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HPAN Sponsors Remington with $300

Big Maine Coon, Remington, was found as a stray and taken in by the Humane Society of East Tennessee. He was sick with a urinary tract infection, anemia, and mouth ulcers. His prescribed vet care included blood work, a dental cleaning, and complete shave down (since he wasn’t able to groom himself). After much TLC, Remington finally became well enough to be adopted, but the rescue was left with a big vet bill, to which we contributed $300.

HPAN Helps Sooloman with $300

This sweet kitty, Sooloman, showed up as a stray and was lucky enough to be taken in by the Humane Society of East Tennessee. They’ve had her at their vet clinic for a while now because she was so tiny and weak. She’s had many weeks of treatment and Procrit injections. HPAN paid $300 toward her bill. The vet is believing she can live a happy life, so the plan is to get her on a maintenance plan and into a forever home.

HPAN Assists HSET’s Dogs with $600

The Humane Society of East Tennessee is one of our newest sponsored rescue organizations, whose mission is to find homes for animals that are abandoned and homeless. They reached out to us for assistance with two dogs in their care. Luna, an owner-surrender, came to the rescue very sick at 10 weeks old. She was in desperate need of liver surgery. Our sponsorship helped them on the vet bill. Rio’s situation was self-inflicted, as he ingested a blanket, which required surgery to clear the blockage in his body. Again, our sponsorship helped them on the bill.