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HPAN Joins Efforts to Save Milo’s Life

Milo was surrendered by his owner to A Chance for Champ. He was sick and in need of emergency care. That’s when we were called on to help. Milo has been diagnosed with parvovirus, and he is fighting for his life. A simple vaccine could have prevented this. We contributed $300 to the mounting charges. If Milo makes it, he will be put up for adoption buy the rescue group.


HPAN Contributes $300 to Save Ammo

Ammo was pulled from a shelter by A Chance for Champ. He started to show serious viral symptoms and quickly became dehydrated. Emergency care was required to save his life. We contributed $300 to the bill.

HPAN Helps Ginger with $300

Ginger found herself at a high kill shelter in Georgia. It was suspected that she was pregnant. Local rescue group, A Chance for Champ, got wind that Ginger would be euthanized quickly if she was not pulled into rescue, so they took her in. Ginger was showing pregnancy distress, and her temperature dropped for three days in a row, so the vet ordered a cesarean. The rescue group reached out to us for sponsorship to save Ginger’s life as well as the life within her. She had one pup. Both are doing well. Happy life, precious ones!

HPAN Sponsors Nellie’s Vetting for $120

Nellie was pulled from the Anderson County Animal Shelter by the rescue group, A Chance for Champ. They asked us to sponsor her basic vetting: spay surgery, back dewclaw removal, vaccines, dewormer, and first flea/heartworm prevention. As soon as she gets her boosters, she’ll be ready for adoption!

HPAN Sponsors Red’s Surgery with $300

Red was given to a family member by a breeder who no longer wanted him. The family member didn’t either, so Red was lucky enough to be taken in by A Chance for Champ, one of our newly sponsored rescue organizations who rescues dogs, rehabilitates them as needed, provides training, and adopts to wonderful families. Red had a luxating patella, otherwise known as a dislocated kneecap. We kicked in $300 to the $600+ surgery to Pellissippi Veterinary Hospital so Red can have the life he deserves.