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HPAN Helps a Donkey with a $300 Donation

When Horse Haven of Tennessee (HHT) sends out a solicitation letter, they really need help. Recently, HHT received a call about a donkey who had been running at large for over two years. He was in very poor condition. A plan was created, and with corral panels and a vocal mare, volunteers outwitted the jack and had him contained. A halter was embedded in his head, and the buckle had scared his eye, causing the need for extensive surgeries at UT Vet Hospital. Now known as Mr. Jones, he is well enough to recover at HHT. Our assistance will help them in a small way with the $5,000+ bill for Mr. Jones.

HPAN Helps Hooves, Too

Horse Haven of Tennessee is bracing for a rough winter. With the late summer through fall drought, hay production is way down, which means more money is needed to feed their horses. We sent them a $250 donation to buy a few rounds and hopefully ease their burden a little.


HPAN Loves Horses, Too!

Horse Haven of Tennessee has had an extremely tough year with many intakes and a couple tragedies they did not expect. Their hay budget for the year has already been exceeded by ten percent, so when they put out a call for help with hay, we jumped on the hay ride wagon. One square bale of hay costs $5, and one round bale costs $30. We thought we would help them buy five round bales, so we sent them a check for $150. Neigh! Neigh!

Hay for Horses

Helping Paws helps hooves, too!

Horse Haven of Tennessee recently took in three starving horses from Macon County; one is pictured below. They will be spending some time with a vet before going to the horse farm for some much needed rehabilitation.  Then, as if that wasn’t enough, the Haven was burglarized a couple days later.  We thought they could use some help, so we sent them a $500 contribution to assist with vet costs for the poor horses.

HHT-Macon Co.

HPAN Helps Horse Haven

Horse Haven of Tennessee has been hit hard since March 8th when they took on seven neglected Union County, TN horses (eight if you count the one not born yet). Many of them were sick or had body sores and were taken to UT Veterinary School for treatment. Getting the horses back into good condition is going to be one long and expensive endeavor. As if things couldn’t get worse, a few days later they were forced to close and quarantine their horses when some came down with a respiratory sickness. We thought a $500 donation would help them a little.

Horse Haven

HPAN Helps Horses Too!

This miniature horse is one of three that Horse Haven of Tennessee (HHT) rescued earlier in the year from horrible conditions.  All three horses were covered in their own waste and trapped in a dark box stall.  Their little hooves were so long and distorted that they no longer resembled horse hooves and had a hard time standing.  The miniature horses were oppressed and in pain.  This little mini family was desperate.  Thankfully, a good Samaritan called HHT in to help.  Since then, all three horses have been given proper equine care and are happy and healthy.  Our donation to HHT helps them with these types of efforts.  HHT and HPAN – what a great team!

HHT before and after

Horse Haven of Tennessee

Helping Paws Animal Network recently learned of the great work that Horse Haven of Tennessee does, and we voted to send them $300.  Horse Haven’s mission includes rescuing horses from cruel or dangerous situations and providing shelter, care, rehabilitation, and adoption when needed.  One of our own members has personally seen Horse Haven in action as they swept in and rescued George (pictured) from a neglectful situation.  Unfortunately, it was too late for George.  Although his death was tragic, there was a ray of light in that the owner was forced by law enforcement to take care of other horses in his custody or face federal charges if more signs of abuse are reported.  Take a look at all the great work at Horse Haven and consider sending in some support because caring for horses is expensive!