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Four Shelter Dogs Primed for Transport with Our Sponsorship

Luca, Sugar, Toby, and Noah are catching a freedom ride to Connecticut after being pulled out of the Roane County Animal Shelter by the Humane Society of Roane County. We had the privilege of sponsoring the needed wellness exams, vaccines, heartworm tests, and flea treatment for $176. All but one had been fixed, and the intake rescue will cover that. Happy trials, sweet ones! We are so glad to play a small part in your rescue!

HPAN Helps Three Puppies with $285

Sidney, Toby, and Rex were rescued by the East TN Pit Bull Rescue and placed into foster care so they could get their initial vetting before being up for adoption. We were asked to sponsor their vaccines and spay/neuter surgeries.

HPAN Helps Toby with $300

Toby is a sweet Chi mix from the Roane County Animal Shelter.  He has a large mass the size of a golf ball on his chest.  This mass appeared to be filled with fluid.  Upon taking him to the vet, his rescuer, Halo’s, ordered x-rays and a biopsy of the mass.  It was determined he does have fluid around his heart, and he will have to remain on two different medications for the rest of his life. The swelling of the mass has gone down with medication; unfortunately, the mass is too close to the heart to operate. Toby is being loved and spoiled.

HPAN Pays Vet Bills Totaling $1,219 for Five K9LR Dogs with Special Needs

K9 Lifeline Rescue (K9LR), Inc. had a vision to clear the Roane County Animal Shelter for Christmas, so they went in on Christmas Eve and pulled 18 dogs, knowing these would add to the expense of the last group they pulled. Of the last group, five had special needs. We assisted with the expenses associated with Bobo’s laceration repair, Dottie’s lumpectomy, Annie’s benign tumor removal, Sky’s parvo treatment, and Toby’s x-rays and needs from being hit by a car. All of these precious babies are on their way to a happy ever after and are available for adoption through K9LR, Inc. in Kingston, Tennessee.



DaisyHPAN donated $250 toward Toby and Daisy’s alterations and vaccinations.

Daisy is a very sweet girl that was left on a lead in the backyard in the heat. She is about a year old, very lovable and great with other dogs.  She will be spayed and vaccinated.  She is looking for a great family to be a part of for 10+ yrs.  Melissa White saved this beautiful girl.


TobyHPAN donated $250 toward Toby and Daisy’s alterations and vaccinations.

Toby is gorgeous 4 month old Bully mix, very playful and smart. He loves other dogs, people of any size and is working on house training.

Toby will be neutered, up to date on vaccinations and micro chipped. He is looking for a family with patience and love.  Melissa White rescued this great boy!