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HPAN Helps Georgia Live with $1,000

Some may think that $1,000 is an awful lot to pay on a cat’s medical bill, but our mission is to help rescue groups and shelters with animals that need help. Georgia needed our help. She was surrendered to the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter after being hit by a car. A volunteer rushed her to the Animal ER for assessment. Georgia sustained a back leg injury and internal injuries, but she was expected to live, so the rallying for support began. Because Georgia’s bills mounted to over $3K, we were able to contribute $1K. Georgia is now in foster care and recovering. She will eventually be available for adoption to a screened and approved individual who will keep her inside and safe.

HPAN Helps Clover with $462

Oak Ridge Animal Shelter cat, Clover, was fine one day, and then she wasn’t the next day. Staff and volunteers noticed she stopped eating. In fact, she didn’t eat for four days. At that point, Loudon County Friends of Animals agreed to take her into their program and try to help her. They knew that diagnostics and possibly exploratory surgery would be costly, so they asked us for help. We kicked in money for the initial vet visit, medicine, and testing. We are hoping Clover is on the mend!

HPAN Helps Breakout another Cat from Jail

The Loudon County Friends of Animals has a soft spot for long-term shelter cats, which is what the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter has in their possession. They met Simone while picking up another cat and fell in love with her. Contingent on our sponsorship of the pull fee, Simone had a chance of breaking her 4+ month shelter stay, and now she’s out! All it took was $55, and we were happy to help.

HPAN Helps Break Sophie out of Jail

Sophie had been at the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter for nearly nine months. When a shelter volunteer asked Loudon County Friends of Animals if they would cross county lines and help Sophie, they agreed if we could pay the $55 rescue pull fee. We agreed!!

HPAN Sponsors Zoey’s Lump Removal with $300

Oak Ridge Animal Shelter dog, Zoey, came in with a lump on her rump. The Friends of Oak Ridge Animal Shelter took her to the vet to have it checked out. They paid for the initial visit and the pre-surgery blood tests. The vet thought the lump should come out and be sent off for pathology. HPAN paid $300 toward the cost involved. Zoey has since been adopted and is doing well.

HPAN Contributes $300 toward Edith

Edith was taken to the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter just before Christmas. The shelter vaccinated her and put her in the required quarantine. She was covered in fleas and yeast, and she was terrified. Thankfully, the Secret City Animal Rescue (SCAR) pulled her into rescue.  After a veterinary exam, it was determined that Edith needed to be spayed and have some teeth pulled. We were happy to help this sweet little lady.


HPAN Sponsors Nutmeg’s Boarding/Socialization for $252

Oak Ridge Animal Shelter dog, Nutmeg, had started to grow “shelter weary” and had begun to show some aggression. The shelter was referred to a boarding facility, The Pup Tent, in Friendsville, Tennessee, that has a history of boarding aggressive shelter dogs, showing them they don’t have to be that way. They provide positive and playful socialization techniques to help dogs build confidence and see how fun being nice can be. The Friends of Oak Ridge Animal Shelter asked if we could sponsor this “therapy” for Nutmeg, aka Meggie, and we were glad to give her this chance.


HPAN Pays $300 for Freida’s Heartworm Treatments

Freida was pulled from the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter by the East TN Pit Bull Rescue. Before leaving the shelter, she was vaccinated, spayed, and heartworm tested. Unfortunately, her heartworm test came back positive, but that doesn’t stop a rescue in progress. The only thing to do was forge ahead. Thankfully, we were there to help the rescue with $300 of the $500 needed to get sweet Freida well again. She is currently in loving foster care and onto a better life. Her new name is Honey!



HPAN Pays Pull Fee for Local Shelter Dog

Lilac was an Oak Ridge Animal Shelter resident not thriving as a shelter dog. Homeward Bound Dog Rescue of New York got wind of her and offered to pull her into rescue. HPAN paid the $75 to the shelter, which covered Lilac’s dewormer, vaccines, spay surgery, and microchip. She is now guaranteed a great home!


HPAN Helps “Keep a Secret”

Secret was found abandoned in a home with a litter of brand new puppies. She was fearful and insecure. A neighbor knew she was there and contacted authorities. The owner was found and agreed to give up Secret and the pups, so they immediately went to the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter for evaluation and onto foster care with the Special Needs Rescue of East Tennessee. Homeward Bound Dog Rescue (HBDR) agreed to take ownership of Secret and all her little “secrets,” who have since been weaned, vaccinated, and transported to HBDR’s NY headquarters. It’s now Secret’s turn, but first, she needed to be spayed and get a health certificate. That’s what HPAN sponsored for a total of $150.

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