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HPAN Donates $1390 to Help SCAR Save more Kitties

The Secret City Animal Rescue (SCAR) has a mission of saving as many Oak Ridge Animal Shelter cats as possible. Their vet bill runs in the thousands of dollars. A successful fundraiser whittled the balance, but not enough where they felt like they could continue to vet the sick cats. We felt that by paying down their balance, which covered multiple cats, they would be able to focus on saving more, so that’s what we did with a $1000 donation to their veterinarian. In addition, we donated $390 to this newly-formed, non-profit rescue, so they could spay two shelter cats and purchase some combo tests. It’s all about prevention!



HPAN Helps Oak Ridge Animal Shelter Injured Kitty

Trooper came in badly injured from being inhumanely trapped. He was injured and starving. Thankfully, a good Samaritan brought him in, and he was rushed to the vet where he was found to have a broken jaw and a tooth sticking sideways out of his mouth. After surgery and much care, Trooper is going to pull through. He was worth saving when no one else cared. Every life matters. Trooper matters. The shelter’s “cat team” asked HPAN for help on his bill, which is over $400. We were able to contribute $300.