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HPAN Pays $335 for Vetting Three Pups

The Blount County Animal Welfare Society rescued Scout, Sadie, and Sophie from living underneath an abandoned house in Blount County. We were able to sponsor their medical exams, parasite testing, vaccines, and a couple days of boarding before they get ready to hop a van to a northern state where they will get fixed and find loving homes!

HPAN Sponsors 21 AHAR Animals with $1684

All of these beauties were taken in by Almost Home Animal Rescue (AHAR) as strays or owner surrenders. They needed basic vet care including vaccines, parasite tests, medication/preventives, and spay/neuter. We sponsored the needs for $1,684. Some are now in their adoptive homes, and others are still available. On to better lives, Olive, Soleil, Priscilla, Elvis, Grace, Bonnie, Clyde, Kingston, Fuzzy Tail, Jolie, Reuben, Stitch, Buddy, Sadie, Mulan, and Soliel’s litter: Mars, Venus, Neptune, Jupiter, Eartha, and Saturn!

HPAN Helps Sadie with $156

Sadie has been with the East TN Pitbull Rescue for months. She came in with heartworms, and now that it’s time to address the issue, we paid a large portion of the bill so she will soon be ready for her own home.

HPAN Sponsored Basic Vetting for Eight Dogs for $119.50

Pet Path took in two chihuahuas from an owner surrender situation. They had already been neutered, but needed updated vaccines. We sponsored their rabies shots and heartworm tests. They also took in four pups that were offered up for free on Facebook. They vaccinated them, and we sponsored their deworming. Other services will come when they’re a little older. Another advertised pup on Facebook they took in is Beacon. We sponsored his neuter and vaccines. Lastly, Rocky came to Pet Path from Memphis Animal Services. We sponsored his only needed service, a heartworm test. All of these are or will be available for adoption from Pet Path in Roane County.

HPAN Sponsors Dogs from Hoarding Case with $260

Fighting for the Bullys rescue pulled 7 of 17 dogs in a hoarding case. HPAN is paying for several of the puppies to be altered, vaccinated, and chipped!


HPAN Helps Sadie and Dory

Mad Dog Rescue stepped in when five small dogs were found to be abandoned and scared.  Helping Paws Animal Network assisted with the veterinary needs for them by contributing $250 to their vet.  Two of the five are pictured – Dory and Sadie.  They will be ready for their forever home soon.  Anyone interested in completing an adoption application should contact Melissa at a7mwhite@yahoo.com.


Sadie and Mayfield

In January, Helping Paws helped pay for care for Sadie and Mayfield who had mange.

Sadie and Mayfield

Sadie and Mayfield were adopted together as we all hoped they would be! They have an amazing family with over ten acres of land
for them to run and play!