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HPAN Offers $500 Gift Card to Pit Bull Rescue

The East TN Pit Bull Rescue (ETPBR) has recently had a run of bad luck.  One of their wonderful rescue dogs, Tyson (pictured), was diagnosed and lost his battle with lymphoma.  The rescue did everything they could for him, from pulling him out of shelter life, to taking him to UT Veterinary Hospital in an attempt to make him well once they learned he was sick.  One thing is for sure…Tyson spent the last part of his life knowing he was cared for and loved.  Because ETPBR has many dogs in their care, we wanted to reach out and lend some support.  HPAN’s board voted to offer them a $500 gift card to Pet Supplies Plus.  We received the following from ETPBR:

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the Pet Supplies Plus Gift Card in Tyson’s Memory! I know he would love the fact that 2 new 42″ crates, 24 knuckle bones (1 for each foster in ETPBR), dog food for each foster home, a couple of Dura Chews, 2 of the carry slings for dogs that can’t walk, and some Christmas clearance toys were purchased. This is just over half of the card! What an awesome way to honor our boy!”



For the Love of Tyson

Please read the story on Tyson below, posted by his caretakers, the East TN Pit Bull Rescue.  HPAN contributed $200 toward his mounting medical bills.

This is Tyson and we fell in love with this legendary boy about 3 years ago. Tyson was taken into custody and his owners charged with animal cruelty. After 28 months – the judge returned him to his owner. The shelter staff and volunteers and those of us who knew him at ETPBR were devastated! After almost 2 yrs, Tyson came in as a stray and was not re-claimed by his owners. Tyson now lives with us at ETPBR. He will never be chained again and he will be a GREAT Ambass-a-bull. Tyson is a prime example of the true goodness of this breed. This boy has not lived an easy life BUT he has been LOVED like crazy. When we picked Ty up – he had a nasty Upper Respiratory Infection and was just not feeling well. He was so quiet and calm. He did not bother anything – except he kept dragging my dirty laundry and his bed into my garden tub to sleep in! Well Tyson is feeling better – he has eaten my hair brushed, dropped my hair dryer in his water bucket, escaped his quarters in the bathroom, JUMPED onto the chicken tank to get a closer look at them, – well as you can see – he feels better! The trouble is that Tyson has been HW positive for all of this time! It is time to change that but we need your help! Tyson needs some testing and other things done before we decide which way we are addressing the heartworms and THEN we need to treat the HW. Please help us with this by donating directly to Butlers Animal Clinic (865-531-7311) for East TN Pit Bull Rescue or PayPal at donations@etnpitbullrescue.org. Be sure to note that your donations are for Tyson. No matter how large or small the help – even just sharing – WE THANK YOU!