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HPAN Pays $213 for Basic Vetting for Jay Perry

Hound dog, Jay Perry, was found wandering around Tractor Supply in Blount County. His owner was never found, but he found his way into Sweetwater Valley Dog Rescue, who asked us to sponsor his vaccines, heartworm test, microchip, and neuter. They will make sure he find a wonderful home.

HPAN Sponsors Junior Samples with $192

Junior Samples found himself lost in Anderson County with a good Samaritan family who picked him up and tried to find his owner, but they had no luck. They were able to make contact with Sweetwater Valley Dog Rescue who agreed to take him into their program. We sponsored his vaccines, heart worm test, microchip, and neuter.

HPAN Sponsors Maxwell Smart for $67

Maxwell Smart recently found himself in the middle of a divorce where neither party wanted him. Thankfully, Sweetwater Valley Dog Rescue agreed to take him into their program. We lended a hand by paying for Max’s basic vetting.


HPAN Sponsors Lily-Kay’s Basic Vetting for $158

Lily-Kay came to the Sweetwater Valley Dog Rescue (SVDR) via At Risk Intervention, who pulled her from a severe hoarding situation. She was too weak to stand and had to spend several days in the hospital just to regain her strength and put on weight. Now that she’s healthy enough, we sponsored her spay surgery and vaccines. SVDR will place her in a fabulous home.

HPAN Sponsors Bluto with $300

Bluto came to the Sweetwater Valley Dog Rescue from a hoarding case in East Tennessee. He had swallowed a Kong toy, aspirated, and ended up with pneumonia. We sponsored his surgery and needed treatment for pneumonia, and he is now on a path to having a wonderful life.

HPAN Pays $195 toward Ms. Fancy Pants

Ms. Fancy Pants went to Sweetwater Valley Dog Rescue after being rescued from a hoarding case in East Tennessee. She was undernourished and had not been cared for. She appeared to have mammary tumors, which necessitated a thorough exam. We sponsored her exam, spay surgery, vaccines, dewormer, and heartworm test. She is now living up to her name!

HPAN Pays for Weezer’s Basic Vetting

Weezer was found along the dangerous curvy road called “The Dragon” without a single soul in sight. She ended up in the possession of a resident in Blount County who could not keep her. Sweetwater Valley Dog Rescue took in Weezer and asked us to cover her basic vetting. We paid for her testing, spay surgery, vaccines, and dewormer. She will soon be up for adoption.

HPAN Sponsored Sister Odell with $125

Sister Odell was living in squalor on a short chain and without proper housing. Thankfully, her owner did not want her anymore, and she was taken in by Sweetwater Valley Dog Rescue. We paid for her vaccines, spay surgery, heartworm test, microchip, deworm, and monthly prevention. She will go on to live an amazing life – one that she deserves!

HPAN Sponsors Nebo’s Basic Vetting

Nebo has a sad story. His name was Dog. Not only did his owner not give him a proper name, but he was keeping Nebo on a short chain in Blount Co. with a tarp for shelter. He obviously didn’t want Nebo and threatened to shoot him. Sweetwater Valley Dog Rescue saved the day and took in the hound and gave him love, a name, and proper medical care, which we sponsored for $112. A small price to pay for such a great dog. Nebo will be adopted out to a great home in no time!

HPAN Helps SVDR with Doc

Doc was surrendered by his owner. To keep him from spending time at the shelter in Anderson County, Sweetwater Valley Dog Rescue (SVDR) stepped in and saved him. We helped them get Doc all vetted up and ready for adoption. Our $88 contribution paid for Doc’s neuter, vaccines, microchip, and one month of preventions.