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HPAN Sponsors Lily-Kay’s Basic Vetting for $158

Lily-Kay came to the Sweetwater Valley Dog Rescue (SVDR) via At Risk Intervention, who pulled her from a severe hoarding situation. She was too weak to stand and had to spend several days in the hospital just to regain her strength and put on weight. Now that she’s healthy enough, we sponsored her spay surgery and vaccines. SVDR will place her in a fabulous home.

HPAN Helps Mark with $240 Sponsorship

Mark made his way to At Risk Intervention after being rescued from a hoarding case. He had a bad case of parvovirus and almost died. After a long stent of supportive care, he made it. But then he relapsed into pneumonia and ran up another vet bill. ARI asked us if we could help. Mark is now doing great and will be transported to a great northern rescue very soon. He’s such a sweetie and will be adopted very quickly.

HPAN Purchases Kennels for ARI

At Risk Intervention (ARI), a short-term shelter, also known as the “Waystation,” in Knoxville, is one of two recipients of our 2018 capital improvement funds. They have been instrumental in helping thousands of animals over the last decade by serving as a “stop-over” for animals in rescue. Sometimes they go to ARI for an overnight stay, and sometimes they stay for a few weeks while they await a northbound transport, or when they are in need of confinement following treatment for injury or illness. ARI also sometimes serves as a pulling rescue from local shelters. Because they have been asked to take in several large breeds lately, they found themselves in need of some bigger kennels, so they asked for our help. We had the honor of purchasing two 10x6x5-foot kennels for the Waystation, as well as four additional gates, which enable them to divide the 10×5-foot runs into 5×5-foot runs when they need to house more dogs. The total cost for these items was $1020.

HPAN Helps Pearson’s Heart with $300

Pearson, a mid-age English Shepherd mix, was pulled from a high-kill shelter by At Risk Intervention (ARI). He would have eventually died of heartworms anyway if ARI hadn’t stepped up to help. When they reached out to us requesting sponsorship, we couldn’t say no. We paid $300 toward his medical costs. Pearson is worth it!

HPAN Helps Minnie Live with $300 Sponsorship

Minnie was hit by a car and sustained a broken jaw and palate. Her owners took her to a local vet to be euthanized because they couldn’t afford the required surgical repair. The vet just couldn’t do it with Minnie standing there wagging her tail with blood pouring from her mouth. She asked the owners to surrender Minnie so that rescue could step in. At Risk Intervention (ARI) intervened!!! They took Minnie under their wing, set up an appointment with a surgical specialist, and got Minnie taken care of ASAP! ARI called on us to help sponsor the large surgery bill. We kicked in $300. Once she’s healed, Minnie will be sent to a northern Lab rescue where she will find an excellent home.

HPAN Helps ARI Save Lesa with $300

Lovely little Lesa is a 48lb red tick hound who can’t stop smiling and wiggling. Yep, a full front teeth smile when she first meets you!  She’s a total sweetheart. Lesa was pulled from a kill shelter for At Risk Intervention (ARI), and she has heartworms. She was spayed and vaccinated, and now she’s ready for her heartworm treatment. HPAN sponsored $300 of the cost.

HPAN Helps ARI with Short-term Sheltering

At Risk Intervention (ARI) serves as a short-term shelter, called the Waystation, for dogs that are in transit to rescues, for dogs that need to be out of the regular shelter environment for 14 days prior to going into rescue, and even for heartworm-positive dogs who need 6-8 weeks of post-treatment rest. Without ARI, many dogs wouldn’t even have the chance at life. When they requested two additional kennels for their operation, we were happy to sponsor their need. We have seen firsthand the great work they do.


HPAN Pays $300 for Blueboy’s Heartworm Treatments

Blueboy is a handsome Bluetick fellow who washed up on the rocky shores of rescue and got stranded at At Risk Intervention’s Waystation. His original destination can’t take him because he is heartworm-positive. So he can eventually make his way into a permanent home, we sponsored his heartworm treatments.


HPAN Pays for Michael’s Heartworm Treatment

At Risk Intervention (ARI) acquired Michael the Beagle mix. He is 35 lbs of white and blonde love whose appetite almost got him killed. Michael’s mission in life is to eat. Unfortunately, that earned him a coyote trap clamped around his front paw. Michael was found trapped, and he was freed and turned into the shelter. When he turned out to be heartworm positive, he was placed on the euthanasia list. Fortunately, his wonderful personality rallied the volunteers, and they convinced ARI to take him. They couldn’t say no when everyone chipped in to pay for his shots and neuter. HPAN paid the $230 fee for Michael’s treatment.


HPAN Assists ARI with a Cat in Need

Panther Kitty was a “community cat” for years in a West Knoxville apartment complex. He had regulars who left food out for him as well as a few long term residents who would let him inside when the weather was particularly bad. The rest of the time he roamed and sheltered on patios and behind furniture outside. He was a part of the community as long as anyone can remember.

Recently, one of his caretakers noticed that Panther Kitty’s face was swollen and contacted At Risk Intervention asking for help. It took a few days, but she was able to coax Panther into her car and then into a carrier. She took him the vet for evaluation.

The news was mixed. Panther was brought up to date on his vaccines, and he was already neutered; however, the swelling on his face looked ominous. The vet prescribed a week of antibiotics, but said she was concerned that it might be an aggressive cancer. She asked for him to come back in a week. A week later, Panther looked considerably worse, was having trouble eating, and was in pain. They decided to do the right thing at that time and end his misery. HPAN assisted with the rescue’s expenses in caring for Panther Kitty.