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Family of Cats Gets Initial Vet Care

Fern and her kittens were found under a vacation rental and surrendered to Almost Home Animal Rescue. We have committed to their vet care before they are adoptable. That started recently with wellness exams, vaccines, and dewormer. Soon they will receive booster vaccines and be spayed and neutered.

HPAN Sponsors Thor with $300

Thor was taken in as a stray by Senior Dog Lodge and Animal Rescue. He had an old leg injury that was beyond repair, so amputation was recommended. We sponsored the surgery cost with a $300 donation, and Thor is feeling much better now.

HPAN Pays $300 for Heartworm-Positive Shelter Dog

Thor found himself at the Roane County Animal Shelter as a stray not once, but twice. He is obviously an escape artist who needs an owner with the ability to keep him secure. His chances at another adoption were running low, so a rescue agreed to take him providing he was vaccinated, neutered, and heartworm-negative. Unfortunately for Thor, his heartworm test came back low-positive, so he is undergoing a treatment regimen. Lucky for Thor they were caught early; however, the treatment is the same. We got him covered, so he can get to a rescue and live the life he deserves.



HPAN Pays $300 for Thor’s Heartworm Treatment

Michelin (now Thor) was picked up by animal control dragging a tire and a cinder block on a heavy chain. He had gotten himself stuck in a ditch on a frigid night. His owners reclaimed him from a local shelter, and it happened again. This time, they didn’t come for him. Enter East TN Pit Bull Rescue (ETPBR). They pulled him from the shelter and put him in foster care, although he tested positive for heartworms while at the shelter. His treatments have now begun, and he is on the road to recovery and happiness!  There are no more chains, tires, or cinder blocks! His new name is Thor, and he has a brand new life. HPAN paid $300 on his vet care.