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HPAN Covers $444 for Prissy and Ozzy

These two little seniors found themselves homeless when both of their owners passed away. Spay it Forward East TN took them into their rescue program and got them caught up on basic wellness and required dentals. We were happy to sponsor the cost so these two littles can be adopted into new homes.

HPAN Sponsors Tony and Muffins with $319

Tony Macaroni and Love Muffins were surrendered to the All Breed Rescue of Spay it Forward East TN by a lady who used them for breeding. They had lived most of their lives in a crate with little human interaction, and they were way behind on their vetting. The rescue got them all fixed up, and we sponsored the cost of the testing and exams, vaccines, parasite prevention, and spay/neuter. Thankfully, the cycle will stop with these two!

HPAN Helps Lilah James Get Well with $411.44

Lilah James came to Spay it Forward East TN with a litter of feral-born kittens trapped in Anderson County. They were all very sick, underweight, and infested with fleas. Lilah struggled with ear and upper respiratory infections. After seeing three vets and being sedated for in-depth exams, one vet found her problem to be a large polyp in her respiratory tract. We sponsored her surgery and associated costs for $411, and now Lilah is on the road to recovery.

HPAN Helps Ellie and Bradley with $661

Ellie and Bradley were living along in a house full of animal waste. They were being fed and watered, but no other care whatsoever. Thankfully, they were surrendered to Spay it Forward East TN and were promptly taken to the vet. Because they’d not had any vet care in years, many services, including bloodwork, were needed. We were able to sponsor these services. Ellie now has a potential home, but a special home is needed for Bradley, who is blind and deaf.

HPAN Sponsors Mozzy with $500

Mozzy’s owner didn’t have time for him, so Spay It Forward East TN took him into their program. He came with horrible abscessed teeth that had spread to his sinuses, and he had bladder stones causing urinary blockage. We sponsored Mozzy’s vet needs with $500.

HPAN Helps Pumpkin Feel Better with $500 Sponsorship

Pumpkin’s owner wasn’t well enough to care for him, so he was surrendered to Spay It Forward East TN. Upon his vet check, they discovered that Pumpkin needed dental surgery to improve his quality of life. We kicked in $500 toward the nearly $800 fee. Pumpkin is on the road to recover and already feeling much better!

HPAN Helps Mr. Wiggles and Delilah with $435

Spay it Forward East TN got a call from someone saying that Mr. Wiggles and Delilah were left as orphans when their mom passed away. The rescue group took them to the vet for a neuter, dental, vaccines, etc. They are much better now and will be adopted into a new home. We were happy to cover their vet bill.

HPAN Sponsors Mr. Jingles with $300

Mr. Jingles was abandoned as a kitten at a trailer park where nobody claimed him. He was wearing a collar that he outgrew, and it embedded into his neck. When Spay it Forward Tennessee heard about it, they trapped him and took him into their program. He saw three different vets before one was about to help him. Surgically removing his collar was a gruesome procedure that is requiring wound management for several weeks, but thankfully Mr. Jingles is going to make it. We were able to sponsor a portion of his vet bill.

HPAN Sponsors Ladybird for $300

Ladybird was among a litter of puppies surrendered to Spay it Forward East TN by a young couple who could not care for them. Ten days after their first vaccines, the puppies came down with Parvovirus. All pups were put in the hospital, but Ladybird was the only survivor after four days of intensive care. The rescue asked us to help with her bill.

HPAN Helps Spay It Forward East TN with $300

Spay It Forward East TN took in a dog and her litter when the owner contacted them and asked for help. The mama dog hadn’t been properly vaccinated, so the puppies broke with the dreaded parvovirus. The rescue was left with a staggering vet bill, including critical care costing in the hundreds, yet the puppies didn’t make it. We kicked in $300 on the bill, so the rescue wouldn’t be stifled. All of this could have been avoided with a simple annual vaccine on the former owner’s part.