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Charlie Gets a New Life

Poor Charlie was abandoned before he got lucky and was picked up by Almost Home Animal Rescue. They asked us to sponsor his basic vet expenses and emergency boarding to the total of $500. Now, Charlie is vaccinated, neutered, and on prevention. He’s ready for a loving home!

HPAN Helps Get Charlie Fixed up with $230

Charlie was an owner surrender to the Campbell County Animal Shelter.  He was not the friendliest, was very withdrawn, and he had heartworms.  After a couple weeks of TLC at the shelter, Charlie was placed in a medical foster home until his heartworm treatment and recovery were complete, which has taken 15 months.  Charlie has learned manners, knows what it is like to be loved, and is a perfect gentleman.  We sponsored the cost of his heartworm treatments and his neuter.

HPAN Helps Bosco and Charlie with $556.88

Bosco and Charlie’s time was up at the Anderson County Animal Shelter. They were surrendered together by their family. Both beagles had skin infections, one had bad teeth, neither were up to date on any vaccines or prevention, and both had Ehrlichia and Lyme, which are tickborne diseases. Needless to say, a lot of vet care was needed to get these boys the life they deserved. We were happy to help the rescue group, Almost Home Animal Rescue, who pulled them into safety. These boys will be in a better home soon!

HPAN Helps Jenny & Charlie with $179

Jenny and her baby boy, Charlie, were hungry strays in Morgan County who ended up at the Senior Dog Lodge and Animal Rescue. They were undernourished and in overall declining health. We paid for their initial vet visits, testing, vaccines, etc. More will come as they regain their health.

HPAN Kicks in $341.50 to Help Pet Path with Ten Pups

Athenia, Avery, Quinn, Charlie, Scarlett, Woody, Piper, Grizzly and Chewy were all owner surrenders that had been listed for free on social media.  Dezzi is a 3 month old puppy previously owned by someone who was moving and couldn’t keep her. Lucky for all of them, Pet Path opened their arms of rescue. All ten of these babies needed basic vetting: vaccines, deworming, spay/neuter, and microchips. We helped the rescue pay for these services.

HPAN Helps Rescue with Boarding Costs

Charlie is a 3 year old German Shepherd Catahoula mix that was rescued by Southern Roots Rescue (SRR) in December after he was surrendered by his owner for knocking over their toddler. Charlie has been in two foster homes since then, but has serious resource guarding issues. SRR has tried to find him a foster with no other dogs without success. Poor Charlie has been boarding off and on for several months, but now has been at the kennel for over a month straight.  He is on a waiting list to get into dog town at the Best Friends Sanctuary in Utah. In the meantime, his kennel bill is over $400 and continues to add up every day. HPAN contributed $250 toward his boarding fees.