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HPAN Approves $2000 for HSET Vet Bills

The Humane Society of East Tennessee has been hit hard with vet bills lately. They asked if we could help sponsor bills, at $500 each, for the following:

  1. Harley: owner surrender that needed a complete vet work-up, including vaccines, testing, medicated bath, antibiotics, and spay surgery
  2. Hank: a “sanctuary dog” in the rescue that developed a rapid-growing tumor in need of removal and, following, dental care to remove an abscessed tooth
  3. Bridgette: a foster cat that became very ill and, after much treatment, had to be euthanized
  4. Jake: owner surrender that needed to be treated for diabetes

HPAN Helps Garrick with $300

Garrick was part of a litter born while momma cat was in foster care. He became very sick with a respiratory infection and had to be hospitalized and treated. His rescue, the Humane Society of East Tennessee, asked us to help with his mounting vet bill. Garrick is doing much better and is available for adoption.

HPAN Sponsors Savannah with $300

Savannah’s owner was dying of cancer. He had a friend take Savannah to the vet for euthanasia because he didn’t want to leave her without a home, and he feared she would not be adoptable due to her seizure activity. The vet offered to take custody and get her into rescue. In walks the Humane Society of East Tennessee! They agreed to take Savannah into their program. We sponsored her medical care, and now Savannah is on a healthy diet and the medication she needs. She’s already doing so much better! She’s in foster care and available for adoption.

HPAN Helps Cletus with $300

Cletus was surrendered to the Humane Society of East TN when his owner was diagnosed with a terminal illness and could no longer care for him. Cletus needed a wellness exam and a dental cleaning for the sake of his health. We had the opportunity to sponsor this need.

HPAN Sponsors HSET with $1200

The Humane Society of East Tennessee took in four animals with special needs and asked for our help. Henry was an owner surrender and presented with toxoplasmosis needing treatment. Pretty Girl was also an owner surrender and needed help with her diabetes treatments. Dash was found as a stray and needed a dental so he could eat. ChiChi was abandoned with her groomer and needed a dental plus a tumor removed

HPAN Helps Bridgette with $300

Bridgett has been  living at the Humane Society of East Tennessee for a few years. She is bonded with Pebbles, and they must be adopted together. Since one is black and one is a tabby, they often get passed over. Bridgette was having trouble eating and just wasn’t herself. A vet visit revealed she had stomatitis, inflammation of the gums. We sponsored her diagnostics and vet care.

HPAN Sponsors Moonlight and Midnight with $484

These gorgeous kitties were found on someone’s porch in an area highly populated with coyotes. The homeowner contacted the Humane Society of East Tennessee, and the kitties immediately found themselves in a better position, especially since Midnight had a severe compound fracture in one of her legs. The sisters were taken to the vet where they received vaccines, testing, spay surgeries, and leg repair.

HPAN Helps HSET with Storm and Bella

Siblings, Storm and Bella, found themselves with the Humane Society of East Tennessee when their owner had to be placed into a nursing home. Both dogs needed some basic vetting. A heart murmur was detected in Storm, who now needs medication. HPAN sponsored these needs for $535.11.

HPAN Sponsors another HW+ Dog for $300

Autumn was found as a stray in Knoxville along with another dog, who was placed into a home immediately after complete vetting. Autumn, on the other hand, had a bad case of heartworms, which come from mosquito bites. She went into the Humane Society of East Tennessee’s foster program and started the 8-week treatment. We paid half her vet bill to relieve some of the rescue’s financial burden. Autumn is on a monthly prevention program and will never have to worry about heartworms again.


HPAN Sponsors Pebbles with $300

Pebbles had a recurring dental disease, called Stomatitis, causing her to be allergic to the bacteria in her own mouth. She was in desperate need of rescue from the Blount County Animal Center. In stepped the Humane Society of East Tennessee to her rescue! After many rounds of antibiotics and steroid injections, her vet recommended that some of her teeth be removed. HPAN sponsored much of her recent vet bill. Pebbles is doing much better and is ready for her forever home.