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HPAN Pays $300 on Cocoa’s Vet Bill

When Cocoa was hit by a car, her pelvis was fractured in multiple places. Her owner surrendered Cocoa that way to a local shelter. Then the Maryville Alcoa Animal Rescue Center stepped in to bring her into their program. They took Cocoa straight to the vet, but it cost them over $600. We were happy to help them with a $300 payment.

HPAN Sponsors Ozzy’s Neuter for $210

Ozzy was left behind with a formerly adopted pit bull, Titan, when their owner was arrested and incarcerated. When Titan’s former rescuer, the East TN Pit Bull Rescue, got word of this and went to retrieve Titan, they just couldn’t leave without taking Ozzy, too. The rescue asked us to sponsor Ozzy’s neuter, and we were glad to do it! Ozzy will be adopted into a new home soon!

HPAN Helps Heal Wrenn’s Heart with $286

Wrenn found herself discarded by her owner at an animal shelter. She had not been cared for and tested positive for heartworms. Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue took her into their program immediately. They asked us to sponsor her heartworm treatments, which cost $286. She is recovering in foster care.

HPAN Sponsors 11 Rescue Kitties with $692.82

Grimm, Spooky, Clarence, Simba, Carrot, Stormy, Sheba, Siri, Navara, Piper, and Freddie were taken in as strays by Almost Home Animal Rescue. They have now been examined and tested, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, etc. and are ready for their new homes. We were happy to sponsor the cost of these vet services.

HPAN Helps Roscoe with $300

Roscoe is heartworm positive and began treatment last week. He was under threat of euthanasia at the Anderson County Animal Shelter when Double Dog Rescue stepped up to pull him into their program. We paid $300 on Roscoe’s heartworm treatments. Once he’s well, he will transport north for adoption. Better days are ahead for Roscoe!

HPAN Sponsors 7 Mini Equines with $880

Mr. Jingles, Edward, Bella, Sabrina, Salem, King Arthur, and Boo are rescued mini equines at the East TN Miniature Horse and Donkey Rescue. A myriad of vetting was needed all at once. Things like vet checks, coggins, dental floats, x-rays and medication had put the rescue in a tight spot. We were happy to help them.

HPAN Sponsors Rambo with $300

Rambo’s owner passed away, leaving him and his dog siblings alone and afraid. Senior Dog Lodge & Animal Rescue stepped up to help. Rambo needed to be neutered and vaccinated, and he desperately needed dental work. Rambo also had a damaged eye, requiring removal. We contributed $300 to these needs.

HPAN Helps Koah with $300

Koah was surrendered by her owner to the Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center. She is such a happy girl that she ruined her tail by wagging it so much that she literally beat it to death inside her crate. It was so bad that the owner couldn’t care for her. Unfortunately, her tail had to be amputated, but she’s even happier now and not in pain. We were glad to sponsor this beautiful girl!

HPAN Sponsors Bubba with $113.50

Bubba was running at large for a few weeks and was eventually hit by a car and taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter by a good Samaritan. He was examined at the shelter and taken to the vet for x-rays and further evaluation. Thankfully, Bubba’s only injury was a broken toe, and he had some road rash on his chin. Bubba’s broken toe was wrapped at the vet and he was given pain meds. We paid for the exam and x-rays.

HPAN Helps Jaws with $143.04

Campbell County Animal Shelter cat, Jaws, wasn’t a happy boy. Shelter staff discovered he had pretty significant injury/wound on his back foot. They took him to the vet for further evaluation and x-rays. It’s believed he had some type of traumatic injury to his paw, resulting in his toes being out of alignment. One toe is completely over the other one and the claw is pressing into the open wound. We were able to sponsor his needed treatment, and he’s doing better!