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HPAN Sponsors 5 dogs for the Humane Society of Roane County with $917.93

Thistle, Latke, Buttercup, Mistletoe, and Holly were left unattended and starving after their owner passed away. Law enforcement was called in, and they called Senior Dog Lodge & Animal Rescue. There was no room for the dogs at the rescue, so they called Homeward Bound Dog Rescue and the Humane Society of Roane County who stepped up and immediately took them to the vet. All the dogs were given an exam, medicine where needed, vaccines, dewormer, and all have now been spayed/neutered.

HPAN Helps Darlin Heal Up

Darlin was brought to the Senior Dog Lodge & Animal Rescue after being found roadside. She had lots of road rash and a terribly injured tail to the point that bone was showing. To prevent a spinal infection, the tail had to be amputated. We were able to chip in $300 on the $445 bill.

HPAN Helps Dixie and Trixie with $580.87

These precious pups were hit by a car in Morgan County and taken to the Senior Dog Lodge & Animal Rescue. They were rushed to the Animal Emergency and Specialty Center where Dixie was treated for head trauma and Trixie was treated for broken bones in her legs and pelvis. They are lucky to be alive and still have a ways to go, but at least they have a chance at living a good life.

HPAN Sponsors 4 SDL Dogs

Senior Dog Lodge & Animal Rescue (SDL) took in Sophie, Mya, Oliver, and Olivia after it had been confirmed that they were abandoned in Morgan County. Their owner had the gall to move and leave all of them, plus puppies belonging to one of them. Unsurprisingly, some of the dogs had parasitic disease. We sponsored antibiotics and vaccines for these beautiful animals.

HPAN Sponsors Four Surrendered Dogs with $300

Ross, Roy, and Bullet have lived their entire lives (seven years) in crates with someone who wasn’t able to care for them. Payton’s life wasn’t much better. He was outside, unvaccinated, and had fur matted to his skin. Good for all four, their owners surrendered them to the Senior Dog Lodge & Animal Rescue where they will be cared for. We had the privilege of sponsoring all the dogs’ neuters, vaccines, and heartworm testing for $300.

HPAN Helps Rudy with $300

Rudy was picked up as a stray in Morgan County at a prime “dumping ground.” He luckily found his way to Senior Dog Lodge & Animal Rescue. Unfortunately, Rudy was diagnosed with heartworms. We paid $300 toward his treatment cost. He will be available for transport or adoption as soon as he has a clean bill of health.

HPAN Sponsors Groucho Marx with $234.25

This little cutie was found behind the Dollar General of a rural county in East Tennessee, obviously dumped and not very happy. He was hateful and in bad health. Thankfully, the Senior Dog Lodge & Animal Rescue agreed to give him a place to land in hopes that an owner would show up. When that didn’t happen, plans were made to have him vetted. That’s when we stepped in to help them pay for his needed services: vaccines, dewormer, heartworm test, pre-op blood work, and neuter.

HPAN Sponsors Full Vetting for Angelica and Eliza for $600

Angelica and Eliza were part of a Morgan County hoard without any vetting and barely enough food to survive. Senior Dog Lodge & Animal Rescue stepped in to help, pulling over 30 dogs and having them properly vetted and sent to northern rescue groups where adoption rates are higher. We helped them get these two girls completely vetted, and they will be heading to Big Fluffy Dog Rescue where they will be adopted out into wonderful homes. Our $600 sponsorship covered their vaccines, exams and blood tests, antibiotics for a tick borne virus, deworming, microchips and spay surgeries.

HPAN Helps Rusty with $300

Senior Dog Lodge & Animal Rescue in Morgan County rescued Rusty from a local hoarder after seeing he was suffering from a broken leg from being hit by a car. Unfortunately, the leg could not be saved. We contributed funds on the amputation cost. Rusty will be available for adoption once he’s healed, and he will live a full life as a tripod.