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HPAN Covers $3,121.63 in Insurance Premiums for Local Shelter

MoCo Mutts Rescue Center has been in existence for a long time, first in Seattle, Washington as Senior Dog Lodge. Tennessee was lucky enough to have them move to Morgan County and start a rescue where there is no municipal shelter. They literally take in hundreds of animals per year from the county where there is no animal control. With an operating budget of $10,000-$12,000 per month, we were honored to grant their request for sponsoring insurance premiums this year that will cover the rescue building and its contents, as well as liability.

HPAN Helps Gunner with $287.06

Gunner had been running the roads of Morgan County with no apparent owner. He was seen scavenging for food on about a 2 mile stretch. A volunteer with Senior Dog Lodge pulled him into their program and into safety. Gunner is no longer crying for food and warmth! We sponsored his neuter, exam, vaccines, parasite testing, and antibiotics for a Lyme disease diagnosis for just under $300.

HPAN Helps Dixie and Trixie with $580.87

These precious pups were hit by a car in Morgan County and taken to the Senior Dog Lodge & Animal Rescue. They were rushed to the Animal Emergency and Specialty Center where Dixie was treated for head trauma and Trixie was treated for broken bones in her legs and pelvis. They are lucky to be alive and still have a ways to go, but at least they have a chance at living a good life.

HPAN Sponsors Mya’s Heartworm Treatments

Senior Dog Lodge took in Mya along with three other dogs who were abandoned in Morgan County. In August, we sponsored Mya’s antibiotics and vaccines. This month, we sponsored her heartworm treatments.

Please don’t forget to give your pets their heartworm prevention!

HPAN Sends $263 for Miss Hardee

Miss Hardee has been hanging out at the Wartburg Hardee’s for years, taking handouts from anyone who would be gracious enough to feed her. She was recently captured by the Senior Dog Lodge when someone reported that she had an injury. Turns out she had a wounded foot that had become infected. She needed bloodwork, antibiotics, x-rays, and medication. We were able to sponsor all of these needs. Unfortunately, she has also tested positive for heartworms, but at least she can get treated and live in sanctuary for the rest of her days.

HPAN Helps Senior Dog Lodge with $300 for Mila

Mila was a small town dog who was hit by a car and left for dead. Someone saw her on the side of the road and reached out to Senior Dog Lodge & Animal Rescue who took her in. They asked us to sponsor surgery needed for her broken leg. We kicked in $300 toward the surgery, which was well over $800.

HPAN Sponsors Four Surrendered Dogs with $300

Ross, Roy, and Bullet have lived their entire lives (seven years) in crates with someone who wasn’t able to care for them. Payton’s life wasn’t much better. He was outside, unvaccinated, and had fur matted to his skin. Good for all four, their owners surrendered them to the Senior Dog Lodge & Animal Rescue where they will be cared for. We had the privilege of sponsoring all the dogs’ neuters, vaccines, and heartworm testing for $300.

HPAN Sponsors Kittens with $184

Senior Dog Lodge has been flooded with kittens. They reached out to us for assistance. We were able to sponsor nine kittens with initial vetting. This will put these babies on a path to wellness and eventual adoption.

HPAN Helps Pugsley with $300

Pugsley needed medical attention her family could not afford, so they surrendered her to Senior Dog Lodge. We were able to sponsor her tumor removal, and she will be adopted locally or sent north to a wonderful rescue and be adopted from there. Either way, Pugsley’s future looks bright!