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Thirty-Nine Kitties!

HPAN recently sent the Happy Paws Kitten Rescue a check for $175 when they reached out to say that they pulled 39, yes 39, kitties from the Loudon County Shelter in the past two weeks.  Pictured is only one of many who received shots and altering from our donated funds.


It’s Raining Cats! HPAN Supports Happy Paws Kitten Rescue

There have been so many kittens and cats, not to mention pregnant cats, brought to the Loudon County Animal Shelter this summer.  The Happy Paws Kitten Rescue (HPKR) does their best to ensure the cats get spayed/neutered and vaccinated to increase their chances at being adopted.  We are happy to help with the costs incurred; therefore, in this huge time of need, we sent HPKR $150.  Pictured are some of the kitties that will benefit from our donation!


This is a great example of how we “pay it forward.”  All donations that are given to us are turned around and put into the animal rescue community.  All rescues we support are fully vetted and verified.  Thanks for helping us help them!

Happy Paws Kitten Rescue

This the season for kittens, unfortunately, because they’re pouring into the shelter.  HPAN voted to send $150 to the Happy Paws Kitten Rescue in Knoxville so they can pull some of the kittens, have them vaccinated/spayed/neutered, and find homes for them.


Happy Paws Kitten Rescue

Due to an increase in cat litters in the spring of the year, the Happy Paws Kitten Rescue is overrun with cats.  More cats means more money needed for food, vetting, and preventatives.  The Helping Paws Animal Network sent $100 to Happy Paws for the purchase of flea preventative, which will take care of roughly 40 cats and give their organization a little breathing room to take care of all the other needs they face.

Happy Paws

Happy Paws Kitten Rescue

Helping Paws Animal Network paid $500 toward the Happy Paws Kitten Rescue vet bill this week.   Here are the pictures and stories of some of the cats helped.

The black and white cat with kittens is Molly. She was a dear cat that lost her fight with a brain disease, but Happy Paws Kitten Rescue found a foster cat mom for her kittens. The kittens were only four days old when she died. They were all adopted into great homes. HPAN helped with her medical bill.

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Lili, the one that looks like Frankenstein’s cat, bless her heart, got all her stitches removed and is doing great so far.

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Marshmallow, the white cat, had surgery in October to remove strings in his stomach. He did great after surgery.


Four cats, including Marshmallow, HPAN helped to get altered.  Martin is the only one not listed.  He had a huge surgery this summer.  After swallowing massive amounts of string, he was dumped to die at the vet by the owner.  Of course we couldn’t let that happen.  He had a full recovery and was adopted into a great home.


Donations to have helped with everything from supplies to spay/neuter and surgeries!



The Happy Paws Kitten Rescue reached out to us when they were overwhelmed with new cats and kittens rescued from the Loudon County Animal Shelter.  All needed to be altered, some needed medicine, and one needed major surgery.  HPAN donated $500 toward costs needed to get these babies well and ready for adoption.  Gingor was one of the beneficiaries, and believe me, there were many!  Happy Paws saves hundreds of cats each year, mostly from the Loudon County Animal Shelter.


Jill of Happy Paws comments, “I am completely overjoyed! I feel like I can breathe again and that my cats will receive the best care. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you all again so much for helping me. It is going to make a huge difference in the lives of these cats.”


The Happy Paws Kitten Rescue, of Loudon County, needed help to assist with vetting a mother cat and her kittens, rescued from the shelter.  HPAN sent $100 to assist. We received the following note from Jill Coffey of Happy Paws:      

Dear Helping Paws Animal Network,

Thank you so much for your generous donation to Happy Paws.  We used the money to help pay the vet bill of Holly (no pic of this one).  Without kind people like you, we could not do the work we do.  Thank you so very much!  Sincerely, Jill Coffey

According to Kimmey Goodson, a Happy Paws volunteer and rescuer with Loudon County Friends of Animals, Jill has pulled all of the pregnant cats from the Loudon County shelter this year and all but one nursing mother.  You can see all the available cats and the work they’re doing at www.happypawskittenrescue.org


Buddy.Precious.MileyThe Happy Paws Kitten Rescue called on us asking for help with vet bills for Buddy, Precious, and Miley, three cats they rescued.  The vet bill was $181, but because of all the work they do in rescuing shelter cats, and because they have a goal to spay/neuter all of them, we sent them $300.  Below is a “thank you” note we received from Jill Coffey of Happy Paws. 

“Dear Helping Paws,

Thank you so much for your generous donation to our spay/neuter program.  This will help us out a lot!  We charge just $65 for all our kittens.  By the time we pay for all medical and spay/neutering, it takes every dime.  That’s not counting the food and vet bills if they get sick, and many coming from the shelters do.  I spent $18,000 of my own money last year.  I am a teacher and my husband is a welder.  We are not rich by any means, but we love those fur babies.  Thank you so much for helping us to save these little darlings.  It means the world to me.  ~Jill Coffey”