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HPAN Sponsors Slumdog Rescue Crew with $350

We sponsored Piper’s puppies a few weeks ago, and now it’s her turn to be taken care of so she has no more puppies! We contributed $200 toward the cost of her spay surgery. Slumdog Rescue Crew also took in a new litter of puppies last week, and they asked us to sponsor their initial vaccines and dewormer for $150.


HPAN Helps Slumdog Rescue Crew Save Walker with $300

Slumdog Rescue Crew was notified of an 11-week old puppy that was thought to be dying at Cleveland Animal Control last Friday. A volunteer was able to get him to Keith Street Animal Clinic where he has been ever since. Walker is battling Parvo and, although he is holding his own, it is a lot for a poor puppy’s little body. He is still receiving IV fluids and continuous care, and his bill is quickly escalating. We paid $300 on the bill.

HPAN Sponsors Piper and Her Pups with $205

Slumdog Rescue Crew asked us to sponsor second-round vaccines and exams for one of their rescue dogs, Piper, and her litter of puppies. Soon all of them will be ready for adoption!

HPAN Sponsors Leo’s Heartworm Treatments with $300

Leo had been neglected and discarded at the animal shelter. His story touched the hearts of rescue individuals, and he ended up under the care of Slumdog Rescue Crew (SRC). He had a horrible case of Demodex mange, secondary yeast infection, was heartworm positive; the list goes on and on. When the vet finally gave SRC the okay to treat his heartworms, they reached out to us for help. Leo is on his way to a better life!

HPAN Helps Slumdog Rescue Crew with $300 for Lizzie

Lizzie is a 1.5 year old, terrier mix who was surrendered to Slumdog Rescue Crew (SRC) by her owner. When they arrived to pick up Lizzie, she was running around the property, unvaccinated and blood/infection oozing from open wounds. Her owner told them at the time that Lizzie did not have an eye. Once they were able to get Lizzie bathed, an infectious scab fell off the front of her eyelid exposing her damaged eye. Lizzie had not received treatment for this eye, nor her Demodex mange. She was riddled with fleas and ticks, and she had not been spayed and certainly not vaccinated. Lizzie had sat in this condition waiting on someone to help for a total of eight months. Lizzie has now been with SRC since the end of March. She has tested negative for Demodex mites. Her skin and hair have made a miraculous recovery.

Now, it is time for Lizzie to have her eye removal surgery and spay, which we were asked to sponsor. We were happy to help this wonderful dog, who is reported to love everyone she meets-cats, kids, and dogs included. SRC says that by meeting her, you would never know she has suffered an ounce of abuse. SRC looks forward to finding this special girl a fabulous home.

HPAN Sponsors Litter for $185

Slumdog Rescue Crew is one of our newly sponsored rescue organizations. They recently took in a mama dog and her puppies that were left behind when the owner became incarcerated. It’s initial vetting time for the little ones, so we paid for dewormer and exams. More services will be needed as they get older, but we’re thankful they’re now in good hands and on the path to happiness!