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HPAN Helps Three Puppies with $285

Sidney, Toby, and Rex were rescued by the East TN Pit Bull Rescue and placed into foster care so they could get their initial vetting before being up for adoption. We were asked to sponsor their vaccines and spay/neuter surgeries.

HPAN Helps Two Pit Bulls with $180

Buzz and Slinky are part of a litter taken in by the East TN Pit Bull Rescue. We had the honor of paying for their vaccines and neuters!

HPAN Helps Remus with $179.69

Remus was pulled from a shelter in Morgan County by the East TN Pit Bull Rescue. He needed a little extra vet care after the basic stuff to help him become adoptable. Namely, he had a bad ear and skin infection. Good medicine and TLC fixed him right up, and we were happy to help!

HPAN Sponsors Zeus with $500

Zeus belonged to an older woman who could not care for him. He came to the attention of Blount County Animal Welfare Society (BCAWS) and volunteers began going to feed him and clean his water bucket. They realized his ears were in terrible shape. The volunteers took Zeus to the vet. They got his basics done – neutered, vaccinated, and heartworm tested, as well as meds for the current ear infection. The ear infection would not clear and their vet recommended a proceedure to help heal his ears. At that time, they had no place for Zeus and were at the end of what they could do without a placement for this boy. Enter East TN Pit Bull Rescue, who took him into their program, and that’s when we were asked to provide sponsorship. Zeus will be adopted once his condition is under control.

HPAN Sponsors Ozzy’s Neuter for $210

Ozzy was left behind with a formerly adopted pit bull, Titan, when their owner was arrested and incarcerated. When Titan’s former rescuer, the East TN Pit Bull Rescue, got word of this and went to retrieve Titan, they just couldn’t leave without taking Ozzy, too. The rescue asked us to sponsor Ozzy’s neuter, and we were glad to do it! Ozzy will be adopted into a new home soon!

HPAN Sponsors DJ with $156

DJ was rescued by the East TN Pit Bull Rescue even when there was no room at the rescue. She spent a while in boarding and received basic vet services. Unfortunately, DJ tested positive for heartworms. Once she was out of boarding and into a spot at the rescue, the heartworms could be treated. We sponsored the treatment for $156. 

HPAN Sponsors Shayla with $162

Lucky for Shayla, she got out of a shelter where her chances were slim to none, due to having heartworms, and landed in the care of the East TN Pit Bull Rescue. Sadly she has been sitting in rescue for a long time awaiting a foster willing to let her bunk out during treatment and recovery. Heartworms multiply and grow over time, so the rescue decided she’d have to remain with them through this required treatment and time of rest. We paid for Shayla’s treatment, and we are hoping a forever home will step up for her soon!

HPAN Helps Pay for Gus’ Eye Surgery with $300

Gus came to the East TN Pit Bull Rescue with eyelids turned inward to the point that his eyelashes were scratching his cornea and causing pain. A simple but expensive surgery can fix it, and Gus is worth it, so we kicked in about half the cost.

HPAN Helps Sadie with $156

Sadie has been with the East TN Pitbull Rescue for months. She came in with heartworms, and now that it’s time to address the issue, we paid a large portion of the bill so she will soon be ready for her own home.

HPAN Sponsors several ETPBR Dogs

In January, the East TN Pit Bull Rescue was contacted about 19 dogs on a shelter euthanasia list and 12 of them were pit bulls. They agreed to take in DJ, Sadie, and Riley, who have been in boarding since January, and the fees keep adding up. We paid the $423 boarding fee so these dogs have a chance at adoption.

Then there’s Slick, a cruelty case forced to enter a shelter, and a large, young, deaf pit bull. They pulled him with promises from another rescuer, moved him to a boarding facility and had him neutered. Slick has been sitting there since December. Turns out the other rescuer backed out. We kicked in $300 on Slick’s boarding fee so he can be available for adoption.

Lastly, there have been so many puppies. They have caused ETPBR to amass quite a large vet bill. We kicked in a few hundred dollars to help pay for basic and not-so-basic vetting.