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HPAN Sponsors Abraham with $300

Abraham was rescued by the son of a local vet tech when he saw him without a home, covered in fleas and scabs, and dangerously thin and frail. His mom took him to her clinic and immediately contacted the Secret City Animal Rescue (SCAR) who took Abraham into their program.  Abraham has been doing well in foster care, but he is not gaining weight. A recent vet visit revealed that he may have stomatitis, which is a very serious and life threatening infection and inflammation in the mouth and gums. A thorough dental cleaning and possible extraction of teeth is needed. We were happy to sponsor this required treatment when SCAR reached out to us.

HPAN Sponsors Tumbleweed’s Surgery with $267.72

The Secret City Animal Rescue (SCAR) received a call about a cat that had been hit by a car in Wartburg, Tennessee. When they arrived, the kitty was crying in pain, distressed, and couldn’t walk. They monitored him for the night and took him to the vet early the next day for evaluation. Tumbleweed responded well throughout surgery and the three months of healing. Soon thereafter, the rescue foster noticed he wasn’t using his leg, so she took him back to the vet and learned that Tumbleweed had nerve damage that was so severe he had no feeling in the leg at all. There was no hope to save it. Amputation was the only alternative.  As infection could set up, he could be injured without feeling in the leg, and he needed stability. The entire leg all the way up to the body had to be removed. SCAR asked HPAN to sponsor this second surgery. Tumbleweed is now home again recuperating and should be very adoptable in a few weeks after the adjustment and healing.


HPAN Contributes $300 toward Edith

Edith was taken to the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter just before Christmas. The shelter vaccinated her and put her in the required quarantine. She was covered in fleas and yeast, and she was terrified. Thankfully, the Secret City Animal Rescue (SCAR) pulled her into rescue.  After a veterinary exam, it was determined that Edith needed to be spayed and have some teeth pulled. We were happy to help this sweet little lady.


HPAN Contributes $195.71 for Crucial Eye Removal

The Secret City Animal Rescue (SCAR) had a critical situation arise with beautiful Alley Cat, a shelter surrender with a terrible upper respiratory infection. Due to the neglect, her eye suddenly ruptured in four places and emergency eye removal was needed. HPAN paid half the bill. Alley Cat is now in loving foster care with SCAR. She’s had a tough life, but is now getting the love she so deserves. Too bad she had to lose an eye over something that could have been so easily prevented.


HPAN Pays $263.85 for Anya’s Care

Six-month-old Anya was brought into the shelter in frail condition. The Secret City Animal Rescue (SCAR) pulled her to foster care in an effort to save her. She was pulling her hair out, extremely thin, now 4 lbs, and not eating. They have painstakingly tried every food including home cooked special concoctions, baby food, high calorie and quality food, and goat milk. She was taken to Oak Ridge vet where they have done tests, bloodwork, antibiotics, steroids, x-rays, etc. Her heart is racing. They do not understand, unless it is stress, what is going on with her. We believe she should be given a chance at a quality life, so when SCAR asked us to help pay for her vet services, we were happy to help.


HPAN Assists Shelter Kitty, Carmen

Carmen, a long time shelter cat who was declining, was pulled by a foster family under the direction of Secret City Animal Rescue (SCAR). After some time, her behavior noticeably changed, and they were immediately concerned when she quit eating. SCAR recommended an immediate vet evaluation, and Carmen ended up needing exploratory surgery while doctors suspected a fatty liver. Carmen’s bill is $1,200 and growing. We contributed $300 and some prayers that she makes it. Donations for Carmen’s care can be made to Oak Ridge Veterinary Hospital by calling 865-483-6614.




The Secret City Animal Rescue (SCAR) has taken several hits lately with rescue cats that have had special needs – one being Alex, pictured. Alex was found with another cat dumped at a local store. She had a broken leg that required surgery. We were glad to help by contributing $300 on their vet bill.


HPAN Donates $1390 to Help SCAR Save more Kitties

The Secret City Animal Rescue (SCAR) has a mission of saving as many Oak Ridge Animal Shelter cats as possible. Their vet bill runs in the thousands of dollars. A successful fundraiser whittled the balance, but not enough where they felt like they could continue to vet the sick cats. We felt that by paying down their balance, which covered multiple cats, they would be able to focus on saving more, so that’s what we did with a $1000 donation to their veterinarian. In addition, we donated $390 to this newly-formed, non-profit rescue, so they could spay two shelter cats and purchase some combo tests. It’s all about prevention!