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HPAN Sponsors BDH with $580

Big Dog Haven (BDH) is operating in a county where there is no animal shelter. They currently have 18 dogs in their rescue. One in particular is Daisy, an English Mastiff, surrendered by her owner. Daisy is blind, has a hematoma cutting off blood to her ear, and she hasn’t been to the vet in five years. We contributed $300 to help with Daisy’s needs. Additionally, BDH has four other dogs in need of yearly vaccines and exams (pictured). We contributed half the cost needed. We also sent a payment of $100 to a feed store so the rescue could pick up items for their kennels. We’re glad to be an occasional lifeline for this great group.





HPAN Helps with Big Dog Haven Needs

Big Dog Haven has 18 or so dogs in their care. Instead of using gravel or “crush and run,” they like to use pine/cedar shavings, which cuts down on bugs and keeps them cool in the summer. BDH will be moving to a new facility soon, but until then, their current kennels need to be maintained, so when they reached out to us for help with 20 bags of shavings, we were glad to call in a credit to Miller’s Feed so they could pick up a load.


HPAN Pays $200 Toward Allie’s Tumor Removal

Allie was taken in by Big Dog Haven when her owner had to surrender her. She developed a tumor that had to be removed if she’s going to have any chance at adoption. HPAN contributed to the vet bill.


HPAN Sponsors Big Dog Haven Needs

The wet winter has made it hard on the rural Big Dog Haven, Inc. They have taken on more dogs than ever, and their kennel space is in constant rotation, which means the filler (pine shavings) must stay fresh and dry. We assisted them with this need so their dogs would stay healthy by calling in a credit to Miller’s Feed.


HPAN Assists Big Dog Haven, Inc.

Tank (pictured) was dumped on a Morgan County highway in December. He was cold and hungry, foraging for food. Enter Big Dog Haven, who pulled him into rescue. He immediately went into isolation and underwent temperament testing. We provided funding for Tank’s vaccines and neuter. He is now ready for adoption. The rescue also needed help with kennel supplies, costing $10 per day, such as cedar shavings, etc. We called in a credit to Miller’s Feed so they could get what they needed. Pictured is a snippet from their Facebook page, showing the cedar shavings our donation purchased.





HPAN Sponsors Morgan County Pups with $181 Donation

It isn’t uncommon for rescues to help each other. Big Dog Haven had more dogs than they could handle and called on the Friends of Oak Ridge Animal Shelter (FORAS), who stepped in and relieved them of three puppies that had been dumped in a ditch.  Then, FORAS called on the Animal Wellness Foundation for help on placement. Before being transported to a New York rescue, the pups needed a few vet services, boosters, etc. These poor puppies had been so hungry that they had eaten rocks and ash. They are now in rescue and on their way to better lives.

Black Mass

HPAN Sponsors Big Dog Haven

Big Dog Haven, the only non-profit animal rescue in Morgan County, is doing great work, but their means are limited. They have exceeded their capacity and are struggling to keep their heads above water. Until some much-needed grants come in, they needed some help, so they reached out to us. We voted to sponsor their rescue needs for one month by sending them $532 to care for the 15 dogs they currently have in rescue.


HPAN Helps Big Dog Haven with Little Dog’s Needs

Lucky was one in a litter rescued by Big Dog Haven when they heard the mom and all her pups had been dumped on a rural county road. Lucky was the sick one and needed a lot of vet care. We helped them with that by paying on his vet bill.


HPAN Sponsors Vet Visits for Big Dog Haven Dogs

Big Dog Haven, Inc. has recently taken in a stray female found on Hwy 62 eating roadkill. She was spotted weeks earlier with a pack of similar looking dogs (most likely brothers and sisters) that reportedly were shot by local farmers. Cali is very lovable, sweet, and a good candidate for a loving family. HPAN sponsored her spay surgery and vaccines. At around the same time, the rescue took in six puppies found in an abandoned lumber mill; momma was found dead close by. We helped sponsor dewormer and first-round shots for these babies. All payments were made directly to the veterinary provider.



BDH pups


HPAN Contributes to Big Dog Haven’s Kennel Fund

Big Dog Haven found themselves with more animals than their kennel would accommodate, so they took on a mission to raise funds to build some holding kennels used for the influx of rescue dogs. The photo shows the kennels they were able to build with our $500 donation. As they say, “it takes a village!”

BDH kennels