Banks, Ruby, Poptart, Ziggy, Ruby, and Gus after they landed at the crowded Roane County Animal Shelter. We had the opportunity to sponsor all of them for $305, which covered their exams, rabies vaccines, heartworm tests, flea treatment, and health certificates required for the northbound trip.

Wynona Gets Spayed and a Healthy Heart!

Animal control brought Wynona and her four puppies from a cemetery, where they had been abandoned, to the Campbell County Animal Shelter. The puppies were vetted and sent to a northern rescue. Wynona stayed behind for pretreatment medication for her heartworm disease. The Friends of Campbell County Animals asked if we would sponsor her remaining vet needs (rabies vaccine, spay surgery, heartworm treatment and medication, and boarding). We were happy to cover the $272 bill. This gorgeous girl will recover in foster care and hopefully be adopted locally.

Ava Finally Gets to Live the Life She Deserves!

Double Dog Rescue pulled Ava into their program. Up to that point, she had lived her life on a chain in the city of Knoxville. Hours baking in the sun brought on a very serious skin cancer on her “nether region.” We sponsored her mass removal, medication, and biopsy testing for $447. Just look at her then and now photos!

HPAN Helps Heal Beauty with $272

Beauty was surrendered to the Roane County Animal Shelter by her owner. She had lived outside all her life with no name, serving as a breeding factory. When she started showing signs of heartworms, the owner had no use for her. That’s when the Humane Society of Roane County stepped in. They asked us to pay for her spay, rabies vaccine, heartworm test confirmation, and heartworm treatment. Beauty will heal in foster care before being transported north. Life gets better from here, sweet girl!

Graham Finds Rescue and HPAN Help with $223.99

Graham was the product of a drop and drive. Fortunately for him, he was dropped near a foster for Almost Home Animal Rescue. She scooped up this handsome kitty, took him to the vet for services, and the rescue secured our sponsorship. Graham was subsequently adopted!

Four Shelter Dogs Primed for Transport with Our Sponsorship

Luca, Sugar, Toby, and Noah are catching a freedom ride to Connecticut after being pulled out of the Roane County Animal Shelter by the Humane Society of Roane County. We had the privilege of sponsoring the needed wellness exams, vaccines, heartworm tests, and flea treatment for $176. All but one had been fixed, and the intake rescue will cover that. Happy trials, sweet ones! We are so glad to play a small part in your rescue!

HPAN Sponsors Barbara for $135

The Humane Society of Roane County pulled Barbara from the shelter. Poor girl had contracted heartworms and needed treatment. We were so glad to help!

Sophie and Precious Saved with $1000

These beautiful dogs were saved by Almost Home Animal Rescue. Sophie was stuck in a shelter and had two days to live when she was saved. Precious was an owner surrender, who came into rescue with no training whatsoever. We had the opportunity to pay a portion of the emergency boarding for these girls, as well as spay surgery for precious, and vaccines and deworming for both.

Pup Family Fixed for $341

Bella and her puppies, Theo and Tommy T, were strays surrendered to Spay It Forward East Tennessee. We had the honor of sponsoring spay/neuter and vaccines for all of them. Poor Bella also had pyometra, which is a uterine infection in unspayed females. It makes the spay surgery a little bit more difficult, and it can be deadly if not treated. Bella’s spay literally saved her life.