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HPAN Pitches in $300 for Canelo’s Surgery

Canelo came to the Young Williams Animal Center with a painful knee injury that is preventing him from living his best life. He has a torn cruciate ligament that needs surgery in order to heal. When asked, we were happy to chip in on the $2,000 cost.


HPAN Helps a Ballerina

Ballerina, a kitty at Young Williams Animal Center, had an accidental injury that resulted in a hyper-extended left hock and a broken left distal radius and ulna. We contributed $300 to the cost of her expensive surgery.

HPAN Helps Dolly and Her Babies with a $300 Sponsorship

Dolly was a former breeder dog living in horrible conditions. Her owner would ween her puppies at just 2-3 weeks old to make a quick dollar and get her started on the next litter. When Dolly developed a severe uterine infection and could no longer breed, her owner took her to Young-Williams Animal Center (YWAC) for euthanasia. YWAC staff convinced the owner to instead surrender her to them, and their team jumped into action to make Dolly as comfortable as possible. Animal control was able to track down her babies from that horrible owner. He mentioned he was weaning this last litter at two weeks! We sent funds for Dolly’s spay surgery, which will happen as soon as the puppies are properly weaned, as well as medication for her uterine infection. Our funds will also help pay for initial puppy vetting. Dolly will remain with YWAC until they match her with the perfect home where she will never be treated as disposable ever again.

HPAN Helps YWAC with Hoarding Situation

Animal Control was called to a home in Knox County where the owners had 40 cats in an attempt to run a rescue, got in over their heads, and could not adequately care for the animals. The cats were confiscated and taken to the shelter. Young Williams Animal Center asked us to contribute to the $3,200 cost of caring for the cats and getting them ready for adoption. We gladly sent them $1,600 to help with this great need.


HPAN Sends $300 for Mila

Mila is a pretty tan and white mixed breed with one blue eye. She came to Young-Williams Animal Center after being hit by a car and suffering a broken leg. They kept her comfortable with pain medication and decided to spay her before addressing the leg. During her spay surgery, the Center’s vet found that Mila was pregnant, but her uterus had a huge tear with lots of hemorrage. That injury should have been life-threatening. Who knows how she lived! If that injury hadn’t been found, she would have probably died trying to have her puppies. Now that Mila is all healed up, the Center needs to address her broken leg. We contributed $300 to the needed surgery costs. Once she is all fixed up, she will be adopted to a new loving home.

HPAN Helps Tripp with $300

Tripp, the beagle mix, was hit by a car and suffered a broken hip and leg. His owners took him to the vet, but they evaded the vet’s calls, so the vet performed the minimum care and sent him to Young Williams Animal Center (YWAC) to be listed as an abandoned dog. Thankfully, YWAC has their own vet and a robust rescue program. Tripp has received the needed surgery, but it hasn’t come without cost. We kicked in $300 on the $800 fee.

HPAN Pays $300 to Help Diesel

Diesel is a 6 year old male Boxer mix who came to Young Williams Animal Center (YWAC) as a stray. They noticed he was sitting oddly and seemed to be in pain. After some x-rays, they found that he had torn two cruciate ligaments, requiring surgery in both knees to repair them. We contributed $300 toward the high cost of his November 20th procedures. They still need over $2,000 to cover the cost. Donations can be called in to YWAC.

HPAN Sponsors Eclipse

Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue took in the sad and neglected Eclipse. She soon surprised them with two babies. She was so thin they couldn’t even tell she was pregnant. Once her puppies were weaned, the rescue asked us to sponsor her spay surgery, vaccines, heartworm test, and microchip for $90 at Young Williams Animal Center. Yes, PLEASE!!!

HPAN Helps Hurricane Victim, Royal, with $300

Royal came to Young Williams Animal Center (YWAC) in an emergency transport from South Carolina because her shelter had been evacuated due to Hurricane Irma.  Royal had been brought to her original shelter after being hit by a car, and the evidence of her trauma could be seen in the road rash on her face and legs and by her pronounced limp. Even after enduring a traumatic injury, being taken to a shelter, and then taking a six hour van ride to another shelter, her spirits were high. She had nothing but kisses for the people helping her off the van and patience with the excited dogs rushing up to smell her. In addition to the basic vet care YWAC provides every new shelter pet, Royal needed multiple radiographs, an orthopedic consult, surgery to repair two dislocated joints, pain medicine, antibiotics, and a special brace. We kicked in $300 on her significant vet bill.

HPAN Sponsors Raja for $300

Raja is a 2-year-old male hound mix who was picked up by Knoxville animal control on July 17, after he was hit by a car. He was placed in the care of Young Williams Animal Center where they took x-rays and found he had a fractured pelvis.  His owners never came to look for him, so after his ten day stray hold, they sent him to heal in a foster home for a month. He finally got his needed procedure – a femoral head ostectomy in order to prevent long-term pain.  We contributed to the extensive bill. Raja’s life is worth it!