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HPAN Helps Petunia with $300

Petunia was hit by a car and surrendered with a broken leg.  Spay It Forward East TN requested assistance with her leg amputation.  HPAN funded $300 towards this beautiful girl’s surgery!


HPAN Sponsors Blue for $300

Poor Blue was ran over by his owner and surrendered to Spay It Forward East TN.  Helping Paws Animal Network was happy to help with his broken front leg!  Blue will be in foster care until his leg heals.  A big Get Well Soon to this little guy!

HPAN Helps Opossum the Cat with $300

Opossum came to Spay it Forward East TN as a stray and in terrible shape. Considering how he looked at the beginning, he looks really good in this photo! His life was touch and go for months, yet he kept defying the odds. After many weeks of TLC, he was ready for the ear removal and teeth extraction he needed to improve his quality of life. We contributed $300 to the vet bill.