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HPAN Sponsors Gloria with $300

Gloria, a beautiful kitty at the Roane County Animal Shelter, had a diseased eye that required removal. The shelter asked if we could sponsor the surgery, so we did!

HPAN Sponsors more Shelter Cats for $563.30

The Roane County Animal Shelter recently reached capacity, especially on the cat side. The Humane Society of Roane County stepped in to pull as many as they could, knowing we’d be there to help them. We sponsored basic vetting and needed medication for Tank, Steve, Penelope, Asriel, Parker, and Dana. These six get to live because we came together to help.

HPAN Sponsors 7 Kitties for $567

Magneto, Storm, Phoenix, Professor X, Mesquite, Beans, and Rice were pulled from the Roane County Animal Shelter by the Humane Society of Roane County. They needed a myriad of vet services in order to be healthy enough for adoption. We gladly provided the needed funding for these little fuzzy critters.

HPAN Helps Chico with $300

Chico landed at the Roane County Animal Shelter after being found wandering. Nobody claimed this old lad, so Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue took him into their program. We sponsored his vet visit, senior blood panel, and teeth extraction. 

HPAN Helps Puffin Get Well with $300

Puffin was taken to the Roane County Animal Shelter as part of a cruelty case. He jaw was injured and swollen, and he couldn’t open his mouth. Enter Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue. They took Puffin straight to the vet. He needed four teeth pulled and tumors in his mouth removed. Puffin will recover, thanks to Halos and our sponsorship. 

HPAN Helps Jack with $89

Jack was brought to the Roane County Animal Shelter dangling his front leg. It was believed to be from an old injury from possibly being hit or run over by a car. Upon having x-rays, the vet suggested removal of the leg for the best quality of life. Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue took a chance on Jack and agreed to pull him into their program and have him all fixed up. We sponsored his leg amputation, and now he’s a happy little tripod and no longer in pain.

HPAN Pays $280 for Kane of Halo’s

Kane found himself at the Roane County Animal Shelter, dejected and neglected. He also tested positive for heartworms. Shelter staff reached out to Halo’s Second Chance Animal Rescue who gladly took him into their program. We had the honor of sponsoring his heartworm treatments and neuter for $280. Monthly heartworm prevention would have been so much easier on Kane and everyone else involved in his care!

HPAN Pays $300 of Marley’s Vet Bill

Marley was pulled from Roane County Animal Shelter by Halos Second Chance after he was surrendered by his owner. Marley had glaucoma in both eyes and was completely blind. Both of his eyes had to be removed. He is also heartworm positive. As expected, his vet bill is steep. We contributed $300 to cover his eye surgery, neuter, medication, and some of his heartworm treatment.

HPAN Helps Bugsy with $175

Bugsy was pulled from Roane County Animal Shelter by Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue. The vet noticed he was dragging his back legs. He was found to have a herniated disk in his back. He remained at the vet and had laser therapy and physical therapy as well as his vaccinations. He did regain some use of his back legs, but does use a wheelchair to get around. We were honored to sponsor Bugsy’s vet care.

HPAN Sponsors Surrendered Dogs for $249

Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue was contacted by Roane County Animal Shelter when an owner came in to surrender seven dogs!  Helping Paws Animal Network provided funds for all seven dogs in need of basic vetting! Basic vetting typically includes exams, rabies vaccinations, and heartworm tests.  Coco, Chaco, Dominic, Halo, Jacoby, Jeep, and Lincoln deserve a second chance, and we were happy to help them!