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$1105 for MAARC’s Benny, Phoenix, Kush, and Ramsey

Benny, Kush, Phoenix, and Ramsey came to the Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center. Benny seemed to understand Spanish only, but it was easy to see that he needed a neuter. That went without saying! We were able to sponsor that for $80. Phoenix and Kush came in with heartworms, so we sponsored their treatment, and poor Ramsey had a whole host of issues, not the least of which was a really bad urinary tract infection. All of these beautiful animals are on their way to health with the help of our sponsorship.

Sonny and Holly Get a New Lease on Life with our Help of $1,000

The Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center (MAARC) recently took in these two beautiful dogs.

Sonny is just a pup who came to MAARC as a stray with a canvas belt around his neck so tight it had to be cut off. He was not neutered, flea infested, and had terribly long nails. It was obvious he had never had a family who cared for him. We sponsored $500 of his vetting, which included an exam, neuter, parasite testing, and vaccines. He is now up for adoption.

Holly was caught by animal control after running loose for several weeks. MAARC immediately took her to the vet. We sponsored $500 of her vetting, which included an exam, spay, parasite testing, and vaccines. She will eventually be up for adoption.

Simba Gets New Life with Help of $500

Six-year old Simba was neglected and kept on a chain until his owners finally thought better of him and let the Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center take ownership. His teeth were worn to nubs from chewing on the chain, and he needed a myriad of vet services. HPAN kicked in $500 on Simba’s care. Now he has a chance of being adopted by someone who loves him and will make the second half of his life much better than the first half. To contribute to Simba’s vet balance, contact Bluegrass Animal Hospital at 865-694-8387.

HPAN Sponsors Four MAARC Animals with $2000

Two thousand dollars is A LOT of money, but it’s only a portion of the vet bills the Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center (MAARC) is responsible for on these four beautiful animals:

Maggie was abandoned by her owner, and left with someone who wasn’t allowed to have pets. She needed all of her basic vet services, including a spay surgery, so the $500 we kicked in on her bill was a big help to the rescue.

Murphy was surrendered by his owner and ended up sick with cancer. The rescue did what they could to help him, and we assisted with the bill ($500). In the end, he was humanely euthanized. At least Murphy knew he was loved.

Chanel was found with a collar embedded in her neck and one around her leg. She was in bad shape. The rescue had to have the collar surgically removed. We kicked in $500 on her medical care, and she is doing much better.

Al was picked up as a stray. One of his legs was so severely injured that it had to be removed. We were able to pay $500 on Al’s medical bill. He’s doing well as a tripod!

HPAN Sponsors these Three for $1341

Abuela, Roscoe, and Peaches found their way to the Maryville/Alocoa Animal Rescue Center. All were either strays or surrendered, and all had health problems needing addressed. From heartworm treatment, to back issues, to dental needs, we helped cover them. Thank heavens for rescue!

HPAN Sponsors Atticus’ Leg Injury

Atticus was an owner surrender to the Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center because he had an injured leg. We sponsored the bill of $447.20 to help Atticus and to manage his pain.

Scooby is a New Dog after Dental Surgery

This precious lil’ guy was surrendered to the Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center by a family who didn’t want to take care of a senior dog. Scooby is ten years old and needed dental surgery and other basic services, totaling nearly a grand. We sponsored $500 of his dental and other services needed, and the rescue picked up the remainder before Scooby was adopted to a family who will care for him until his life is over. He still has a lot of life to live!

HPAN Helps Two Dogs Get Well with $1000

These two beauties landed at the Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center after years of neglect. Henry was skinny and had terrible teeth. They were so painful that he couldn’t eat properly. We were able to kick in $500 toward his dental and other vet needs. Magnolia was also in poor condition with awful skin issues and missing patches of fur. We also paid $500 on her vet bill. Both of these dogs are now on the path of wellness and happiness.

HPAN Helps Emmy with $500

Emmy came in as a stray in very bad shape to the Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center. The staff took her to their vet where she spent the next six weeks for treatment of a myriad of issues, including multiple infections. We were able to apply $500 to her mounting vet bill. Thankfully, Emmy is going to be just fine and will soon be available for adoption.

HPAN is GLAD to Sponsor Gladys with $500

This old stray gal, Gladys, was lucky enough to find her way to the Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center (MAARC). MAARC staff got her to the vet and learned she has a heart murmur and a large cancerous tumor on her leg. Gladys deserves a chance, so the vet ran some diagnostics and fixed her up with vaccines, good nutrition, and medicine, and MAARC will find her a home where she can live out her life. We were GLAD to sponsor Gladys; she’s worth it!