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River Gets Heartworm Treatment with HPAN’s Help

This is the second time River has shown up on our blog. We had the opportunity to sponsor his neuter when he was passed from the Campbell County Animal Shelter to Rockin’ Community Cats because, as we’ve said before, they love dogs, too. Last week we got to sponsor his heartworm treatment for $245. River is under strict rest in foster care. He will be available for adoption in about six weeks!

River and Sheba Get $274 from HPAN

Both River and Sheba were “code red” at Campbell County Animal Shelter. Sheba appeared to be very pregnant, and River tested positive for heartworms. Both dogs were pulled by a volunteer with Rockin’ Community Cats because they love dogs, too. Turns out, Sheba was just overweight and not pregnant, so we were able to sponsor her spay surgery. We also paid for the first steps of River’s heartworm eradiation plan. More will be paid out later. Once both of these dogs are healed and adoptable, they will travel north for adoption!

Flower Gets Treated for Heartworms with $176

Rockin’ Community Cats asked us to sponsor Flower when she was pulled from the Campbell County Animal Shelter. Initially, we sponsored her spay surgery and rabies vaccine. She was also heartworm-positive, so we had to wait for healing from her spay surgery before getting those worms eradicated from her heart. The treatment was a few days ago, and this photo was taken with her rescuer the day we paid the vet bill.

Flower Gets Spayed Now and Will Be Treated for Heartworms in Two Weeks!

This beautiful dog, Flower, came in as a stray to Campbell County Animal Shelter with her two puppies. Rockin’ Community Cats fell in love with her and took her into their program. We had the opportunity to pay $75 for her spay surgery. Unfortunately, she tested positive for heartworms, so we will also cover her treatment on September 29. Then Flower will blossom like never before!

Rockin’ Community Cats Saves Dogs, Too!

Max and Pharaoh were lucky to be rescued from the Campbell County Animal Shelter by a cat rescue! These boys have a sad past and needed various vet services. We were able to sponsor their neuters, parasite testing, and even a dental for $285. Their lives are already better than before!

Chevy Gets Heartworm Treatment and Neuter

Sweet Chevy came to the Campbell County Animal Shelter as a stray. He tested positive for heartworms. He was transferred to a local rescue, and we were able to help in the transition by covering his neuter and his heartworm treatment for a total of $272. Chevy will be ready for adoption soon through Rockin’ Community Cats!

HPAN Sponsors Billy with $500

Billy the hound needed a mass removed, but his rescue, Rockin’ Community Cats, who also takes in dogs, needed our help. We kicked in $500 on his surgery bill.