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HPAN Sponsors Tumbleweed’s Surgery with $267.72

The Secret City Animal Rescue (SCAR) received a call about a cat that had been hit by a car in Wartburg, Tennessee. When they arrived, the kitty was crying in pain, distressed, and couldn’t walk. They monitored him for the night and took him to the vet early the next day for evaluation. Tumbleweed responded well throughout surgery and the three months of healing. Soon thereafter, the rescue foster noticed he wasn’t using his leg, so she took him back to the vet and learned that Tumbleweed had nerve damage that was so severe he had no feeling in the leg at all. There was no hope to save it. Amputation was the only alternative.  As infection could set up, he could be injured without feeling in the leg, and he needed stability. The entire leg all the way up to the body had to be removed. SCAR asked HPAN to sponsor this second surgery. Tumbleweed is now home again recuperating and should be very adoptable in a few weeks after the adjustment and healing.