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HPAN Sponsors Zoey’s Lump Removal with $300

Oak Ridge Animal Shelter dog, Zoey, came in with a lump on her rump. The Friends of Oak Ridge Animal Shelter took her to the vet to have it checked out. They paid for the initial visit and the pre-surgery blood tests. The vet thought the lump should come out and be sent off for pathology. HPAN paid $300 toward the cost involved. Zoey has since been adopted and is doing well.

HPAN Sponsors Nutmeg’s Boarding/Socialization for $252

Oak Ridge Animal Shelter dog, Nutmeg, had started to grow “shelter weary” and had begun to show some aggression. The shelter was referred to a boarding facility, The Pup Tent, in Friendsville, Tennessee, that has a history of boarding aggressive shelter dogs, showing them they don’t have to be that way. They provide positive and playful socialization techniques to help dogs build confidence and see how fun being nice can be. The Friends of Oak Ridge Animal Shelter asked if we could sponsor this “therapy” for Nutmeg, aka Meggie, and we were glad to give her this chance.


HPAN Sponsors Two Abandoned Morgan County Dogs

Morgan County dogs, Bowser and Daisy, had been living on a front porch in Sunbright since November being fed here and there by folks in the community. The Rural Appalachian Cat Rescue and Sanctuary had put out the request for rescue. The Friends of Oak Ridge Animal Shelter treasurer and board member stepped up to the call and asked us to sponsor their vaccines, heartworm test, spay/neuter, and required health certificate, so these dogs can get into a home where they will be cared for and loved.

Bowser and Daisy

HPAN Pays $181 for Dog’s Severe Skin Condition

This is a story that shows it sometimes takes a village to save an animal. Phoebe was taken to the Roane shelter with what looked like chemical burns from her head to her toes. Her skin was black and crusted. Roane County Paws pulled her and asked for help from “the village.” Friends of Oak Ridge Animal Shelter heard about Phoebe and reached out to the Special Needs Rescue of East Tennessee who agreed to take her. Phoebe has been diagnosed with a severe bacterial infection. HPAN agreed to pay half her bill, and the rescues will cover the rest. Phoebe will soon be the beautiful girl she is supposed to be.



HPAN Sponsors Morgan County Pups with $181 Donation

It isn’t uncommon for rescues to help each other. Big Dog Haven had more dogs than they could handle and called on the Friends of Oak Ridge Animal Shelter (FORAS), who stepped in and relieved them of three puppies that had been dumped in a ditch.  Then, FORAS called on the Animal Wellness Foundation for help on placement. Before being transported to a New York rescue, the pups needed a few vet services, boosters, etc. These poor puppies had been so hungry that they had eaten rocks and ash. They are now in rescue and on their way to better lives.

Black Mass

HPAN Sponsors Old Dogs, too!

The Oak Ridge Animal Shelter had senior Beagle, Sabrina, who had been neglected and not received the vet care she needed. She came to the shelter with tumors and covered in fleas. The Friends of Oak Ridge Animal Shelter took her to their vet for an evaluation. The estimate to remove the tumors and all associated costs was over $700. HPAN kicked in $300 for the needed services. We are happy to say that Sabrina has been adopted by a family who will care for her the rest of her life.


HPAN Sponsors Oak Ridge Shelter Dog

Andrew, a senior dog, was brought to the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter in a terribly neglected condition. His fur was rock hard with mats that even petting him caused pain. The only way to help him was to have him anesthetized and shaved with surgical grade razors. The Friends of Oak Ridge Animal Shelter asked us to sponsor the medical grooming, which cost $200. We were happy to do it! Just look at the difference in him! He was adopted two days later.


HPAN Helps ORAS Cat Get Well with a $250 Vet Bill Contribution

A good Samaritan brought in a very seriously injured cat with deep bite wounds. It was after hours for all but animal ER.  All weekend she was carted back and forth to the emergency vet three times a day for special bandage changes, then on the following Monday, a local vet took over. Due to her great care, Georgia is doing better. The Friends of Oak Ridge Animal Shelter put out a plea for help with her expenses, and we were happy to help!


HPAN Sponsors Three Shelter “Fraidy Cats”

We have seen the Friends of Oak Ridge Animal Shelter (FORAS) take on a huge endeavor to place and rehabilitate feral cats that come to the shelter. Some have turned into great pets; others are great barn cats. One FORAS member and kitty rescuer has paid most of the fees for the barn cats and placed them, but she asked for help with three, Cinder, Jesse, and Ratatatcat. These three kitties would have little chance of survival without financial assistance.  The fact is most people aren’t going to pay a $110 adoption fee for a feral cat. HPAN paid $225 to have the cats combo tested and is paying for remaining vet services if the tests are negative. This will ensure they are adopted to great homes with barns. Every life matters… every one.

Cinder, Jesse, Ratatatcat

HPAN Pays Down Shelter Dogs’ Vet Bill

The Friends of Oak Ridge Animal Shelter asked if we could help on their outstanding balance for some of their shelter dogs receiving treatment. This wonderful support group had paid so much already. The balance at Oak Ridge Vet Hospital was $433.18 for Brady, who is receiving treatment for heartworms, and Flash, who was attacked by another shelter dog at a recent adoption fair, requiring stitches and a hospital stay. To help this group continue doing what they do best, which is saving shelter animals, we were glad to offer some financial assistance! Brady and Flash are so worth it.