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HPAN Helps Sven with $300

Sven was brought to Young Williams Animal Center (YWAC) at only two weeks old. He and his littermates had multiple birth defects. When Sven became old enough for treatment/surgery, YWAC requested our help. We applied $300 to the cost of Sven’s procedure.

HPAN Helps Pistachio with $300

Pistachio came to Young Williams Animal Center (YWAC) with what appeared to be chemical burns on his head, neck, and back. He was miserable and in need of medicine and TLC. YWAC reached out to us to help with this. We sponsored his medication and wound treatments. Pistachio is improving daily!

HPAN Sponsors Two Blind Kittens for $600

Bug and Kin are 3 month old kittens who are part of a litter of four taken to Young Williams Animal Center. This litter had a pretty rough bout of upper respiratory infection that caused eye irritation and infections so bad that their eyes were swelling from inside their head, causing pain and permanent blindness. YWAC reached out to us for the required eye removal surgeries. Luckily, these spunky kittens have not let that slow them down. Bug and his brother eat and play just fine and love to explore using all their other senses.

HPAN Sponsors Three Lucky Shelter Dogs for $445

Elly from Young-Williams Animal Center, Panda from Anderson County Animal Shelter, and Frances from Roane County Animal Shelter, all with different medical needs, found their way into safety with Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue. We helped with Elly’s mange treatment, Panda’s initial vetting, and Frances’ leg surgery. All of these babies will be adopted into loving homes when they are fully healed.

Panda (left), Frances (top), and Elly (bottom)

HPAN Sponsors Elly for $53.90

Young Williams Animal Center contacted Halo’s Second Chance Animal Rescue when they received a puppy who needed to be bottle fed. During this time in rescue, Elly developed an upper respiratory infection and needed an antibiotic. The sneezing and runny nose did not clear up, so she was given a second round of medicines. The rescue group contacted us to sponsor the $53.90 bill. Elly is now well and beginning to thrive.

HPAN Sponsors Willow with $300

Willow was brought to the Young Williams Animal Center as a stray. She had a procedure to correct entropion, a condition in which the eyelid is rolled inward against the eyeball causing irritation from the lashes. The center asked us to kick in some funds to make this happen. Willow is recovering in foster care.

HPAN Pitches in $300 for Canelo’s Surgery

Canelo came to the Young Williams Animal Center with a painful knee injury that is preventing him from living his best life. He has a torn cruciate ligament that needs surgery in order to heal. When asked, we were happy to chip in on the $2,000 cost.

HPAN Helps a Ballerina

Ballerina, a kitty at Young Williams Animal Center, had an accidental injury that resulted in a hyper-extended left hock and a broken left distal radius and ulna. We contributed $300 to the cost of her expensive surgery.

HPAN Helps Dolly and Her Babies with a $300 Sponsorship

Dolly was a former breeder dog living in horrible conditions. Her owner would ween her puppies at just 2-3 weeks old to make a quick dollar and get her started on the next litter. When Dolly developed a severe uterine infection and could no longer breed, her owner took her to Young-Williams Animal Center (YWAC) for euthanasia. YWAC staff convinced the owner to instead surrender her to them, and their team jumped into action to make Dolly as comfortable as possible. Animal control was able to track down her babies from that horrible owner. He mentioned he was weaning this last litter at two weeks! We sent funds for Dolly’s spay surgery, which will happen as soon as the puppies are properly weaned, as well as medication for her uterine infection. Our funds will also help pay for initial puppy vetting. Dolly will remain with YWAC until they match her with the perfect home where she will never be treated as disposable ever again.

HPAN Helps YWAC with Hoarding Situation

Animal Control was called to a home in Knox County where the owners had 40 cats in an attempt to run a rescue, got in over their heads, and could not adequately care for the animals. The cats were confiscated and taken to the shelter. Young Williams Animal Center asked us to contribute to the $3,200 cost of caring for the cats and getting them ready for adoption. We gladly sent them $1,600 to help with this great need.