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Tanner Barely Survives with HPAN’s $GRAND$ Assistance

Tanner was laying on the highway after being run over by a car. Lucky for him, a volunteer with Best Friends Sanctuary in Jamestown saw him. Thinking he was dead, she stopped to move him further to the side of the road, and he turned his head toward her. She immediately loaded him up and sought vet care. He needed so much work, but he was worth it, so onward with plans to fix him. After an extensive leg repair, wound care, and a myriad of other services, Tanner has a bill of $3,951. We paid $1,000 on the bill and hope others will chip in as they can. Tanner’s bill is at Ragland and Riley Animal Hospital under patient #102796. Payments can be called in to 931-498-3153. We wish Tanner and Best Friends Sanctuary the absolute best in this situation!

HPAN Pays $1,000 on Colt’s Leg Surgery

Colt was a stray taken in by Best Friends Sanctuary of Jamestown, TN. He sustained a really bad break in his leg that required specialized surgery, which cost over $3,000. We were able to help the rescue by paying roughly one-third of the cost. The good news is Colt got to keep his leg and will soon be eligible to transfer to a northern rescue where he will be adopted to a family who will hopefully keep him safe.

Bear’s Life just Took a 180

Bear was rescued by Best Friends Sanctuary, Inc. from an abandoned house. He was tied to a tree and a doghouse with only three sides. His skin was gooey and stinky from mange. His poor eyes (cherry eyes) were so matted with infection that he couldn’t see. The rescue asked us to help cover his exam, basic vetting, and eye surgery. The rescue feels confident Bear is improving each day!

HPAN Sponsors June with $380

June was found with a severe compound fracture in one of her front legs. Best Friends Sanctuary, Inc. of Jamestown took her into their program. The vet confirmed she had a gun shot wound. Thankfully, June did not lose her leg and will be traveling north for adoption as soon as she is fully healed.

HPAN Helps Best Friends Sanctuary, Inc. with $368

Elsa was found in a ditch in Jamestown after being hit by a car. She was in poor condition, but she was alive, so Best Friends took her to their vet for evaluation. Her blood work was normal, and her vitals were strong, but she had a head injury that could not be fixed. Her emaciated condition didn’t help her ability to heal, so the rescue had to let her go. But they tried helping her, and they might not have done that had they thought we wouldn’t be here to help. Elsa was worth a chance.

HPAN Sponsors Colt with $278

Colt’s owner had him in a truck speeding down the highway, and someone saw him fly out, come crashing down, and rolling to a stop. It is uncertain whether he was thrown out of the truck or jumped out. Either way, he ended up with a broken pelvis, bruised lungs, and many contusions. That’s a lot for a pup weighing less than five pounds. He’s lucky to be alive. Best Friends Sanctuary, a newly sponsored rescue, took him under their wing and asked us for help. We were able to cover the initial vet bill, which included x-rays, exam, hospitalization, deworming, vaccines, and pain medication.

HPAN Helps Rescue with Boarding Costs

Charlie is a 3 year old German Shepherd Catahoula mix that was rescued by Southern Roots Rescue (SRR) in December after he was surrendered by his owner for knocking over their toddler. Charlie has been in two foster homes since then, but has serious resource guarding issues. SRR has tried to find him a foster with no other dogs without success. Poor Charlie has been boarding off and on for several months, but now has been at the kennel for over a month straight.  He is on a waiting list to get into dog town at the Best Friends Sanctuary in Utah. In the meantime, his kennel bill is over $400 and continues to add up every day. HPAN contributed $250 toward his boarding fees.