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HPAN Sponsors Bella and Layla with $500

These bonded girls could no longer be cared for by their elderly owners and were surrendered to the Tennessee Valley Golden Retriever Rescue. They had been lacking in basic vet care and had skin issues that had to be dealt with. We were able to contribute $250 for each of the girls to help them get on a path of wellness and prepared for their new home.


HPAN Sponsors Sweety with $300

When the Tennessee Valley Golden Retriever Rescue picked up Sweety, she had ticks crawling all over her and a visible lump on her stomach. The vet discovered she had a massive infection in her uterus requiring surgery. We kicked in funds to help the rescue with this cost.

HPAN Sponsors Moses with $300

Moses was weaving in and out of traffic when a Good Samaritan picked him up to save his life. None of the nearby residents had ever seen him before and considered him a dumped dog. He was taken to a local vet’s office and held for a few days in hopes that someone was looking for him. With no collar, no microchip, and nobody looking, the Tennessee Valley Golden Retriever Rescue stepped up to take responsibility of this dog. We offered to cover his vaccines, deworming, neuter, and boarding cost. He already has an interested adopter.

HPAN Helps Hunter with $300

The Tennessee Valley Golden Retriever Rescue (TVGRR) reached out to us asking for help treating Hunter’s heartworms. He is currently in foster care and will begin treatments very soon. On to a better life, sweetheart!


HPAN Adds on New Rescue – TVGRR

The Tennessee Valley Golden Retriever Rescue (TVGRR) has recently taken on some tough cases. They were gracious enough to take three dogs from a hoarding situation in Morgan County where the dogs were sick and emaciated. Chase is one of these dogs and was recently diagnosed with heartworms. HPAN paid $350 to help with Chase’s medical needs.