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Two Dogs Get What They Deserve with $961 from HPAN

Annie was starving when the Blount County Animal Welfare Society (BCAWS) found her. One of the residents of a trailer park alerted the rescue to her condition. The owner was in jail for domestic abuse. His wife had moved to a different trailer and would come over to feed the dogs, except she didn’t feed Annie. With the small amount of money she had, she chose to feed the German shepherd instead. Annie had a couple of rough days at the vet. We helped cover her exam, blood work, x-rays, etc. for $500. Fortunately, she is much improved and will go to foster care to heal.

Callie came from a local drug den. Callie was surrendered to BCAWS when her owner went to jail. We paid for her vet exam, diagnostics, vaccines, and spay for $461.

HPAN Helps MAARC with $300

Annie was found as a stray and had been attacked by a couple dogs. She was picked up by a Good Samaritan and taken to the Maryville Alcoa Animal Rescue Center (MAARC). A volunteer rushed her to the University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical Center where Annie had emergency surgery. Unfortunately, Annie passed away the next day, but the rescue was left with a bill for over $4,000. We contributed $300 to help them, and we hope animal lovers far and wide will consider helping as well.

HPAN Sponsors Annie’s Knee Surgery with $300

Little Orphan Annie was taken in by The Stray Connection. While in foster care, she developed a luxating patella, which is a displaced kneecap. The surgery cost over $1,400. We were able to chip in $300.

HPAN Helps 7 Rescued Pups with $515

Pet Path Rescue is doing tremendous work. We recently sponsored full vet services for Gunner, Annie, Phoebe, Ally, Gizzmo, Cody, and Macie, all of whom were rescued from shelters or were owner surrenders.

HPAN Helps RCP Save Three Dogs with $636.85

Roane County Paws rescued Ruby and Annie from the streets of Morgan County and pulled Lily from the Roane County Animal Shelter. We sponsored “the works” for these girls, paying for their vaccines, dewormer, heartworm tests, exams, needed medications, and spay surgeries for a total of $636.85.


HPAN Pays Vet Bills Totaling $1,219 for Five K9LR Dogs with Special Needs

K9 Lifeline Rescue (K9LR), Inc. had a vision to clear the Roane County Animal Shelter for Christmas, so they went in on Christmas Eve and pulled 18 dogs, knowing these would add to the expense of the last group they pulled. Of the last group, five had special needs. We assisted with the expenses associated with Bobo’s laceration repair, Dottie’s lumpectomy, Annie’s benign tumor removal, Sky’s parvo treatment, and Toby’s x-rays and needs from being hit by a car. All of these precious babies are on their way to a happy ever after and are available for adoption through K9LR, Inc. in Kingston, Tennessee.


HPAN Helps Local Rescue with Parvo Dog

Almost Home Animal Rescue recently took in two shelter dogs, Annie and Alvin, with parvovirus. Annie didn’t make it, but Alvin did. Alvin’s vet bill ran in the hundreds, so HPAN contributed $300 to his vet to help the rescue be in a better position to assist another animal. Now that Alvin is out of the hospital, back into rescue, and feeling better, they can fatten him up while they search for the perfect home. We hear he loves children. We wish little Alvin well!