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Belen is being Healed of Heartworm Disease

Fighting for the Bullys Rescue took Belen from a shelter where she was after running as a stray, very pregnant, and with heartworms. After she had and cared for her babies, it was time to care for her. We sponsored her heartworm treatments for $346.40.

HPAN Sponsors another Heartworm Treatment for $300

Conrad was in a shelter where he had little chance of getting out. Thanks to Fighting for the Bullys Pitbull Rescue, he’s free! They asked us to sponsor heartworm treatment for Conrad, and it was our honor to help him get well.

HPAN Helps Two Mama Pitties with $600

Fighting for the Bullys Rescue (FFTBR) took in two female pit bulls recently, one pregnant, and one who’d just had babies.

Flower came from a shelter in Mississippi looking like she was about to pop. Shortly after her puppies were born she came down with a terrible fever and became lethargic. After many diagnostics, it was determined that she had a severe case of mastitis. Who wouldn’t after nursing so many pups?! She spent several days at the vet. We contributed $300 to her bill.

Kamari was rescued from Morgan County where someone found her as a stray. She was emaciated and had just delivered puppies when the rescue was notified. They literally drove one hour at midnight to pick up Kamari and her little ones. When it came time for her to be spayed, the vet diagnosed her with a severe case of pyometra, a uterine infection. The only way to clear it was to spay her, but her condition was still poor. She spent several days at the vet. We also contributed $300 to her bill.

HPAN Sponsors Bullies for $250

Fighting for the Bullys Rescue asked if we’d sponsor Preacher’s neuter, rabies vaccine, and microchip, and spay surgeries, vaccines, and microchips for Splash and Jada. We did!

HPAN Assists Pit Bull Medical Needs for $331

Fighting for the Bullys Rescue has had some serious medical cases lately. Slim Shady had a spinal stroke, which required immediate vet care, and Liberty was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia. We were able to chip in to cover almost half the need.

HPAN Sponsors Two FFTBR Dogs

Pistol and Gotham were different. They came out of the womb aggressive. Lucky for them they were born under a rescue umbrella, so they had a chance. Fighting for the Bullys Rescue reached out asking if we would help sponsor required training to give these boys a shot in life. We thought they deserved a chance. We heard from the trainer that they have made great strides and have learned the needed skills to live a good life. We are glad no one gave up on Pistol and Gotham.

Gotham and Pistol

HPAN Pays for Zeus’ Evaluation/Treatment

Zeus was surrendered to the shelter because he has severe allergies, and his family could no longer afford him. Fighting for the Bullys Rescue took him in and to the vet for a plan of action. This ounce of prevention cost us a mere $98, but it will make a world of difference for Zeus.


HPAN Helps Alex See Better with $300

Alex has the worst case of entropion the Fighting For the Bullys Rescue’s vet has ever seen. It’s a disorder where the eyelashes grow inward and into the eyes. He has scheduled his surgery for December 10th for a cost of $375. We were glad to cover most of that for them.


HPAN Pays for Wynter’s spay

One more pit bull altered thanks to HPAN and Fighting for the Bullys Rescue (FFTBR)! Wynter is available for adoption through FFTBR.


HPAN Pays for Spay/Neuters/Vaccines for Rescued Pit Bulls

HPAN recently paid $250 toward the cost to spay/neuter and vaccinate these three beauties who were rescued by Knoxville’s Fighting For the Bullys Rescue. Aren’t they gorgeous?