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HPAN Sponsors Smidge’s Heartworm Treatments

Smidge was pulled from a high-kill shelter by Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue. This “pocket pittie” was diagnosed with heartworms. We paid for the treatment and hospital stay for a total of $258.06.


HPAN Helps Ginger with $300

Ginger found herself at a high kill shelter in Georgia. It was suspected that she was pregnant. Local rescue group, A Chance for Champ, got wind that Ginger would be euthanized quickly if she was not pulled into rescue, so they took her in. Ginger was showing pregnancy distress, and her temperature dropped for three days in a row, so the vet ordered a cesarean. The rescue group reached out to us for sponsorship to save Ginger’s life as well as the life within her. She had one pup. Both are doing well. Happy life, precious ones!

HPAN Sponsors Izzie’s Amputation for $300

Izzie was found one night by a Good Samaritan. She had a terrible leg injury that was eat up with infection. Nothing could be done to save her leg, so it had to be amputated to save her life. We were glad to help her live!

HPAN Sponsors Four Smiley Cats for $237

We had the privilege of helping Almost Home Animal Rescue with these four happy cats, for they weren’t always so happy. Their stories vary. Two were shelter cats, one was a street orphan, and one was abandoned at a vet’s office. One thing they have in common now is they’re happy and loved. We sponsored their spay/neuter and rabies shots. Coconut, Carter, Peanut, and Morris, here’s to your new life!


HPAN Sponsors Vetting for Two Kittens for $74

Marie and Erwen were hanging around a home with their feral mom. Mom and babies were trapped, and Almost Home Animal Rescue asked us to help with the babies. We sponsored their exams and testing, and vaccines and dewormer. They will be altered as soon as they’re old enough.

HPAN Sponsors $300 for Shelter Dog, Dee

Dee was brought to the Campbell County Animal Shelter with abnormalities in one of her legs that could not be corrected. Amputation was required for Dee to live a good life. We sponsored the needed surgery.

HPAN Sponsors Nellie’s Vetting for $120

Nellie was pulled from the Anderson County Animal Shelter by the rescue group, A Chance for Champ. They asked us to sponsor her basic vetting: spay surgery, back dewclaw removal, vaccines, dewormer, and first flea/heartworm prevention. As soon as she gets her boosters, she’ll be ready for adoption!

HPAN Pays $300 Toward Chloe’s Heartworm Treatments

Chloe is an 8 year old, heartworm-positive female given up by her owners because she kept digging out of their fenced yard. Slumdog Rescue Crew agreed to take her in, get her the treatment she needs to be well, and find her a home where she will be set up for success and loved forever. We sponsored $300 of her treatment fee.

HPAN Sponsors Two Stray Dogs

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue is taking in these two dogs after they were picked up as strays from a county with no animal shelter. HPAN is sponsoring all their vetting.

HPAN Helps in Kitten Rescue

These six kitties were abandoned without a mom. Almost Home Animal Rescue stepped up and took them into their program. We stepped in to cover their needed testing for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus and Feline Leukemia for a total of $67.50.  All will be fully vetted prior to adoption. We’re so glad to play a small role in this great save.