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HPAN Sponsors Henry with $500

Henry was part of a stray cat colony at a Clinton trailer park. Being highly adoptable, Spay It Forward East Tennessee scooped him up and took him to the vet for basic stuff, like combo testing, vaccines, and a neuter. Turned out he was underweight because he had a hard time eating due to stomatitis, a gum disease that neglected cats can get. Henry needed ALL of his teeth extracted, which we were able to sponsor. He will live out the rest of his life in an indoor home where soft food is endless!

HPAN Sponsors HSET with $1200

The Humane Society of East Tennessee took in four animals with special needs and asked for our help. Henry was an owner surrender and presented with toxoplasmosis needing treatment. Pretty Girl was also an owner surrender and needed help with her diabetes treatments. Dash was found as a stray and needed a dental so he could eat. ChiChi was abandoned with her groomer and needed a dental plus a tumor removed

HPAN Helps Henry Get Well with $300

Henry was found abandoned and starving in a garage after his owner had passed away. He was dehydrated and clinging to life. The Humane Society of Roane County came to Henry’s rescue and got him straight to the vet, where he began a regimen of fluids, medication, and good nutrition. He received all the vetting he needed to be set up for a lifetime of success. We were able to sponsor this for him.

HPAN Sponsors Seven YWAC Cats

When thirty cats from a hoarding situation were taken to Young Williams Animal Center, the outlook was not good.  However, through networking and fundraising, most all of the cats were saved and picked up by rescues.  HPAN was able to send $245 to sponsor the adoption of the cats pictured here.  This paid for the needed pre-adoption vet care.  All these kitties are doing well!


The six cats pictured here from left to right are Henry (in the basket), Candace (in a box), and Prince Edward.  The bottom row features Tia (also in a box), Oreo, and Layla.

HPAN Helps Henry

Poor little Henry was surrendered to an animal control officer.  It was noticed that he was eaten up with a bad case of Demodex (demodectic mange), and he was just overall oppressed.  Thankfully, Homeward Bound Dog Rescue stepped up and took in Henry.  They called on HPAN to help with his vetting.  We gladly donated $100 toward his vet care.