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HPAN Covers Monroe’s Surgery for $265

Lucky for Monroe, she was spotted along the side of the road by a Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue volunteer. She’d apparently been dumped and left for dead. One of her eyes was damaged from what appeared to be blunt force trauma. The volunteer got her to the vet where it was determined her eye needed to be removed. We covered the enucleation, and Monroe is now recovering in foster care comfort.

HPAN Sponsors Willie Malone with $274

Fighting for the Bullys recently pulled Willie Malone from a shelter where his chances of getting out were slim, especially since he has a bad case of heartworms. The rescue asked us to sponsor his treatments, and we were glad to do it. Willie is beginning the long recovery in foster care before he will be adopted into a wonderful home.

HPAN Pays $276 for Cammie’s Heartworm Treatment

Cammie found herself at a very bad shelter pregnant and with heartworms. Fighting for the Bullys Rescue took her into their program, let her have and raise her babies in peace, found them great homes, and now they’re taking care of Cammie. They asked us to sponsor her heartworm treatments. It’s her turn for a wonderful forever home!

HPAN Sponsors Waylon with $275

Waylon was pulled from a shelter by Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with heartworms. The rescue reached out to us for assistance, and we were glad to sponsor him!

HPAN Sponsors Camden for $276

Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue pulled this cutie out of a shelter. She was very pregnant, and she had a case of heartworms. She had ten pups and took care of them well. It’s her turn to be cared for now! We were glad to sponsor her spay surgery and her heartworm treatments.

HPAN Sponsors another Heartworm Treatment for $300

Conrad was in a shelter where he had little chance of getting out. Thanks to Fighting for the Bullys Pitbull Rescue, he’s free! They asked us to sponsor heartworm treatment for Conrad, and it was our honor to help him get well.

HPAN Covers Bugsy’s Heartworm Treatment for $260

Bugsy is lucky to have been rescued from a shelter by Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue and to have his heartworm treatment sponsored by us! Have a happy, healthy life little man!

HPAN Sponsors Pike with $153.90

Pike was rescued from a shelter by Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue. His high load of heartworms required immediate treatment, which we sponsored. Pike will remain in foster care until he is recovered and ready for adoption. We’re pulling for you, little guy!

HPAN Sponsors Kiara’s Heartworm Treatments for $300

Kiara was pulled from a shelter, pregnant and heartworm-positive, by Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue. She had her babies with no issue, and now it’s time to get this momma well. We were happy to pay for the majority of her heartworm treatment. Prevention is so much easier!

HPAN Sponsors Bullies with $529.14

Johnny Ringo and Leon Russell were pulled from shelters by Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue. Both boys had heartworms. We sponsored Johnny Ringo’s treatment. Leon Russell had treatment previously but had complications, so we sponsored his diagnostic care and medication.