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HPAN Sponsors Another Heartworm-Positive Dog

Think heartworms can’t happen to your dog? Think again. Dogs not on prevention will likely contract heartworms from a mosquito bite. It’s a deadly condition if not treated, and treating it is way more expensive than preventing it. Treatment is also very hard on the dog. Noah, here, was rescued from the Roane County Animal Shelter by K9 Lifeline Rescue, and we paid $300 for his treatment.

HPAN Helps Parvo Pups Get Well with $500

Two litters of puppies and some adult dogs were taken to the Roane County Animal Shelter. The dogs were in horrible shape. Soon the puppies started to break with illness. Some made it, and some didn’t. Hershey and Big Boy were two of the ones treated for parvovirus and are starting to get well. Thanks to K9 Lifeline Rescue, the puppies had a chance to live. We were happy to help them with this big endeavor when they asked us to chip in.

HPAN Assists HSRC with $300

Gloria originally came into the Roane County Animal Shelter as a stray. They immediately contacted the Humane Society of Roane County for help. She was diagnosed with cancer and the prognosis was grim. The rescue decided to make her last months some of the best outside of the shelter. As a hospice dog, Gloria has had many medical needs arise to help keep her comfortable as long as possible, including tumor removal, blood work, medication, etc. The rescue asked us to help with the cost of her care.

HPAN Purchases 100 Canine SNAP Tests for RCAS

The Roane County Animal Shelter wants to save as many animals as possible. One prerequisite to sending dogs to northern rescue organizations is a negative heartworm test. The shelter had no way to test the dogs, so we purchased a box of 100 tests for them. That ought to help some of the sweet faces you see here.

HPAN Helps Banjo and Fiddle Play a Better Tune with $364.55

Banjo and Fiddle are two hound puppies of a litter taken to the Roane County Animal Shelter. These two suffered from a terrible skin condition causing them lots of pain. Enter K9 Lifeline Rescue who immediately took the pups to the vet for skin scrapes and treatment, which we sponsored.

HPAN Helps Save Ringo

Ringo was hit by a car and taken to the Roane County Animal Shelter. Because of damage to his face and mouth, he was unable to eat normally and required surgery to repair his damaged palette and removal of several loose teeth. K9 Lifeline Rescue pulled Ringo from the shelter and asked if we could sponsor his required surgery. We paid $300 on the bill, and now Ringo is resting at the rescue’s Dog House and is getting the love and attention he needs, and he’s SAFE!

HPAN Sponsors Mandi’s Surgery for $300

Mandi was rescued from the Roane County Animal Shelter by K9 Lifeline Rescue. It was soon noticed that she had a tumor on her leg about the size of a marble. Being that it was on a joint and causing inflammation, the vet recommended removal. Mandi has a lot of life to live, and we thought she was worth helping.


HPAN Sponsors Daizee’s Tumor Removal with $300

Daizee was taken to the Roane County Animal Shelter by her family. They couldn’t afford to have her euthanized at the vet, and a relative was pushing to shoot her, so they brought her to the shelter. The staff called K9 Lifeline Rescue, who rushed to the shelter to get her. Daizee is 14, blind in one eye, and has a huge untreated mass on her rear leg that had ruptured. HPAN contributed $300 to the $719 needed to remove the tumor. Daizee has a way to go before she is complete again, but she’ll get there, and she will live out her life with people who love and care for her. We are pulling for you, Daizee!


HPAN Helps Save Two Puppies Stricken with Parvo

These two babies were at the Roane County Animal Shelter for ten days and contracted the parvovirus. Immediate vet care was needed, so Homeward Bound Dog Rescue stepped in to help. We kicked in $400 to cover the vet bill.


HPAN Sponsors Wiley and Mandi’s HW Treatments for $600

Both Wiley and Mandi contracted heartworms. They were thankfully rescued from the Roane County Animal Shelter by K9 Lifeline Rescue. We sponsored the treatment needed. These dogs will go on to live a great life.

mandi wiley