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HPAN Helps Emmy with $500

Emmy came in as a stray in very bad shape to the Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center. The staff took her to their vet where she spent the next six weeks for treatment of a myriad of issues, including multiple infections. We were able to apply $500 to her mounting vet bill. Thankfully, Emmy is going to be just fine and will soon be available for adoption.

HPAN is GLAD to Sponsor Gladys with $500

This old stray gal, Gladys, was lucky enough to find her way to the Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center (MAARC). MAARC staff got her to the vet and learned she has a heart murmur and a large cancerous tumor on her leg. Gladys deserves a chance, so the vet ran some diagnostics and fixed her up with vaccines, good nutrition, and medicine, and MAARC will find her a home where she can live out her life. We were GLAD to sponsor Gladys; she’s worth it!

HPAN Sponsors Dakota with $500

Ten-year-old Dakota found himself at the Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center as a stray. After two weeks and nobody looking, the rescue decided he belonged to them, so they took him to the vet for an exam, blood work, vaccines, medicine for seizures, etc. We paid $500 toward Dakota’s bill. We are happy to report that he has since been adopted!

HPAN Sponsors Dolly with $500

Dolly was a stray who had obviously been on her own for a while. This sweet girl was taken in by the Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center. Her skin allergies were out of control, causing significant hair loss, and her teeth were in bad shape. They took her to the vet to help her get healthy, and we paid $500 on the $800 bill.

HPAN Helps Molly with $500

Molly was surrendered to the Maryville City Animal Shelter by her owner. She presented as a wonderful dog that had not been cared for. The Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center took Molly into their program and got her the vet care she needed, which was everything from treating her skin issues, to having her teeth cleaned, to basic services. She got all fixed up and was adopted just a few weeks later. Check out her before and after photos!

HPAN Helps MAARC with $300

Annie was found as a stray and had been attacked by a couple dogs. She was picked up by a Good Samaritan and taken to the Maryville Alcoa Animal Rescue Center (MAARC). A volunteer rushed her to the University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical Center where Annie had emergency surgery. Unfortunately, Annie passed away the next day, but the rescue was left with a bill for over $4,000. We contributed $300 to help them, and we hope animal lovers far and wide will consider helping as well.

HPAN Helps Ming with $252

Ming’s owner could no longer care for her and surrendered her to the Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center. They asked us to help cover her vet bill, which included emergency boarding, exam, diagnostics, medication, and vaccines. She has a way to go, but she’s already feeling better!

HPAN Helps Koah with $300

Koah was surrendered by her owner to the Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center. She is such a happy girl that she ruined her tail by wagging it so much that she literally beat it to death inside her crate. It was so bad that the owner couldn’t care for her. Unfortunately, her tail had to be amputated, but she’s even happier now and not in pain. We were glad to sponsor this beautiful girl!

HPAN Sponsors Penny and Benny for $505

Penny and her kitten, Benny, were abandoned to fend for themselves. Thankfully, they were rescued by the Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center. We assisted with sponsorship of their vet needs and boarding requirements until they could be ready for adoption.

HPAN Sponsors Ouiser with $300

Ouiser was a housecat whose owners left her behind outside when they moved. A nice neighbor was feeding her and noticed her teeth were in bad shape, so they brought her to the Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center (MAARC) to get her some medical help. MAARC gladly took Ouiser in and got her the vet care she needed to eliminate her pain and help her be able to eat. When they asked for our help, we gladly agreed!