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HPAN Helps Lady with $300

Lady was pulled from a shelter by A Chance for Champ. While on transport, she became distressed and regressed into a critical state. Emergency vet care revealed that her temperature was high and her oxygen was low. After some diagnostics, medicine, fluids, and observation, Lady is doing much better. We were happy to help with her care.


HPAN Helps Litter of Six with $420

Simba, Sara, Nala, Gypsy, Ben, and Sheba were surrendered to an animal shelter by their owner. A Chance for Champ was called with a request to pull them, and then we were contacted for sponsorship. With our $420, these babies got their vaccines, microchips, and spay/neuter surgeries. They will be ready for adoption soon!

Capital Improvement Grant Update

Earlier this year, we awarded four capital improvement grants. One was to A Chance for Champ. We awarded them $3K to set up intake kennels and an AC unit for their shelter. They sent us pictures recently to show the progress on their project.

HPAN Sponsors Percy & Tink for $226

Percy and Tink were born of an HPAN-sponsored, pregnant, rescue dog taken in by A Chance for Champ. Now that her babies, Percy and Tink, are old enough for all of their vetting, we kicked in funds to get them all fixed up and ready for adoption!

HPAN Sponsors Bear and Lulu for $200

Bear and Lulu were born of Queen, a dog we sponsored a couple months ago for A Chance for Champ. Now that the pups are weaned, it’s their turn to be vetted. We sponsored their vaccines, deworming, spay/neuter, and microchips for $100 each.


HPAN Helps Snowflake with $244

Snowflake was pulled from a shelter by A Chance for Champ. She needed to be spayed and treated for heartworms. We sponsored these needed services so she could live a full life.

HPAN Sponsors Ozzy’s Surgery for $288

Ozzy was surrendered to a shelter by his owner because he was old and lame. Local rescue group, A Chance for Champ, saw Ozzy’s potential and thought he deserved to live out his life, so they pulled him into rescue and whisked him off to their vet for evaluation. Ozzy needed his ACL repaired to the tune of nearly $600. We paid the balance they weren’t able to cover, which was $288.

HPAN Sponsors Puppies with $230

Sassy, Sweetie, and Buddy were owner surrenders from a family in East Tennessee to A Chance for Champ rescue. They needed vaccines and spay/neuter, which we sponsored. All puppies will be adopted into loving homes very soon.

HPAN Sponsors a Queen for $300

Queen was in foster care for a shelter in Georgia. The foster knew something wasn’t right with her, but she had been checked out and was told that Queen was fine. Turns out she was very pregnant and in labor. Queen started having puppies, and when one got stuck in the birth canal the foster had to act quick, so she called on someone she knew in Tennessee who ran a rescue. Michelle with A Chance for Champ made a quick trip to pick up Queen and get her to the vet in Tennessee. One puppy was stuck in the birth canal and did not make it, even at attempts to deliver her via a cesarean section. We were able to sponsor the vet bill, and thankfully mama and remaining puppies are doing OK.

HPAN Pays $167 for Falcon’s Heart Worm Treatment

A Chance for Champ pulled Falcon into their rescue program from the Anderson County Animal Shelter when he was diagnosed with heart worms. He would have been euthanized without their assistance. We were happy to pay the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley’s medical clinic for his treatment, and he is recovering in foster care.