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HPAN Sponsors Two Kitties with $54.42

Lilly and Lucas were born of a feral mother and captured by Almost Home Animal Rescue. We sponsored their initial vetting. 

HPAN Sponsors DJ with $156

DJ was rescued by the East TN Pit Bull Rescue even when there was no room at the rescue. She spent a while in boarding and received basic vet services. Unfortunately, DJ tested positive for heartworms. Once she was out of boarding and into a spot at the rescue, the heartworms could be treated. We sponsored the treatment for $156. 

HPAN is Part of Holly’s Village, Paying Vet Bill of $128.80

Holly was found by a good Samaritan in LaFollette on Dec 7, 2019.  She believed she had been hit by a car since she was lying in a ditch.  She kept her until she could get her to the Campbell County Animal Shelter (CCAS) on Monday morning.  Upon being surrendered to the shelter, they immediately took her to the UT vet hospital.  They also believed she had been hit by a car.  She had a significant injury to her right jaw, face and mouth.  They were hopeful that her injuries weren’t significant despite the appearance.  Her will to live was so apparent. Holly was examined by the doctors at UT, and it was determined that she was not hit by a car and had some other significant trauma from a gunshot.  Her injury likely didn’t happen on Saturday as the remaining bone was already dead and significant infection had set in.  She was also very dehydrated despite the finder syringing fluids.  Holly was given hydromorphine and sent back to the shelter for a decision as to what path to take with her.  Unfortunately, UT estimated her immediate future care to cost between $5500 and $10,500.  At the last minute, Big Fluffy Dog Rescue agreed to take her and her future medical expenses into their program.  Shelter staff drove her to meet them late that night.  She is now in the care of Big Fluffy Dog Rescue and will receive the multiple surgeries that are necessary.  CCAS requested we assist with Holly’s initial medical evaluation for $128.80. 

HPAN Sponsors Storm with $124

Storm was neutered and placed for adoption at the Campbell County Animal Shelter.  He began feeling lethargic and not acting like himself.  He was sent to foster for closer observation.  Mid-week he stopped greeting his foster and lost all interest in interaction.   Storm was taken to a private veterinarian who diagnosed him with a blood infection.  He was sent home with medication and special food.  Storm began throwing up and wouldn’t eat.  As the hours progressed, his foster decided to take him to UTVMC.  At UT, Storm was diagnosed with what is believed to be wet form FIP. Storm has good days and bad days.  His prognosis is unknown as is his foster/adoption situation.  We believe he may be a hospice type of placement.  Nonetheless, we were able to contribute $124 toward his initial care.

HPAN Pays $56 for Sam and Simon

Sam and Simon were brought to the shelter in Campbell County with their mom and two other siblings.  When they fell ill with gastrointestinal distress, shelter staff took them to the vet for treatment. We paid the bill of $56, and they are now in foster care, getting better and waiting on a spot to open at the adoption center.



HPAN Helps Darlin Heal Up

Darlin was brought to the Senior Dog Lodge & Animal Rescue after being found roadside. She had lots of road rash and a terribly injured tail to the point that bone was showing. To prevent a spinal infection, the tail had to be amputated. We were able to chip in $300 on the $445 bill.

HPAN Helps Local Shelter with $300

Early morning on November 22, 2019 the Campbell County Animal Shelter received a 911 dispatcher call for a dog hit by a car on Interstate 75N.  An animal control officer went to the scene and found a precious lab mix in the median.  He was immobile but awake.  He was docile even though he was in a great deal of pain.  He was taken to a clinic for exam and diagnosis.  Initially, they thought he only had a wound on his right shoulder from being hit by a car.  He appeared fairly stable.  After x-rays, it was determined that the right front leg was in fact broken as well. Additional x-rays were done to determine if his leg would heal with casting or if an amputation would be necessary.  The other x-rays showed he had been shot multiple times by two different weapons, one shotgun and another type of bullet firing gun. Rambo had been shot in the mouth with the bullet fragments lodging in his neck/shoulder area.  This would account for the loss of teeth and his inability to eat.   Rambo’s right hip was broken (presumably from being hit by a car) and his left hip and back area had a lot of lodged buckshot.  Unfortunately, Rambo didn’t make it, but the shelter and vet staff did everything they could do to help him. We eased their burden a little by paying $300 on the $500 bill.

HPAN Kicks in $300 toward Mimosa’s Bill

Mimosa was born days after his mother arrived at the East TN Miniature Horse & Donkey Rescue. He recently developed colic and stomach ulcers and has had to be hospitalized and treated at the UT Large Animal Hospital. Although Mimosa is a mini and about the size of a big dog, he’s considered a “large animal,” and those come with large vet bills. We contributed $300 toward the charges.

HPAN Helps Jack with $89

Jack was brought to the Roane County Animal Shelter dangling his front leg. It was believed to be from an old injury from possibly being hit or run over by a car. Upon having x-rays, the vet suggested removal of the leg for the best quality of life. Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue took a chance on Jack and agreed to pull him into their program and have him all fixed up. We sponsored his leg amputation, and now he’s a happy little tripod and no longer in pain.

HPAN Helps Flash and Roscoe with $381

Roscoe and Flash landed with Almost Home Animal Rescue when their owner got cancer and ended up in a nursing home. Flash needed a large tumor on his leg removed, and both dogs needed annual vaccines, parasite testing, and wellness exams. We had the privilege of sponsoring these needs for the two cuties.