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HPAN Sponsors Three Dogs with $1500

We recently had the opportunity to pay $500 on vet bills for each of these:

Rita – a cute little girl that was always kept in a pen outside. Her owner did not spend any time with her and finally gave her up. She had heartworms and needed treatment.

Jasmine – a beautiful dog from a local shelter was begging to be saved. She also had heartworms.

Willa – a sweet senior girl whose family moved and did not take her with them. She had been attacked by some other dogs and needed medical attention. Two of these dogs have since been adopted, and Willa is still awaiting a new home.

HPAN Helps Mini Equine with $1000

Hot Toddy was sold when he was just a few weeks old at an exotic sale. Much too young to be away from his mom or to be exposed to all the diseases at the sale. He developed salmonella, pneumonia and equine herpes. After a week in ICU at the University of Tennessee large animal hospital, he is finally showing signs of improvement. He still has a long road ahead of him and will be heading to the East TN Mini Horse & Donkey Rescue as soon as he is strong enough. HPAN was happy to contribute to Hot Toddy’s large medical bill.

HPAN Sponsors Two Senior Dogs with $748.13

Lola was found as a stray. Blossom was surrendered by her owner. Both were lucky enough to land with MoCo Mutts Rescue Center. Both of these seniors needed teeth pulled. Additionally, one needed a bad eye removed and another needed a growth removed. After we paid their vet bills, these little ladies are so much more comfortable and ready to live out the rest of their lives without pain!

HPAN Sponsors Three Almost Home Animals for $211.82

Oliver and Sascha have been on the blog before, but we had a little room left in their funds bank to continue their sponsorship, as they are still in rescue and needed a little bit more vetting. Oliver was in bad shape when he was pulled by Almost Home Animal Rescue a while back, and he is doing so much better. Sascha nearly died from parvo weeks ago, and we were able to help with her emergency bill. This time we contributed a little money toward her spay surgery. And a new little one, Duchess, benefitted from our sponsorship, as she needed her combo testing and some initial vetting.

HPAN Sponsors Toulouse, Katie, Bugsy, and Honeybee with $413.52

These four abandoned souls needed rescue and vetting. We sponsored their basic needs, as well as testing and blood work where required. All are available for adoption with Almost Home Animal Rescue.

HPAN Helps Tyson with $270

Tyson was an owner surrender (thank goodness they decided to surrender him) to the shelter in Campbell County. As he was walking through the lobby to go back to a kennel, shelter staff noticed a screw sticking out of one of his back legs. He was also limping on a front leg. He was taken to their vet where he received multiple x-rays, medications, had the front leg set, and the screw removed from his back leg. We gladly paid for his vet bill. He is recovering at the shelter and will be transferring to a rescue soon!

HPAN Sponsors Roxy’s Radiograph for $55

Roxy came to the Campbell County Animal Shelter ready to pop with puppies. She had 11 healthy puppies but the twelfth was proving to be a problem. Roxy was rushed to their vet for evaluation. The puppy’s neck was bent backwards, and it had perished in the birth canal. Fortunately, the pup was able to be taken, and then the last puppy was born without complications. The shelter asked us to sponsor Roxy’s x-ray so they knew what they were dealing with. Without this diagnostic, the deceased puppy would have caused Roxy to have sepsis, which could have killed her and the last puppy.

HPAN Helps Matilda Get Rid of Heartworms with $500

Matilda was taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter as an owner surrender. Sadly, she tested positive for heartworms. We sponsored her heartworm treatments, and she is resting in foster care.

HPAN Sponsors Hayden’s Post-Surgery Boarding for $375

Hayden was seized by law enforcement after being severely neglected by his family. Irresponsible breeding caused him to be born with the worst case of hip dysplasia the vet had ever seen. So, at one year old, Hayden found himself needing surgery. His rescue, Homeward Bound Dog Rescue covered his osteotomy and asked if we could help sponsor his specialty boarding while he recovers. We sent $375 to cover boarding needed after the first hip surgery, and we will cover the next stent when Hayden has his final osteotomy.

HPAN Helps Save Sam with Sponsorship

Sam was surrendered to animal control after being hit by a car. He was in a great deal of pain and was taken to the vet for evaluation by the Friends of Campbell County Animals. After being examined and receiving x-rays, it was determined he has multiple pelvic fractures and was in need of an approximate $6K surgery, including five plates. Sam was taken back to the shelter for euthanasia, but in the meantime, a rescue called and agreed to transfer him to their program. He was transferred to Nashville later in the night. Sam is so very lucky, and we were glad to sponsor his local vet bill of $124.