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HPAN Helps Give Georgia a Chance with $300

Georgia, a Harlequin Great Dane, was used for breeding and passed through many hands before she landed in rescue with Dames for Danes, based in Oak Ridge, TN. She has not been properly cared for and ended up with a high load of heartworms. The rescue felt she was worth taking a chance on, and so did we, so we sponsored her treatments. Heartworms are caused by mosquito bites, and it takes only one bite from an infected mosquito. Prevention is inexpensive and easy. Treatment is going to be hard on this big gal, yet it could have been so easily avoided.

HPAN Helps Bo and Foxie with $468.95

For the Love of Paws acquired Foxie from a local neglect case. She and several other dogs were removed from a property where they had been kept in dirty kennels with no food or water. During Foxie’s initial vetting, she tested positive for heartworms. We are sponsoring her treatment. Bo was found as a stray with his brother Luke. They both had broken legs. Bo’s injury was much more severe, requiring amputation. We paid the remainder of his surgery bill. These dogs deserve much better than what life has given them so far!

HPAN Helps Spay It Forward East TN with $300

Spay It Forward East TN took in a dog and her litter when the owner contacted them and asked for help. The mama dog hadn’t been properly vaccinated, so the puppies broke with the dreaded parvovirus. The rescue was left with a staggering vet bill, including critical care costing in the hundreds, yet the puppies didn’t make it. We kicked in $300 on the bill, so the rescue wouldn’t be stifled. All of this could have been avoided with a simple annual vaccine on the former owner’s part.

HPAN Sponsors Hector with $275

Hector was living in a rural county where his owner was not giving him proper care. He had a BB lodged in his ear, and he was underweight. Big Fluffy Dog Rescue put him on the road to a better life when they agreed to take him in. We sponsored his vaccine updates, parasite testing, needed medication for worms, and a microchip. He is now on his way to a foster home in Connecticut where he will be adopted!

HPAN Helps Wiley with $134.63

Unfortunately, little Wiley became a product of divorce and was left with the party who worked long hours and could not give him the time he needed. Thankfully, Almost Home Animal Rescue took him into their program and asked if we would help sponsor his basic vet needs, which were overdue. We were happy to do this!

HPAN Helps Henry Get Well with $300

Henry was found abandoned and starving in a garage after his owner had passed away. He was dehydrated and clinging to life. The Humane Society of Roane County came to Henry’s rescue and got him straight to the vet, where he began a regimen of fluids, medication, and good nutrition. He received all the vetting he needed to be set up for a lifetime of success. We were able to sponsor this for him.

HPAN Helps Joe with $300

Joe was owned by someone who threatened to shoot him and put him out of his misery due to a large open tumor on his shoulder. Thankfully, Almost Home Animal Rescue took him in instead and had his tumor removed. Joe will be a sanctuary rescue dog due to his needs. We were able to give $300 toward his large vet bill at Broadway Vet Clinic in Knoxville.

HPAN Sponsors Clementine with $300

Almost Home Animal Rescue took in Clementine after she was thrown out like a piece of trash. She was diagnosed with heartworms. We had the opportunity to sponsor her treatments.

HPAN Helps Oda with $300

Little Oda wasn’t being cared for by his owner. Lucky for him, his owner agreed to give him up, and he landed with Almost Home Animal Rescue. Oda went to the vet for all the necessary vaccines, testing, neuter, nail trim, etc. He is now on a path to a happy life!

HPAN Sponsors Camden for $276

Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue pulled this cutie out of a shelter. She was very pregnant, and she had a case of heartworms. She had ten pups and took care of them well. It’s her turn to be cared for now! We were glad to sponsor her spay surgery and her heartworm treatments.