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HPAN Sponsors Skunk with $69

Skunk was a very small and sickly kitten found in Morgan County. Feral Feline Friends took him under their wing, and we sponsored his kitty vetting.

HPAN Helps Two Kittens with $115

Dale and Oakley were spotted in a ditch, obviously tossed out, along a road in Morgan County. A walker spotted them and could not leave them there to die. They weren’t even old enough to be away from their mother. She put out a plea for help on Facebook, and in stepped Feral Feline Friends of East Tennessee. One of their volunteers nursed the babies until they were old enough to be properly vetted, and then HPAN sponsored their neuters, combo tests, and vaccines. These beauties are now ready for their forever homes.

HPAN Pays for Kitten’s Surgery

Baby Shiloh was rescued by a Feral Feline Friends of East Tennessee. Her tiny stomach was bloated, and a vet visit revealed she had rocks, bones, and debris in her gut from where she was so hungry that she had literally been digging in the ground for food and eating whatever she could find and everything stuck to it. The contents had to be surgically removed. We gladly donated $200 to cover the balance.


HPAN Sponsors Feral Fixins

The Feral Feline Friends of East Tennessee is hosting another Feral Fixin Day with a goal to “fix” at least sixty cats. We sent them enough funds ($200) to fix twenty!

Feral Fixin'14

HPAN Supports Local Cat Rescue

Feral Feline Friends of East Tennessee has arranged for the spaying/neutering/testing/vaccinating of over 1,200 feral cats so far this year.  Some of those cats have been trapped/neutered/vaccinated/released, and some have been placed in loving homes.  It costs, on average, $67 to perform these services on each cat.  With the onslaught of kittens this season, we thought it would be nice to help their efforts, so we sent a $500 payment to Animal Works, the spay/neuter clinic providing these services for them.  So that’s roughly 7-8 cats that will not be able to contribute to the cat overpopulation problem.  SUCCESS!


We Support Feral Fixins

We saw a post on Facebook that Feral Feline Friends of East Tennessee is having a “Feral Fixin’ Day” on March 29th.  What better way to promote animal welfare than preventing unwanted, uncared for litters?  They have a goal to raise $2,500, which will alter about 100 cats.  Our $150 donation will help to alter about six cats.

Feral Fixin'

Feral Feline Friends of East Tennessee

Feral Feline Friends (FFF) of East Tennessee, based in Knoxville, has an ongoing need for spay/neuter services.  They currently have 125 kittens in foster care.  Before they will release the cats for adoption, all will be spayed/neutered at a low-cost clinic.  In addition, FFF has a trap/neuter/release (TNR) program where they capture feral cats and have them neutered and vaccinated.  One ear is clipped prior to release which indicates they’ve been in the TNR program.  The group is overwhelmed this time of year, as they get many calls about stray cats with kittens.  HPAN voted to contribute $200 toward their efforts.